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“Superfreak” and Cristina’s Super Supportive Family

Owen earning his husband stripes and supporting his wife. (Property of Team JayZee)

We passed the three-episode test, ladies and gentlemen!  Already, this season is kicking last season’s butt in a major way.  And it’s all because … Cristina and Owen are married!  There are some serious perks to having our favorite couple being married.  I love it.

Even though we didn’t get too much screen time with Cristina and Owen, I don’t think anyone really noticed.  Because the two scenes they did have together?  They were perfection.  And the sense of Cristina and Owen wanting to be with each other was very much present in scenes that they weren’t in together.  It’s like season five … only better.  We do not have to be satisfied only with stolen glances and loaded exchanges – though those were fantastic.  They’re married!  They can touch each other all they want.  So awesome, right?

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