“Can’t Fight Biology”: Make Love Not War

House hunting with the Hunts. (Property of Team JayZee)

Cristina and Owen are moving out!  And hopefully, it will be a faster transition than Meredith and Derek’s.  (How is the dream house construction going?)  At least Owen and Cristina have a head start since they’re not building from the ground up.  And I have a feeling that we’ll see them move into it this season.  (And, if the writers love us, someone will slide down that pole.  Maybe in celebration of Cristina’s healing?  That would be the ultimate double hitter of awesomeness.  Yes, Riss, I used a baseball term…I think.)

There wasn’t too much Cristina and Owen in this episode, but the tapeworm patient’s storyline was clearly a not-so-subtle parallel for Cristina’s current struggle with her loss of who she was.  And to keep from sounding repetitive, I’m simply going to summarize that entire plot instead of going scene by scene.

But first, Cristina and Owen are house hunting.  For the spoiler junkies, we already knew that they were looking into a converted firehouse with a fireman’s pole that was mentioned not once but twice.  (Seriously, someone needs to slide down it.  Why else would they build that set?)  Owen is super excited about the prospect of renovating the rundown place while Cristina is…not.  Like Pete Nowalk says in the writers’ blog, there are two categories of people: people who like to buy fixer-uppers and people who don’t.  Obviously, Owen’s the former and Cristina the latter.  While Owen is going on about how they can knock out the wall to create more light, Cristina is silently poking at the blinds and causing something to break off.  We always knew that Cristina wasn’t really the type to care about housing.  As long as it’s habitable and got a roof, she’s fine.  She doesn’t care about decorating or where things should go.  She leaves that in the hands of others: her mother decorated the first apartment we saw her in; then she moved in with Burke and didn’t bring anything of hers; Izzie found her post-Burke apartment; and Callie decorated it.  And I suspect that the current house hunting has been more of Owen’s job with Cristina going along for the ride.

"I hope this place looks better on the inside than it does on the outside." Yeah, about that, Cristina... (Property of Team JayZee)

It is also in this first scene that we get another Owen expression for the books as he tells the realtor that they’ll have to think about it.  It’s a combination of apology and embarrassment as Cristina is clearly not at all impressed (or interested) in this find.  I love how he ducks his head and gives the realtor a brief sidelong glance as he follows Cristina off screen.  And I like how he’s not upset or frustrated with Cristina at all.  He smiles as he tells her, “I kinda need you to care.”  The tone is more encouraging and more of a “join me on this” rather than an annoyed “why don’t you feel the same way I do” – an attitude that I often got from Burke.  (The most infamous one being, “I love you.  What the hell is the matter with you that you won’t just let me?”)  It’s a big deal and a big decision – buying your (first) home together.  This could be the home that you build memories in, maybe even raise a family.  My parents still live in the first house they bought together, and it’s the home I have grown up in since I was four.  This isn’t some apartment that they’re going to rent together; it’s a house that they will invest a lot of time and money into – a house that they will design together.  Cristina and Owen’s dream house.  (Although, it’s more Owen’s dream at the moment.)

She's excited on the inside, I promise. (Property of Team JayZee)

Okay, how many people let out a happy squeal when Cristina said to Meredith, “House hunting with my husband”?  I did!  I’m still floating on cloud nine over the fact that they’re husband and wife.  I love the constant reminders that these two are married: whether it’s seeing the flash of Owen’s wedding band or hearing them reference each other as their spouse.  They’re like (non-painful) pinches that tell us, No, you’re not dreaming it up.  Cristina and Owen are really married.  (I hope it hasn’t gotten old yet.  I hope we never get tired of saying it.)

