“Almost Grown” (and Almost Healed?) Sourpuss

Cristina and Owen in "Almost Grown." (Property of Team JayZee)

Five for five, baby.  Yep, we have had five Cristina/Owen kisses in a row.  Season six is eons away in my memory (excepting the few awesome moments we had between them, of course – you know which ones I mean).  Now, I wasn’t expecting anything on the Cristina and Owen front, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t desperately hoping for one.  And boy did we get a great one!  But (a lot) more on that later.  First, let’s talk about Cristina.Cristina is still drifting.  And to make matters worse, the Chief has put the fourth-year residents in charge.  (I can’t follow their timeline anymore, so I’ll take Webber’s word for it.)  I like how before they even hear the Chief’s announcements, Meredith rubs Cristina’s back reassuringly as they sit on the bench.  It’s nice to see Cristina having this great support system.  Everyone is really rooting for her.  Well, almost everyone.  (Yes, I’m still bitter about Arizona.)  It’s nice seeing how much people care about her.  She really isn’t the easiest to love, and she’s definitely not Miss Personality; yet, she has a band of people who are there for her – top of the list being her husband and her best friend.  If you think about it, she hasn’t known Meredith or Owen for all that long, and I know that it’s a byproduct of this being a television show, but Cristina’s deepest relationships are relatively new.  She’s known Meredith for about five to six years and Owen for about two.  Most people in this situation would probably be supported by their parents (which isn’t an option for Cristina) or a close friend whom they’ve known for almost their entire lives.  This isn’t the case for Cristina.  Why?  Well, like I said, this is a television show; and due to the setup, they can’t afford her to have friends outside of the hospital.  But also, I think that Cristina really came into her own when she became a surgeon.  And before that, she really didn’t have time to make friends because she was so focused on obtaining her goals.  It goes to show just how much of her identity and self is invested in being a surgeon.  No wonder she’s so lost without it.

Twisted sisters forever. (Property of Team JayZee)

While everyone else is excited about getting the navy blue scrubs of an attending, Cristina can only stare at it with apprehension and doubt.  Is she deserving of this?  Does she still want this?  She doesn’t know.  And that’s what she continues to say throughout the episode.  “I don’t know.”  Even Roy, the lung patient, picks up on her silence, calling her “sourpuss.”  (Roy is officially my favorite patient.)   I know most of us still don’t consider Teddy to be one of our favorite characters (yes, understatement of the year), but she’s right.  “I’m not asking you to be in an OR.  I’m asking you to say something to participate.”  Cristina has gotten worse – to the point where she can’t even consult on a case.  And if anyone’s going to give her tough love, it’s going to be Teddy, her mentor.  (Because let’s face it, wasn’t that one of the main reasons Teddy was brought on board in the first place?  I’m ignoring the other one, obviously.)  Owen can’t do tough love, and nor would I want him to.  No, he has his own role to play – as we see later – and it doesn’t involve pushing her medically.

Why couldn't they give this to us before we'd put on our light blue scrubs? (Property of Team JayZee)

Meredith also isn’t in the position to practice tough love.  She and Cristina are too close, and Meredith is more likely to hold Cristina’s hand than telling her to practice medicine.  In the skills lab, she tells Cristina that all she needs to do is just put one foot in front of the other and make it through the day.  That’s it.  Baby steps.  Cristina’s not buying it and knows that Meredith is downplaying it for her benefit.  And though Meredith is trying to be comforting, her words do not really have an effect on Cristina as we still see her hanging back while being with Roy later.  (I have to mention how hilarious it is when Cristina pumps the hand sanitizer and waves her hands around as Lexie comes in.  That subtle bit of comedy was pure genius, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that came from Sandra Oh.)  “Stop bragging,” she tells Lexie who shows off just how busy (yet organized) she is.  It’s bittersweet because this should be Cristina’s day to shine.  It should be Cristina bragging about how awesome she is or what surgery she just rocked.  She did an aortic repair on her best friend’s husband with a gun pointed to her head.  There is no doubt that she is in a class of her own.  This day should have been a day of Cristina outshining her peers.  Instead, she’s wandering around the hospital and avoiding the OR, unable to give any answers.  It just isn’t fair.

Cristina shall hence forth be known as "Sourpuss." (Property of Team JayZee)

“I don’t have a sourpuss.  This is just my face.”  Oh, these are some great lines.  And it’s all thanks to Roy.  It is clear that Roy is being set up to be a major parallel for Cristina.  In this scene of them drawing Roy’s blood (and Cristina labeling the tubes), Roy tells them, “I bet your dads are really proud.”  April agrees, launching into a mini-spiel about how she grew up on a farm, so her father is ecstatic that his daughter became a doctor.  But when Roy asks Cristina, she doesn’t answer.  And for good reason.  Cristina’s father never lived long enough to know that Cristina became a doctor.  Not her biological one, that is.  And she only became a surgeon because of what had happened to him – as she had once told Owen back in “Rise Up.”  And later, he even likens her to his own (estranged) daughter.  But we’ll get to that later.

