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“Can’t Fight Biology”: Make Love Not War

House hunting with the Hunts. (Property of Team JayZee)

Cristina and Owen are moving out!  And hopefully, it will be a faster transition than Meredith and Derek’s.  (How is the dream house construction going?)  At least Owen and Cristina have a head start since they’re not building from the ground up.  And I have a feeling that we’ll see them move into it this season.  (And, if the writers love us, someone will slide down that pole.  Maybe in celebration of Cristina’s healing?  That would be the ultimate double hitter of awesomeness.  Yes, Riss, I used a baseball term…I think.)

There wasn’t too much Cristina and Owen in this episode, but the tapeworm patient’s storyline was clearly a not-so-subtle parallel for Cristina’s current struggle with her loss of who she was.  And to keep from sounding repetitive, I’m simply going to summarize that entire plot instead of going scene by scene.

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