"Hostile uterus." "House hunting with my husband." No biggie...not. (Property of Team JayZee)

I love how it’s not even a big deal.  And it’s only when Meredith points it out that we really get the sense at the progress Cristina has made.  Meredith is going to a fertility clinic because she and Derek want a baby, and Cristina has a husband.  These are not the dark and twisty sisters of seasons one and two who were afraid of serious, long-term commitments with men.  They were not the type to think into the future, but that’s what they’re doing now.  “Baby steps.  Whatev,” Cristina replies to Meredith.  See?  It’s an easy transition to start calling Owen her husband.  For me, it was always weird thinking of Owen as Cristina’s boyfriend because they seemed more than that.  “Boyfriend” describes a whole range of relationships, from your first “boyfriend” in elementary school (i.e. the boy who would give you their snack one minute then tug on your hair the next) to someone you’re involved with who’s not your husband or domestic partner.  Call me biased, but “husband” and “wife” suit them.

Cristina isn't ready to jump into multiple traumas just yet. (Property of Team JayZee)

And then multiple trauma cases come in, and Cristina isn’t even the least bit eager to go to the pit.  It provides a huge contrast to last season in episode four, where Cristina was almost jonesing (like an addict) for a trauma case.  In fact, she was trying to steal one from Izzie (except Owen wouldn’t give it to her because he didn’t want to play favorites and wanted to give Izzie a chance).  It’s saddening how much has changed since then.  At this point, Owen wouldn’t hesitate to play favorites and give Cristina a surgery – if he thought that she would actually come inside the OR.  But she won’t.  (I have faith that she will overcome her fears.  This season is about rebirth and healing after all.)

Just reminding audiences that I'm really a badass doctor. (Property of Team JayZee)

Brief interlude of Owen doing compressions on a guy’s chest whilst being wheeled away.  Hurray for a scene of Owen being a badass doctor!

It seems like Bailey is letting go of her stance on not getting too involved with her residents from last season (after losing George).  I think that the shooting taught her that we should value our bonds with others because we don’t know when we could lose them.  Sure, she’s more passive about it in this episode, starting with the clear signs of just how heavily Cristina’s struggles are weighing on her she exhibits in the Chief’s office when he suggests that they replace with Denny Duquette clinic with a geriatric wing (but we know how much Shonda loves Denny, so I think it’s safe); but you can see that she’s doing her best to help without pushing Cristina too far.  (Like later, when Bailey allows Cristina to decide whether or not she wants to scrub in or watch.)  Just as how Owen’s problems became Cristina’s problems after they became a “real” couple in the season six premiere, Cristina’s problems have become everyone’s problems because they are all connected to her.  Not only that, but we’ve seen many of the other characters stepping in to try and do their part in helping her get back to who she was: Owen, Meredith, Derek, Bailey, and Teddy.

  (Property of Team JayZee)”]And Cristina has her fellow residents to lift her spirits, even if it’s temporary.  She gets giggly when Meredith lies to Lexie about her morning appointment, saying she went to the dentist.  She offers up that her patient has worms when the boys come in asking what they’re talking about (which reminded me of her muttering some nonsense when Izzie asked their opinion on the chicken for Meredith and Derek’s wedding).  She makes a face at Jackson when he claims he has it under control with Altman.  I love that the Fab Six 2.0 has these group scenes together.  We didn’t have this camaraderie in season six, where things were competitive and hostile.  And they’re back in the tunnel, which is a plus.

Owen pages Cristina to tell her about another house that’s on the market.  (Note how she stops short at the doorway, refusing to come inside.)  Let’s take a moment to realize that Owen is publicly discussing his private life.  Sure, it’s not like house hunting is all that personal, but it’s pretty different from the person he was in the early days of joining the Seattle Grace staff.  He stayed far away from the rumor mill, he kept his relationship with Cristina mostly separate from his professional life, and he tried to keep from getting involved in other people’s personal lives.  But now?  He finds out that the anesthesiologist’s sister’s house is on sale, he’s discussing house hunting with his wife in the middle of surgery in front of everyone, and he’s so enmeshed with Meredith and Derek (because of Cristina) that he is considering moving to a place that’s near their house.  So, you see, they’ve both come a long way.  And though it’s never been much of a dilemma for Owen, he is demonstrating a priority in personal over professional life.  And that’s why he tells Cristina that he also paged her to see if she wanted to scrub in on this unique trauma surgery in a questioning tone that places no pressure on her.  He doesn’t want to force her into doing anything she doesn’t want to.  (An attitude we see pop up later when Cristina buys the firehouse.)  It’s so sweet and gentle.  Le sigh.