We have a surplus of a million dollars? Um...Didn't we just have a merger because we were broke? And didn't we just have a shooting? (Property of Team JayZee)

Meanwhile, Owen is presented with an opportunity to win one million dollars for his department.  Let me just say that I never thought he’d win.  At least not all of it.  In these situations, Owen is never really the one who gets recognition.  And since I knew ahead of time (per the spoilers) that Derek would possibly be pursing Alzheimer’s research because of Meredith, I thought the winner would be Derek.  And we all know the Chief has a soft spot when it comes to Meredith and Ellis Grey.  But Owen makes a compelling and personal case:

Charles Percy had a gunshot wound to the abdomen.  Miranda Bailey did everything she was trained to do.  She gave him fluids, controlled the bleeding, applied pressure.  Then she tried to get him to an OR, but she couldn’t.  So he died…  And she’ll remember him dying in her arms the rest of her life.  And I’ll remember…  And you’ll remember that we could’ve saved him.  We failed her.  And we failed Charles Percy, one of our own doctors.  I can’t face that…  I can’t face that ever again.  Can you?

The hospital staff members were unprepared for the shooting.  Understandably, the chances of a gunman wandering around the hospital shooting people are close to nil; but Owen points out that ninety percent of the hospital staff (i.e. everyone but his trauma department) are not trained in disaster procedures.  (And with their bad luck of bombs, floods, stuck elevators, and so on, they really need to be.)  And because of that, they possibly lost three lives that could have been saved.  One of them being Charles Percy.  Now, I know that most people didn’t care all that much about him, but his death was heartbreaking nonetheless.  Note how when Owen realized that there was a shooter in the hospital, he got his patient out of the hospital successfully.  This is a man who constructed an OR table out of an exploded Humvee and trached a guy with a pen.  Total Boy Scout.  ([Spoiler] And I can’t wait to see him whip the residents into shape in episode seven.)

I can be very persuasive when I want to be. (Property of Team JayZee)

I think the reason why Owen wins the grant over Derek is because it pertains to the hospital staff.  (He wins over everyone else because they flamed out during their presentations.  Callie succeeded in psyching them out, then psyching herself out.)  And if they’re more prepared, they can save more lives – sooner than later.  It is going to be a while before any promising results will come out of Alzheimer’s research.  And the Chief makes a great point: one million dollars is peanuts when it comes to a clinical and surgical trial.  (Trust me, clinical trials cost a ridiculous amount of money to get off the ground, let alone maintain.)  And who knows if Derek – even if he is McDreamy – will be able to find a cure.  Look at the search for the cure for AIDS and cancer.  They’ve been going on for decades, and we still haven’t gotten there yet.  We still don’t have all the answers yet.  Plus, some technology still has to be developed before any breakthroughs can occur.  Rationally speaking, Owen’s proposal makes more sense to implement.  And on the plus side, for us, we will be able to see Owen more in badass doctor mode, which is always a treat.  (Note: I do think it’s funny how the only two people Callie didn’t even think of messing with were Owen and Derek.)

On a more personal level, Owen’s wife is currently in a very vulnerable position in the hospital.  And it’s a subtle message that they can’t let down one of their own – Cristina – again, albeit in a different way.  Don’t send her to research or administration.  Help her regain her footing.  They owe her that much.  Also, as one of my fellow Cristina and Owen fans pointed out, it seems like Owen is referencing his own experience with Dan, and how he will always remember Dan dying in his arms.  He knows what it must be like for Bailey.  Both of them are living with this guilt over the slightest possibility that they could have done more.  And as Owen said in his speech, Bailey could have done more – had she been properly trained.  But she wasn’t.  And now, that weight is on all their shoulders because it could have been prevented.

Cristina experiences something similar to a “freezing moment” that Owen had when he was triggered.  Though, I’m not sure that she’s flashing back to anything.  It actually seems more like she’s tuning April out.  As I have said before on this blog, I’m not entirely convinced that Cristina meets the full criteria of PTSD.  She has exhibited some of the symptoms, but she no longer has some of the more classic ones (startle reflex, heightened arousal, flashbacks).  And her sleep is not restless but dependent on whether or not Meredith or Owen is nearby.  But anyway, Cristina’s “freezing moment” is another sign that things are getting worse.  And I really think that the “walking on eggshells” approach is not cutting it.  Cristina does need a nudge in the right direction, and that’s what she gets in this episode.  So far, the attendings are trying to do a little bit of both.  Last episode, Bailey left the decision up to Cristina.  This episode, Teddy does as well – but she also lays down the law.  “We’re at a crossroads…”  And thankfully, Cristina inches down the right path.

Maybe if I close my eyes, you'll go away. (Property of Team JayZee)

April asks Cristina, “Don’t you care at all?  Come on, you gotta care.”  The thing is, Cristina does care.  It’s just that her fear is so immense that it overshadows whatever motivations she may have to care.  But she does care.  Later, we see her at a computer, most likely researching on options for Roy.  As she tells Owen in an irritated tone, “I know what’s being asked of me, and I’m doing it.”  She seems to be frustrated with herself that she can’t do more.  That’s good because it means she wants to do more.  And one of these days, because she cares so much, she will shove aside her fear of the OR and step back into her role as a surgeon.  That day will come.  I promise.  Though I know it is getting frustrating how long Cristina’s funk is lasting, I appreciate that it affords Owen many opportunities to be her supportive husband.  I love it.

