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“Shock to the System” (Shock to Cristina and Owen’s Storyline?)


Cristina and Owen in "Shock to the System." And oh what a joyful shock it was to see them have a great storyline again. (Property of Team JayZee)


What a great episode.  Without trying to jinx it, it really seems like this season is starting off on the right foot and heading in a great direction for our couple.  (Next episode will be the true test of the season, as that was when things started going downhill a bit last season.)  There was so much good stuff in this episode: funny, sweet, heartbreaking – it had it all.  This was the jumpstart that Cristina and Owen’s relationship – and the show – needed.  And boy were we spoiled with Cristina and Owen awesomeness.  Let’s get this post started and jump right into the goodies.  And needless to say, this is going to be a super long one.  (Yay!)

“They say that lightning never strikes twice, but that’s a myth.”  And it really is.  Who would’ve thought that Cristina would ever walk down that aisle again?  Without needing to be kicked down it, no less – as Meredith was prepared to do the last time around.  Say it with me: Cristina and Owen are married.  And as we fade into the scene of them waking up in their hotel room bed, with proof of their nuptials from the night before, the fact that they really are married just gets driven all the way home.

Cristina’s wedding dress and Owen’s white button-down shirt lay at the foot of the bed.  Champagne sits in an ice bucket to the side of the bed.  Owen strokes Cristina’s hair as he watches her slowly wake up.  I love the look on Cristina’s face when she responds to Owen’s “morning” with one of her own.  Her brows furrow in slight confusion as the fact that she’s married hasn’t quite caught up to her semi-awake brain yet.  And Owen’s just lying there, waiting for the inevitable moment of realization that, yes, they are really married.

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