Did she just say that she needed to monitor "worms"? (Property of Team JayZee)

“I was dead inside.”  The patient says it now, but it echoes back to “Shock to the System” when Cristina tells Meredith how she’s dead inside and how Owen married a corpse.  Yep, ladies and gents, we’ve got the first anvil.  And none too subtle, either.  Though, at first, I thought this was strictly about surgery.  Little did I know, it was going to be a springboard for Cristina to show how much she loves Owen.  (No complaints here in being wrong!)  “And now I know what I’m meant to do with my life.  And everything else – all my quirks, my fears, the fact that people find me strange – none of it matters because I know who I am.”  And he asks her to save his worms.  (Which she tries to do because she understands what he’s going through.  Not with the worms, obviously.)

Cristina doesn’t really know who she is right now.  But that’s the point.  She is lost, and her beliefs about her identity have been shattered.  At this moment, the one role she is one hundred percent clear about is being Owen’s wife.  He’s her lifeline at the moment.  She doesn’t have surgery to count on, and that’s new for her.  Surgery has been the one thing she’s been able to turn to for comfort when everything else had gone to hell.  “Mama needs to cut.”  On the day when she and Burke were supposed to married, she didn’t feel like herself until she was able to cut.  Now, she can barely step into an OR room or pick up a scalpel.  And she now goes to Owen first when she feels like things are spinning out of control and she can’t handle it.  She pages him to the on-call room when she’s overwhelmed with Derek’s pushing in “Superfreak” and tells him that she can’t sleep when he’s not there.  She opts to go house hunting with him instead of rounds with Bailey – something she never would’ve missed before.  Sandra Oh talked about how Cristina will learn how to consistently choose her marriage when interviewed in the beginning of the season, and we are seeing that.  It’s largely because her marriage is one of the only things she is sure about these days.  And though I’m glad to see Cristina and Owen’s bond so strong, I can’t help but feel heartbroken for her whenever she shies away from the thing she used to love so much.  These episodes are really exploring the idea of Cristina without surgery, and it’s quite gripping.  Who knew that Dr. Campbell’s warning of a day when Cristina would not have surgery would come so soon?  Hopefully, it’s going to be a while before Cristina will permanently retire her scalpel.

"This isn't baby steps." (Property of Team JayZee)

I really loved the scene between Cristina and Meredith toward the end where Meredith asks Cristina to draw her blood so that she can be tested for Alzheimer’s.  The two of them are making huge headway in this episode alone, going way beyond “baby steps.”  But life can’t always be taken one baby step at a time, or we wouldn’t get far.  Sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith and live with whatever happens next.  It’s interesting how Derek doesn’t want to know while Meredith does.  It boils down to this very interesting question: If you had a degenerative or fatal disease (e.g. early onset Alzheimer’s or Huntington’s), would you want to know ahead of time?  Valid arguments could be made for both sides.

I know you're my "anvil," but did it really have to involve tapeworms? Couldn't I have learned my lesson another way? (Property of Team JayZee)

“Why would you want to put yourself through this again?” Cristina asks when the patient talks about continuing his “research” on the worms.  “Because I love what I do…more than anything…  You don’t find something you love that much and let it go.  You hold onto it, throw yourself in deeper.”  Now, as I said earlier, I thought this would be some sort of motivation for Cristina to do something surgical or medical.  Because she loves surgery and she’s been letting it go.  And she needs to hold onto it and throw herself in deeper even though she knows it’s going to be a rough road.  She needs to lean into the fear.  The same could be said about her marriage to Owen.  She fell for another attending even though the last time she did, things didn’t end up so well.  And the last time she was engaged, it didn’t end in a marriage.  And yet, she began a relationship with Owen and married him.  Even though she’d been so badly burned by love before.  Why?  Because she found someone she loved and couldn’t let it go.  And when he was going through the worse of his PTSD struggles, she held on tighter and threw herself in deeper.  And while she may not be ready to move forward in getting back to surgery, she can certainly do so in her marriage to Owen by buying the house that he loves.