Yeah, my wife's got a great ass. I'd recognize it anywhere. (Property of Team JayZee)

Speaking of which, our only Cristina and Owen scene.  Short but oh so awesome despite of its length.  I won’t lie, the moment that I saw Cristina in the forefront and Owen in the back, I jumped with joy.  Though I wasn’t counting on it, I was certainly hoping for a moment between these two, especially with Cristina not doing so well.  I love how he stops the moment she catches his eye, how he instantly smiles and walks over to her.  (And possibly checks out her butt in the process.  Go rewatch and see if you can spy the brief look downward that Owen gives before he reaches Cristina.)  “I like the dark blue scrubs on you.  You look good.”  She really does, don’t you think?  The navy blue scrubs really suit her.  (Side note: Why don’t they wear their customary long-sleeved shirts under the dark blue scrubs?  Attendings don’t get cold?  Just kidding.)  And Owen is loving him some Cristina in dark blue.  (Granted, I think he’d love her in anything.  Remember, he still loved her after she wore diapers.  Enough said.)

Cristina's not in the mood for love, but Owen's about to change her mind. (Property of Team JayZee)

Cristina shies away from his touch on her arm, and Owen backs off.  He really is reading her a lot better this season.  Huge improvement from last season.  And honestly, this should have been the way he was written last season as well.  It’s not like being married suddenly teaches you how to be supportive.  No, that’s who Owen is – and always should have been.  (Okay, I’ll stop griping out it now.  Let’s not dwell in the past.)  And what’s more, he doesn’t take her irritation personally.  He understands.  As he told her in “Shock to the System,” she can take out her frustrations on him all she wants, but he won’t go anywhere.  He’s keeping his word.  And instead of taking offense, he says, “Okay, I got an idea.  And I, I think it’s going to help.  You and me, we’re going to go outside…into the alley behind the hospital.  And you’re just—you’re just going to kick my ass.  You’re going to knock the living crap out of me.”  And Cristina laughs.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Owen made Cristina laugh.  If that doesn’t prove how much they belong together, then I don’t know what does.  Even when she’s in her darkest mood, Owen can cheer her up.  For a second there, as he was telling her his “idea,” I was totally buying his sincerity – as Cristina was – and was confused.  How could an alley be romantic?  Is Owen going to suggest some public sex?  Because that’s rather bold of him.  But no, Owen was simply giving Cristina an outrageous suggestion, hoping that it would shake her from her bad mood – even for a brief moment.  And it works. (Could you imagine tiny Cristina kicking Owen’s ass?  Sure, she’s pretty strong for one so small.  But seriously, Owen’s a big, burly man.  I don’t think he’d budge much.)

I would be smiling, too, if I were in Cristina's position. (Property of Team JayZee)

“There you are.  I knew you were in there somewhere…  End of this day, good or bad, we’re gonna go home together.”  Okay, this moment right here definitely elicited a collective “aww” from anyone with a romantic or sweet bone in their body – Cristina and Owen shipper or not.  I love how he touches his forehead to her ear right after he says, “There you are.”  I have not seen that gesture on this show before (or any show for that matter), and it is so freaking cute.  It reminds me a bit of how animals show affection, how they nuzzle you or place their heads under your hand when they sense that you’re down.  Sigh, so sweet.  I could watch it on loop all day.  (And yes, I’ve spent a good chunk of my day doing so.)

You are so getting lucky tonight when we get home. (Property of Team JayZee)

Cristina’s smile falls a bit after Owen says, “I knew you were in there somewhere,” but you can see it reappear again after he reminds her that they’re going to go home together at the end of the day.  And it’s that thought that brings her a little bit of happiness.  (Though, I’m guessing they’re staying in a hotel or something because that firehouse is so not habitable, and I’m sure Arizona has kicked them out.)  Together.  That’s what the theme is for Cristina and Owen this season – being together.  Taking on things as a united front instead operating on different wavelengths.  This marriage has been the best thing for their relationship.  Just as marriage was the best thing for Meredith and Derek’s relationship.  It allowed them to grow up and have a stable relationship – not that there won’t be ups and downs, obviously, since this is Grey’s Anatomy.  But now, the question is no longer whether they will be together but what their life together will look like.

Husband kisses wife. Aww. (Property of Team JayZee)

And then, to top it all off, the scene ends with Owen giving her a peck on the cheek.  Doesn’t that just yell “husband and wife” to you?  It does to me.  Tender and sweet, it’s a little pick-me-up to get her through the day.  I can just imagine him giving her a peck on the cheek in the morning before they go their separate ways.  Those little moments that we were clamoring for last season and rarely got.  This season?  We are just being bombarded with them.  Seriously, we are spoiled with Cristina and Owen riches this season.  Thank you, writers.

It does not go unnoticed that right after this scene with Owen, Cristina is able to participate.  She finally says something, figuring out that Teddy doesn’t think that Roy is a good candidate and informing April of this.  Poor Roy, they are going to send him home to die – except Cristina isn’t going to let that happen.  Because Roy wins Cristina over – just as he won me over.

