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Gone Away

So, as expected, “Time Warp” didn’t give us much Cristina/Owen.  Any, you say?  Well, you would be surprised where a hardcore Coconut can find Cristina/Owen loving and sexyness.  Proof?  A screencap of it, let’s say?  Fair enough…

Oh yeah. So. Happened. (credit for screencap / hilarity goes to WeLoveCrowen on Twitter)

So there you have it.  Our darling Cristina and Owen have entered the deep, dark world of sexting.  I will also point out that Krista Vernoff (executive producer and writer for Grey’s Anatomy) basically said, “hey, why not?” when a fan tweeted her about the fact that Cristina and Owen were sexting during the lecture series.  So there you have it!

As for the rest of the episode, I really liked the Richard/Ellis flashback.   I really liked Sarah Paulson (young Ellis), but casting award of the year goes to whoever found J. August Richards to play the Chief.  Just freakin’ perfect.  And the music!  Playing “Maneater” (by Hall & Oates) during the introduction of Ellis was just fantastic.  Same for “Our Lips Are Sealed” by the GoGos.  It all just got me in the old-school mood for the episode.  Very cute.  I had a huge geeky smile on my face.  Also, I can’t believe it had never occurred to me that the fact that they were both seen as outcasts for different reasons (race, gender) would cause them to be close in the first place.  Very interesting…and oh my god, little Meredith was SO CUTE.  So so so cute.  Her little red shoes and big jacket and carrying Anatomy Jane around?  Just so adorable and seeing Ellis just push her away to Thatcher just gave you some more insight as to why Meredith was so messed up for so long.  And that last scene where we see that Ellis was the one that first got Richard to drink (heavily, I guess, since he mentioned not liking the taste).  Very sad…and a scene full of so much implication.  While I don’t want this every week, it was cool to see.

I also thought Callie being terrified of the crowd was sweet.  It was interesting when juxtaposed with how badass and outgoing she was in her flashback (same goes, in reverse, for Bailey’s).  Because of spoilers, I had figured out that there would be a shot of Callie and Alex hooking up.  It was odd seeing her right before her Grey’s entrance but she looked EXACTLY the same.  Well done them!

Wasn’t a big fan of the Bailey flashback because…while I know it isn’t necessarily a popular standpoint, I just don’t like her.  I like her a little more in the first 2 seasons, but in general just not a fan.  I won’t get too in depth with it, but I guess it was funny to see that Bailey wasn’t always yelling at people.

Overall, it was sad to have an episode without a major Cristina/Owen scene.  But I have faith that we have some good, hot, sexy, and cute stuff coming up–call me crazy!  However, I am going to be unable to update this blog for the next 5 weeks.  By the looks of things, that will only be two episode (6×16 “Perfect Little Accident” and 6×17 “Push”).  I will be back the weekend after 6×18 “Suicide is Painless”, so thank goodness for that.  A girl can only last so long without her fix, am I right?  Well, thank you for reading…and have a fantastic month to come.  Catch you on the flip side! 😉


Up the Hill Backwards

So after last week’s heavy Cristina/Owen sexy screentime, I wasn’t expecting much.  I mean, when I first heard that there was going to be a C/O & MerDer double date, I was very excited…but after I heard that it gets interrupted, I figured that we might be on the low end tonight  But what can you do?  I can go with quality versus quantity tonight.  And in my opinion, the implications of this episode are very good for us Cristina/Owen lovers!

Maybe if he those that sexy eyebrow arch enough he will actually manage to convince Cristina that there is life outside of the hospital (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x).

Our first shot is the Fab 4 on their way to their double date.  Clearly Derek and Owen are more into it than the Twisted Sisters (kinda adorable how the guys and girls said things at the same time—“it’s Valentine’s Day!” vs. “we don’t do Valentine’s Day!”).  Cristina is seriously jonesin’ for some surgery, per usual, and starts tweaking out when she sees an ambulance drive by.  Owen basically tries to tell both ladies to chill out, but as they see more and more ambulances pass, the guys worry that they’re going to get paged.  Right on that one!  Time to go back to the hospital (at the relief and excitement of both Mer and Cristina).

Her boyfriend might be super scorchingly hot, but Cristina still doesn't do Valentine's day. (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x)

Once we see Derek and Owen come in through the ambulance bay, it was time for me to swoon.  Owen was looking fiiiine in his date outfit and then being all kinds of kickass trauma surgeon-in-charge was hot.  Continue reading

Trust Me, I’m A Doctor

So for all that whining (which I’m sure I participated in more than I’m proud), we Coconuts finally got our super sexy hotness.  Not once, not twice, but THREE times.  And the cherry on that sundae?  We got a deep, emotional Burke conversation.  Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Basically, I was blown away and I had trouble processing just how awesome it was.  The 2+ feet of snow that shut down my power over the weekend didn’t help with getting this blog out in time either, so pardon my tardiness.

Now we start off with a bang (literally—hee!).  Sherrie can attest to the fact that the only thing I could manage to text her with that first scene, only a minute in, was “holy shit!”.  Seriously.  Owen’s all sweaty and these two…my goodness, the way they’re panting and thrusting and staring into each other’s eyes like that?  And Owen has sweat on his forehead (clearly this has been going on for a while), they’re both completely out of breath, you can hear Owen grunt right after he flips her on her back, and his eyes get all half-lidded and sexy when he’s looking at her.  Can you tell I’ve watched this a couple times? Oh yeah.  They have such good chemistry.  And I can tell right now that this recap is going to be so much more gushy fan-girl than it usually is (and that’s saying something!), but anyway…we see that Cristina and Owen are “getting along” as Owen later says.  And I love that the song that’s playing (“Bang Bang” by Melanie Fiona); it’s playful and sexy, just like Cristina/Owen at the moment.  We’ll see how long that lasts…

I don't know how to caption this...except holy shit, this was hot! (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

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Exposed Heart

Ahhh yes. Now that’s more like it. I loved this episode. I definitely liked it the most since “I Saw What I Saw” this season, and “Elevator Love Letter” before that. It was one of those episodes where all the storylines pulled me in at least a little bit. Chronologically, let’s get naked!

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Don’t Blink

First of all, I should introduce myself.  I’m HopeCrowe from the Y-H messageboard, In The After, and  But like Sher said, some people also know me as Riss.  I’ve been around the Cristina/Owen block for quite a while, so odds are that if you have been active in the C/O community, we’ve crossed paths at some point.  I’ve watched Grey’s since the beginning (though I only watched religiously during seasons 2 and 3), but since season 5 I have been hooked like nothing else (let’s just say, before season 5 I had no idea television spoilers or promotional pictures even existed).  The other day Sher invited me to come share my thoughts on this blog too and I happily agreed!

Let me just say that I’m not quite as articulate as Sher and I also don’t write quite as much (something I mock her about quite a bit) however, but I’m with her when it comes to staying positive.  I mean, it really isn’t like that in my day-to-day life, but when it comes to Cristina/Owen (aka something out of my control) I don’t see the point in a gloom and doom perspective. Plus staying positive just makes it so much easier to get through the gaps between episodes.

As Sher mentioned, I’m also really into the musical aspect of Grey’s.  That’s not to say that I have much knowledge in the area, but about 75% of my iTunes is music from Grey’s and sometimes when they use the right part of a song at the perfect part of an episode, it just makes it for me.  So every now and then, when something musical sticks out to me, I’ll be bringing that up in addition to all the lovely Cristina/Owen commentary!  And I’ll do you one more–each of my entries reviewing an episode will be the title of a song.  Oh yeah.  So with all that said, I’ll go ahead and dive into “Blink”.

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