Pete Nowalk summarizes Cristina’s mentality in the writers’ blog:

Still, she buys the firehouse…for Owen.  This tells us a lot about where she’s at mentally.  She’s lost when it comes to surgery but not with her marriage.  Instead she’s throwing herself in deeper.  It’s what the worm guy said – when you love something you hold on to it.  For Cristina, that’s Owen.  She’s becoming a fixer upper person for him.  So maybe it’s nurture after all.

Surprise! Pouring champagne is harder than I thought. (Property of Team JayZee)

I don’t know about you all, but I was staring at the clock and getting disheartened over the prospect of not getting another Cristina and Owen scene.  Then lo and behold, in the last few moments before the ending title, we see Owen climbing the stairs of the firehouse to find Cristina waiting with champagne, Chinese takeout, and sleeping bags.  “Welcome home!”  (Love how Cristina sticks out her tongue in concentration as she pours champagne into the clear plastic cups.)  Owen smiles but is hesitant to join in on the celebration.

You seriously don't want to slide down the fireman's pole? (Property of Team JayZee)

“I don’t know what to say…”  Even though Owen is getting what he wants, he’s more concerned about Cristina’s well-being and the reasoning behind why she did it.  He doesn’t want to feel like he coerced her into doing something against her will, even if it fulfills one of his dreams.  (What guy doesn’t want a fireman’s pole in their house?  Seriously.  The possibilities are endless.)  I love how we clearly see that Owen’s first priority is Cristina.  He would give up surgery for her (see deleted scene from season six), and he would give up his dream house for her.  Basically, he would pretty give up anything so long as he could have her in his life.  And Cristina?  She’s choosing Owen.  “I don’t care where we live.  I really don’t, but you do.  You love this place.  And I love you.”  Yes, we got an “I love you” and a kiss in the same episode.  These two must be setting a record with the “I love you” declarations.

The way Owen moves in to kiss Cristina reminds me of their wedding day.  It shouts of how much he loves her and how grateful he is to have her as his wife.  The kiss also reminds me of when Cristina kissed Owen after his “we matter” speech.  They both do this little shake of the head before they grab the other person and kiss them.  And once again, there’s this sense of “I can’t believe I’m so lucky to have someone like you” type of feeling.  I think Cristina and Owen’s relationship provides a stark contrast in stability to where she stands in her career.  The angst isn’t about them, it’s about Cristina.  And Owen is being the counterpart to it, trying to ease her suffering.  It really is the opposite of the roles they played in season five.  Not only does it give Cristina a great story arc, it also helps redeem Owen from his mistakes last season.

I would buy Owen a rundown firehouse, too, if it meant I get to be thanked in this manner...and had the money to do so. (Property of Team JayZee)

And in the background of this last scene, we’ve got Meredith’s voiceover and a song with some pretty noteworthy lyrics playing (“Further” by Correatown).  First, the voiceover: “We face our greatest fears.  For better or worse, we find ways to become more than our biology.  The risk, of course, is that we can change too much – to the point we don’t recognize ourselves.  Finding our way back can be difficult.  There’s no compass, no map.  We just have to close our eyes, take a step, and hope to God we’ll get there.”  Cristina can’t recognize herself right now because she’s never not been sure about wanting to be a brilliant surgeon.  In her traumatized state, she is not clear whether she wants it anymore.  But change isn’t always a bad thing, and she has this opportunity to experience life without her previous, single-minded focus on furthering her career.  And you know what?  She’s learning that surgery isn’t everything.  Yes, it brings her happiness, but being with Owen brings her happiness, too.  Owen’s insistence that “people do matter” is proving true.  He matters to her, so she holds onto him.