I'm not Dixon 2.0. (Property of Team JayZee)

“Are you one of those, uh…you know…what do they call them?  Someone’s really smart, like a genius, but they’re a little different?  Like they don’t know how to talk to people?”  Oh, Roy.  He’s asking her if she’s Dixon 2.0.  Hilarious.  And he laughs as she gives him another sourpuss look.  “You’re a tough nut to crack.  I like that about you.  My daughter’s the same way.”  Ding ding ding!  We’ve got an anvil.  And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the added fact that he and his ex-wife went through a messy divorce where his daughter ended up siding with her mother.  In Cristina’s case, her parents got a divorce, and she stayed with her father – until he passed away.  But as we know, she and her mother aren’t exactly close.  It has been years since they’ve interacted on this show, implied or otherwise.  She wasn’t even at Cristina’s wedding (though I suspect that may have something to do with the actress’ scheduling conflict).  Regardless, Cristina didn’t even mention her mother’s reaction to her getting married, suggesting to me that Helen Rubenstein either doesn’t know about it or she didn’t want to come.  (I think the former.)

Cristina doesn’t really have a parental figure in her life, which is why I had hoped that Owen’s mother could fill that void, given how close she is to them.  (For now, that will just have to play out in my imagination.)  And in a way, Roy is playing this father figure to Cristina.  He’s certainly impressed by Cristina being a doctor.  And he’s definitely taken by her – even when she’s in a sour mood.   More importantly, Cristina starts liking Roy back and caring about him.  Which is what prompts her to speak up and advocate for him to be on the transplant list during the panel meeting.  (That and the fact that she overhears Teddy tell Bailey that she’s “useless.”)  Because Roy wants to live, and Cristina wants him to live.  “If we give him the lungs, it won’t be a waste because he will live.  I know it.”  Cristina proves, in this moment, that she was paying attention and that she does know.  She has an opinion.  As Teddy says to her afterward, she was a doctor today.  Cristina just took a baby step on the path toward healing.  (And it seems that she’s at least somewhat helping out with the incoming trauma in the next episode.)

Just call me "Father Figure Roy." (Property of Team JayZee)

Cristina’s last scene is with Roy.  And what do you know?  She’s got a faint smile on her face.  Yep, Roy charmed her.  “I can’t call you sourpuss anymore!”  I love how Roy sticks out his arm with gusto when Cristina tells him that she needs to draw blood.  He knows that she fought for him to be on the list.  She is taking the place of his estranged daughter that won’t come to see him even though he’s sick.  ([Spoiler] Though, she will be showing up in episode seven.  I totally can’t wait for that episode, to see how this thing with Roy turns out.  He better not die.  Cristina just said that she knows he will live.  Don’t make a liar of her, writers.)

Did I seriously just win something? I thought you'd forgotten how badass of a doctor I was. (Property of Team JayZee)

And that’s all for this episode, folks.  I will be probably be skipping next week’s episode since it seems to be a stand-alone and experimental episode that won’t be focusing too much on developing Cristina and Owen’s relationship in any way.  Plus, I’ll also be out of town most of next week, so I won’t have time to write.  And episode seven seems like it’s going to end up being a long blog post, so it evens out.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Now, for some questions for those of you who muster up the energy to read these: Did you find it weird that none of the attendings (that are the main characters) came up and congratulated Owen?  (Guess Owen is the only one who knows something about humility.)  What do you think it’s going to take for Cristina to get better?  Who would win in a fight: Cristina or Owen?  Why does no one wear long sleeve shirts under the navy blue scrubs?  And how much do you love Roy?  Let me know below!  And Happy Halloween!  (Just in case I don’t post next week.)


20 responses to ““Almost Grown” (and Almost Healed?) Sourpuss

  1. Love it! I actually look forward to your blogs each week as much as I do the new episodes! : )

  2. Did you find it weird that none of the attendings (that are the main characters) came up and congratulated Owen?
    I thought it was a bit weird that everyone just looked at him kinda pissed and moved on. At least Derek should have shook his hand, but maybe he did? I can’t remember much.

    What do you think it’s going to take for Cristina to get better?
    I think Cristina will get better with time, figure out that she does still have a support system, like you said she got better after Owen talked to her. So I think she just needs to see that she still can do the things she used to and the shooter won’t show up and take it all from her again. I think eventually she’ll go do a surgery or she’ll be stuck like George in the elevator and will have to do something.

    Who would win in a fight: Cristina or Owen?
    I feel like Owen would win in strength but he wouldn’t hurt her, so Cristina because he would just let her beat on him until she was tired. I think a verbal fight could go either way, depending on the topic and who had the last word.

    Why does no one wear long sleeve shirts under the navy blue scrubs?
    I think we don’t see much under the navy scrubs because it’s an attending/resident thing so they’re usually in surgery and they get hot in that garb. Which is why later they wear those surgical gowns backwards, the blue ones with the sleeves. I think Derek used to wear one under his way back in S1 and 2, but I dunno I’m just guessing they get hot doing surgery all day. Plus it’s nice to see Owen’s arms!

    And how much do you love Roy?
    I really enjoyed Roy because he was set on making it. He didn’t care, he knew he needed lungs and hoped that someone would notice that he could do it, no matter what. He better not die or else Cristina might really become a plumber, she finally opens up to help on a case and he dies? Way to go writers, you might have well just killed Cristina. I also loved how he interacted with Cristina and wasn’t afraid of her, most patients are a little intimidated but Roy was just Roy and didn’t care. He was a great patient.

    Thanks for your review, I loved that it was strictly Owen and Cristina with a side of Meredith. 🙂

    • I think that the last scene just proves how big of sore losers these attendings are. I understand Derek being upset that he didn’t win the money, but it’s not Owen’s fault that the Chief chose him. It’s not like Owen knew what Dereks’ proposal was. I believe that had Owen known about Derek’s research, he would have at least suggested splitting the million – if that were a reasonable solution. But like I said, a million won’t go too far in a clinical trial. ([SPOILER] Plus, I’m pretty sure Derek is going to pursue Alzheimer’s research anyway because I heard of this spoiler a while back that Derek and Cristina would be trying to find a cure.)

      I agree with you on what it’s going to take Cristina to get better. And I also think that there has to be some breaking point where she has to make a decision to overcome her fears and just act. Sweeps is a good time for that moment to happen. Especially since they’ve been building up Cristina’s struggles over these past few episodes. And Shonda did say that Cristina would get better. I also think that a lot of her healing has to come from her learning that she should not be so worried about losing the people she loves. From the way she constantly demonstrates a fear of being alone, it seems that she has some abandonment issues. And it’s understandable, what with her father dying when she was young, Burke leaving her, and then the shooter coming in and almost taking away the two people she loves most in the world from her. That’s why I loved how Owen’s vows were of never leaving her, of always being there. It was exactly what she needed to hear. And then, to top it all off, he has followed through with his promise time after time. Sigh, I love this season.

      Yeah, Owen would just be like a wall while Cristina got her frustrations out. She’s so tiny compared to him. Verbal fight…oh, good point. We’ve gotten a taste of it in “Invest in Love” and then the final scene in “State of Love and Trust.” I have to agree, it depends on the topic matter. So far, I don’t think we’ve seen either come out a clear winner probably because they’d rather come to a compromise than “win.” But regardless, we know that they’ll patch things up afterward (as we’ve seen them do after any of their arguments).

      Yes, it is nice to see Owen’s arms! And your answer sounds very reasonable to me. (I have no clue why. Thus, why I asked. Lol.)

      I really hope Roy makes it. He just has to. Cristina says it is so, so he must live. And patch things up with his daughter. Happy endings all around. You’re right! I think I loved him so much because he wasn’t afraid of Cristina. He wasn’t put off by her reticence. In fact, he kinda took advantage of it and joked around about it. “Sourpuss.” Haha, I love it.

      Thanks for reading! And yes, I’m always going to keep it strictly Owen and Cristina since, let’s face it, they’re quite inspiring to write about. Thanks again for the comment!

  3. Wohooo! 5 of 5, baby as you say! But still cautiously optimistic, ’cause I might scare it away! I learned my lesson from last season. But hoping they will keep it this way the next episodes.

    GA timeline is indeed hard to fallow, but somehow I managed to fallow it: S1,2,3 is their intern year, S4,5 is their 2nd residency year, S6 their 3rd and now S7 their 4th.

    Cristina is the kind of person that befriends quite hard, but once she finds that real friend she sticks with it, through thin and thick. Meredith is the proof. And being with Meredith everyday and most of her time is normal to form a bond with her. I relate to Cristina in many aspects. Probably that’s what draw me to her character from the beginning.

    It was painful to watch Cristina struggle all this, but very happy she made that step. But what thrilled me the most was to see how Cristina changed as a doctor. She no longer is about only the facts, the results of some tests, but also about the patient and how their react to their illness. That is a huge step for her. Cristina from S1-2 wouldn’t have gave Roy a chance. But now she is fighting for this case and also she is fighting for her. When she says Roy is borderline she is talking about herself too. She advocated for Roy and for herself. The odds maybe against them right now, but they have the strength, they will to survive and beat those odds.
    Meredith and Alex needed to excel in their surgeries, but Cristina is already there (even if she cannot enter an OR right now), she rocked the most difficult solo surgery. What she gained in this episode is that little piece she lacked a little till now, to analyze her patients’ reaction, not being emotionally involved, but objectively analyzing.
    She sat back all day and silently analyzed the case in her head, she saw the results of her test, she listened to the patient. And at the end of the day she draw the conclusion: even if physically he does not do quite well (fungal pneumonia, kidney failure), but she knows she has that will to live, which is a very important factor, sometimes more important than some test results). That is what makes Cristina brilliant. When she will enter that OR again she will better than she ever was.

    Owen’s face during the Chief speech (about the grant) made laugh, and I even cannot quite name what was about it. KMK makes the best faces. He’s intrigued and curious and other 10 feeling that I cannot name.

    Like you, I was almost sure that Derek will, because he played the Meredith/Ellis card. That is what bothered me at his speech: that he made it too personal. It’s beautiful that he wants to do that for his wife, but too personal to get that million $. And he is a very known neurosurgeon he will find the finance for his trial.
    From my most objective POV, Owen deserved to win. He made that best speech and brought the best arguments. And it will benefit the whole hospital not just his department. And he was the only one who didn’t make any personal reference in his speech (even Bailey brought a bit of her personal problems). He didn’t say that my wife operated with a gun to her head and she could have died. He was the most professional.

    No need to say how much I loved the Cristina and Owen scene: ADORABLE.!! And the way he touches his forehead to her ear, awwww so so cute. The way she whisper in her ear his “idea”, the way he checks her out, the way he flirts with her, the peck on the cheek that he give her ….
    And I gotta say, they look so good together in those navy blue scrubs.
    As someone on YHT very well notice, Owen says the navy scrubs look good on Cristina, not Cristina looks good in the navy scrubs. That gotta say something.

    Now to answer your questions:
    1. Yes, I found that very weird. NONE of them had the decency to congratulate Owen. All of them were staring with that jealous look in their eyes. Even Derek, but I might cut him some slack because he was worried about Meredith. But the rest? I guess Owen is the only one who knows what humble means. That way he thanked the Chief, so cute and humble, I just wanted to hug him. GO Owen!!

    2. I think what might help her, is a life-death situation, some quick decision she has to make to save a patient’s life.

    3. Cristina, because Owen would let her. Anything to make her feel better. If kicking his ass will help her release some inner pressure she’s feeling then he would let her.

    4. I think I saw Callie a few times wearing long sleeves under dark scrubs, but I am not sure.

    5. I loved Roy. He is indeed one of my favorite patients, along with Lila (Meredith’s patient with Hungtington’s disease from last week’s episode)
    I loved the way he connected to Cristina and the way he knew to see under that tough exterior and even crack it a little.

    • I’m so far beyond cautiously optimistic, it’s not even funny. I’m not counting the next episode in this streak since it’s so stand-alone. ([SPOILER] I already know there’s not going to be any, so I’m kinda cheating.)

      I shall bow to your expertise, Dr. Trinity. 🙂 The whole internship and residency thing confuses me. Lol.

      I agree that Cristina follows this pattern of making few but deep relationships. And I like it that way. I feel like it nurtures closer bonds with the people around us. And in this episode, she started forging a bond with Roy, who really got to her. He saw past her bluster and genuinely likes her. Sigh, I love Roy. I’m not kidding, if he dies, I’m going to start a riot. And I agree, when she is finally able to step in that OR again, she’s going to be a better doctor than she was before. Not just because she is more of an advocate for her patient but because she knows how it felt to not have it. (Just as she realized how much she loved Owen when she almost lost him.)

      Owen was both professional and moving at the same time. It was a great balance of both. Derek’s was, as you said, very personal. And I was definitely touched by it (and later when you see Derek’s face after Meredith forgets that her keys are in her hands). And Bailey’s was just too practical. She no longer dreams big. She can’t afford to.

      Ha! I didn’t catch that! Hell, I think anything looks good on Cristina. She could wear a potato sack, and she’d work it. (Owen would still find her hot.) And I also love the dark blue on her. (Next, she needs a new jacket. She’s had that leather jacket for seven seasons now. Owen’s got a new one. He needs to buy his wife a new one. Haha.) And yes, that Cristina and Owen scene was just made of super awesome sauce. Sigh. I may just need to go rewatch it and confirm that…

      1. I was so proud of Owen for winning! I was definitely surprised. And then I was weirded out a bit at how the most they could do was give him a reluctant smile. I mean, they knew that they messed up badly. It’s not Owen’s fault. It’s not like Owen went around trying to psych them out. But alas, that just makes Owen the better person. 🙂

      2. I really think this is the case as well. Hopefully, we’ll see it in the upcoming episodes before the hiatus. I think we have up to episode 10 before the winter break. Five more episodes (well, four, not including the next one which is experimental and all “Boston Med” like).

      3. I must also concur here. Funny image.

      4. You never know until someone points it out. We must put on our detective hats and investigate this mystery.

      5. Lila was great, too. But I think that I’m going to deem Roy the winner since we are going to be seeing more of him. (Hint hint.)

      Thanks again for the long and lovely comment! I love these! You are one of the main reasons that I keep on writing these blog posts. Seriously. 😉

  4. Shli I do love these blogs 😀

    I belive callie wears long sleves under her scrubs
    I love Roy I imagine cristina introducing Owen to him they really commected I hope they dnt kill him as a why to really kno Cristina down so she can get up again that’s a bit of horse whisperer lol to fix pilgrim they had to take him to the brink and then they showed him love and he got up again and was himself

    I think that’s were that storys going

    As for helen I Have a feeling were gonna see her this season I mean cleary she dnt know out the wedding as hello shed of been there plus I think their on the tv next ep so I hope so much shell turn up :))))

    Well Owens is a big guy but I can’t help remembering a certain Aisan women beating the crap out of a certain thomas haden church with a bike helmet so id go with cristina lol

    Happy Halloween to you too xxxx

    • Thanks, Elizabeth!

      Does anyone else wear long sleeves under their scrubs? Must investigate.

      I could imagine that, too! I think Owen would get a kick out of any patient who can call Cristina “sourpuss” and get away with it. For Cristina’s sake, I hope he doesn’t die. (Okay, for my sake, too.) I think there’s a good possibility that Cristina will need to save him in some way because no one else will be there to help her. The goofy smile he gives at the end just sealed the deal for me: Roy is my favorite patient.

      I hope Helen turns up, too. I hope Mrs. Hunt comes back as well. I love it when family members pop up. Hopefully, we’ll get that deleted scene of Mrs. Hunt actually having lines in the season premiere that Shonda spoke about. Poor Mrs. Hunt, never able to say more than a word.

      Oh my god! Hahaha. Yes, Sandra Oh wields those motorcycle helmets quite well. I mean, obviously, Owen would make a move to hurt Cristina, so she’s at a huge advantage. But the image of Cristina kicking Owen’s ass is quite hilarious because he’s such a big guy; I don’t think she could do much damage – without a helmet, of course.

      Have a great week!

  5. Callie wears long sleeves under her dark blue scrubs!

    • Haha. You comment for that? Lol. But I think it’s interesting that Cristina was wearing a long sleeve shirt under her scrubs in the morning, but then it wasn’t there when she changed into the navy blue scrubs. A mystery for the fangirl detectives!

  6. ITA with your review! I thought we probably wouldn’t get a sweet scene or one at all. We did!!! It definitely goes in their top 1o moments. Something about Owen whispering in Cristina’s ear and him making her smile like that was just …<3! I loved the gentle head touch/nuzzle too. It is one of my favorite screen shots to look at and awww over. They look so good in those matching scrubs. 🙂

    LOL at your observation about the shirts under the scrub top. Cristina and Mer always wear one. So why not with the dark blue? I have no idea but something to ponder…maybe we should tweet Shonda about that one.


    Based on Shonda's tweet, Ma Hunt will be back. Do you think she will impact Cristina's storyline or maybe something with the Alzheimer's research if they went down that road with Owen's mom becoming sick. Unfortunately, I think the Roy storyline is going to get worse before it gets better for Cristina kinda like Jen(pregnant patient) for Derek in season 5 before he came out of the woods to help Izzie. Loved Roy too and his grumpy father dynamic with Cristina. I want him to make it!

    This season is slowly becoming my next favorite after season 5! Hope you have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN too! : )

    • For sure, top 10 moments. Le sigh. I think I’m going to have to start making some moments a tie because season seven is just coming out with all these great Cristina and Owen moments. I love it!

      Yes, we need to get to the bottom of this mystery! Watson, grab your coat! 😉


      I think the Alzheimer’s research is solely about Meredith, and she is the reason why Derek and Cristina pursue it. I hope that Mrs. Hunt is coming back to be some sort of mother figure for Cristina since she’s not had a parental figure in her life for like four seasons now. It’s all implied, but I really want to see Cristina and Mrs. Hunt interact. She looked happy at the wedding, but that’s the only glimpse of some sort of reaction from her about Cristina. I think and hope that Roy will make it. Based on what Cristina said about how he will live because he has the will to do so, it has to happen. Otherwise, Cristina’s path to healing will come to a halt. Unless she is capable of moving on despite yet another tragic event. I’m doubtful of her abilities to do that.

      I love season five for what it was – an introduction to Cristina and Owen’s epic romance. But I have to say that season seven is pulling ahead for me because it’s really showcase them as this loving and sweet pair who have more lighthearted moments. Season five had a lot of heavy moments, with the only real break being in “Beat Your Heart Out.” But in this season, they’ve done better at showing both the dark and light. I love it.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  7. Yay for prompt questions 🙂 Great recap btw. You made me go back and watch that scene for the upteenth time. It’s quickly becoming one of my all-time favs. Onward to the questions…

    1. Did you find it weird that none of the attendings (that are the main characters) came up and congratulated Owen?

    Well, there WAS that one anonymous attending surgeon #7 who said “congrats.” Haha. But seriously, considering these are the same people who talked about their sex lives in front of the chief (minus Derek and Bailey) ummm…no, I’m not surprised in the least.Which if you think about it, is kinda scary that they can’t mask their emotions very well considering they have to do it with their patients everyday.

    For the other two that didn’t directly screw themselves over, I think Derek thought he had it in the bag with the Ellis reference so he was a little put out. I think he still could have at least tried to erase the “bitch please” look from his face. I didn’t really see Bailey’s little nod as mad – just kinda her typical Bailey reaction.

    2. What do you think it’s going to take for Cristina to get better?

    *cough* (Spoiler Alert for anyone reading) Roy. And I swear if they kill him off, I’ll be so pissed.

    3. Who would win in a fight: Cristina or Owen?

    Cristina everyday of the week and twice on Sundays. Even though he’s McBadass with everyone else, Owen is a big ol softy when it comes to Cristina.

    4. Why does no one wear long sleeve shirts under the navy blue scrubs?

    I dunno. I noticed that all the guys do regularly. And heck, if I spent as much time at a personal trainer as these actors did, I’d ask the costume department to go shirtless underneath them too. But for the girls – is Callie the only one? I’m too lazy to check. I thought I remembered Teddy or Arizona wearing shirts underneath them, but I may just be making that up.

    5. And how much do you love Roy?

    He’s right up there with puppies and double rainbows 🙂

    • Uh huh, I made you. I know that it was queued on a separate tab just waiting to be re-watched. 😉

      1. Haha, yes, but he doesn’t count. If we don’t know their names, it doesn’t count. Yeah, those people should’ve realized that they weren’t going to win it when they started talking about their sex lives and relationships. There is a thing called “too much information.” And if the Chief sent you away, your chances of winning were slim to none.

      I feel Derek’s disappointment, but he really shouldn’t be angry with Owen. Like you said, it’s not his fault. And yes, Bailey was nice about it. She just doesn’t believe they even have money.

      2. I’m with you there. 😉

      3. Haha, definitely. He really is a big ol’ softy when it comes to Cristina. I love it. I tend to love men who have this gruff and tough exterior but are total sweethearts to their ladyloves. Owen is a great example of this. Le sigh.

      4. Someone needs to go back and figure out who wears shirts under theirs. Because I thought it was Callie, too, but then I couldn’t remember if that was back when she was a resident.

      5. Agreed! Haha.

      Thanks for commenting, Kelly! (And remember, next time, get off the horse and run to a computer. Hehe.)

  8. Hey, stellar review as always. Just wanted to say Callie does wear long sleeves under her scrubs for sure. I also vaguely recall Arizona wearing some in season 5 or 6. The guys generally don’t seem to wear the long sleeves except for Derek in season 1. I do think that next week will be great for Cristina and yes, Owen.

    • Thanks, Taylor! She does? Eureka! Mystery is solved. Though I still don’t know why Cristina took of her long sleeve shirt before she put on the dark blue ones. Who knows? Maybe we’ll never know…

      I can’t wait to see Owen in badass doctor mode, and Sandra Oh knocking out those heartbreaking Cristina scenes.

      Thanks for commenting!

  9. Cristina looks great in navy scrubs! She deserves them, too. Let’s not forget that she rocked surgeries for Burke (for which, he won the Harper Avery). And, she definitely rocked Derek’s surgery- with a gun at her head- even. Hello.
    I know that Teddy has been protrayed as the ‘bad’ guy. But- I don’t think that she deserves that title. Yes. I know she told Owen that she was in love with him. That was a big NO-NO. But, other than that, she continued to mentor Cristina. She told Owen that- Cristina was like a race horse- she needed to be pushed. Nor, did she try to put any ‘moves’ on Owen. Owen’s PTSD is the ‘bad’ guy, here.
    In this episode- Teddy gave Cristina the push, she needed. She also gave her another push, when she told Cristina: “You were a doctor today, Cristina.”
    I loved the sweet O/C moment. The way he touches her, so, gently with his hands and forehead- makes me want to swoon. But- Cristina would lose in a fight against Owen. Remember- how little effect her blows had on Owen, when he was choking her.
    Owen and Meredith just need to be there to love and support Cristina. Cristina will heal- soon- and her day will, indeed, come.
    Now, about Owen. True, I’m a huge Owen Hunt fan. But- his idea for the rest of the doctors and staff to under go such training made sense to me. I don’t know about you- but, I still remember Charles Percy’s death scene. I thought, then, that it was a senseless death. He died, because Bailey wasn’t better trained to handle this sort of an emergency situation. So, sad.
    Hopefully, his colleagues will see the benefits of his plan.

    • Cristina definitely deserves the dark blue scrubs. She will make a great cardio attending one day. (Don’t ask me about the steps for medical training. It’s all so complicated! I think there’s a fellowship following residency. Just guessing…)

      You know, I’m with you on Teddy not being the “bad guy.” (Ducking from some of my fellow Cristina/Owen fans. But they already know that I don’t dislike her.) I think she really is a great mentor for Cristina. Although, I do disagree with you on one aspect. Though she may not have necessarily put the “moves” on Owen, she did pursue him in the beginning. At least, that’s what it seemed to me. (For example, the scene in “Holidaze” where she’s telling him that she’s always loved him and moves in for a kiss before Owen shoots her down by saying, “I’m in love with Cristina.” And then, in “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked” and Teddy’s suggesting to Owen how both Beth and Cristina are not right for him – Beth being not driven enough and Cristina being too driven, it seemed to me like she was trying to imply that she was right for him by being neither.) But I will chalk that up to being a ploy to stir up drama for sweeps.

      Anyway, I do appreciate Teddy for being a mentor to Cristina. I would have liked her a whole lot more had they focused more heavily on that aspect of her. But, unfortunately, the writers decided to make her some sort of romantic interloper on Cristina and Owen’s relationship. I’ve moved past it. Others haven’t.

      And as for a face-off between Cristina and Owen, you know that Owen’s going to let her “win.” But yes, if it was a fair match, there is no way Cristina could physically overcome Owen. (But that’s what she’s got black lingerie for. Wink wink.)

      I agree that Owen’s proposal is objectively the most reasonable. It was the only one that would benefit the doctors of the hospital, and from there, it could benefit the patients. ([SPOILER] And it seems to me that they’re possibly going to be putting this training to good use in an upcoming episode.) Owen delivered a great speech (as he usually does). And not only that, he made it personal for the people on Webber’s minds right now: his staff. And that’s why he will always be the Chief.

      Can’t wait for next week’s episode. It seems to be a Cristina and Owen extravaganza! (Though, I am not expecting too many scenes of them together.)

      Thanks for posting, TraumaQueen! 🙂

  10. only one short C/O scene in S7x5 , but I re-watch the Sweet &Adorable monent many times
    if one man can told his wife ” take out her frustrations on me all you wants, I won’t go anywhere ” no doubt she’s his best love
    I’m moved by Owen’s so supportive & saying “End of this day, good or bad, we’re gonna go home together”
    I can’t describe how I love Shli’s analysis, the great blog & hot C/O couple got me tuning in every week, looking foward to reading your next

    • It’s pretty funny how easy to please we are, right? That one short scene, lasting about a minute, can totally make the episode for us. And I’ve watched that scene on loop quite a few times. (Okay, I’ll admit, I’m inching toward the high double digits now.)

      I love how supportive Owen’s been this season. Love it. And the idea of them going home together is just music to my ears. Le sigh.

      Thank you so much, owchforever! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and leave me such kind words. I’m working on the next one right now.

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