Second, the singer repeats: “We have so much love/But we need so much more.”  Cristina and Owen do have so much love.  We can clearly see it.  But for Cristina’s life to be whole, she needs to find her love for surgery again because it’s such a huge part of who she is.  And Owen is going to play a vital role in helping her find her way; I can foresee that now.  Kevin McKidd promised that Owen would be extremely supportive of Cristina this season, and his words are definitely coming into fruition.  He’s been taking care of her in these past few episodes, beginning with their first scene together of this season when he proposes and promises that she would never have to be alone again.  And then coming after her when she runs off to Meredith’s and reiterating that promise to never go anywhere without her.  And spending all night at home so that she can sleep and not feel afraid.  It’s going a long way in making me forget the snafus of season six, and I’m hoping that the writers continue to write Cristina and Owen in the way they have been so far this season.

Champagne, Chinese takeout, and sleeping bags? What more could a guy ask for? Oh, no splinters during the "christening" of the new house. Serious ouch! (Property of Team JayZee)

Next week, it seems like Cristina is going to have a difficult time with the training exercise of being the attendings for the day.  I don’t know if we’ll get a Cristina and Owen scene; but if we get just one moment of him being there for her (especially since Cristina will need it), I’ll be over the moon.  (Although, I’m still floating pretty high up here on cloud nine, so I don’t think it’d be too high of a jump.)

So, readers, how long do you think it’ll take for Cristina and Owen to move into their new home?  Who will be the first one to slide down the fireman’s pole?  And what did you think the worm patient’s moral of the day mean for Cristina (and Owen)?  Let me know in the comments section!


14 responses to ““Can’t Fight Biology”: Make Love Not War

  1. I had my eyes on the clock in the last few minutes of the show, being almost sure that the episode will end with the Mer/Der scene and prepared to be disappointed for the lack of C/O scene, especially this episode when they’ve gone house hunting. Luckily I was wrong.

    It was a treat to see Owen so enthusiastic, because we hardly see him like this. Like he was prepared to renovate that place in that moment. Knock-out walls for more light, etc. He was so cute. And the goofy smile on his face (that you caught so well in one of your captions) when he tells the realtor “we’ll think about it”, really made me laugh. He so loved the house, but in no way he would have bought it, if Cristina did not like it. And he loved him more that he tried to find a house that would like – one which was already renovated – or at least have some advantages – near Meredith’s house (proof the he got Derek’s point from last episode).

    I agree with you on the “boyfriend” thing. I too always had the same feeling that they were always more than “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”. When I was reading fanfics in which they were married, felt so right. Husband and wife indeed. And it makes me all kinds of giddy when they are referring to each other as husband and wife.

    I too though at first that the worm patient story parallels Cristina’s love for surgery. It turned out to be about her love for Owen, but I re-watched the scene and I think it’s referring to both. Because investing more in her marriage with Owen she will have the emotional stability and support that she needs to regain her confidence an in herself as surgeon. At least this is how I see it. And I am hoping we will see this in the following episodes.

    Loved the joyful way Cristina says “Welcome home” to Owen. Loved the “I adore you, you are so amazing, I’m so lucky to have you” look on Owen’s face before he kisses her.

    I was nodding my head at all the little details you noticed – like they way the shake their head before kissing, etc. – because I’ve noticed them too. Yay there is at least on person like me!

    And hey, they built the Clinic in 7 days, I am sure it will take much less to renovate the firehouse!!

    Great analysis as usual, it brightens my day reading your blog, which btw, looks absolutely beautiful. Let me guess, the awesome athebeach did it!!

    • Haha, I hope you don’t mind that I combined your 2 comments into 1 for easier replying. 🙂 Muahaha. I have the power!

      I got a huge kick out of Cristina and Owen having the last moment of the episode. It certainly fits the saying, “Save the best for last.”

      Oh my goodness, seeing Owen act like an excited little schoolboy over renovations was hilarious. And seeing how Cristina is the complete opposite makes it even funnier. They are quite polar opposites on this matter, but it’s not that big of a surprise. And it was so sweet how Owen was willing to compromise and find something that would be more in Cristina’s comfort zone: close to her best friend, already remodeled, and so on. On some level, he really doesn’t care where they live so long as they live there together. Awwww….

      I hope we continue to get references of them as husband and wife. I think I need that constant reminder that I’m not dreaming and that Cristina and Owen are really married. The nightmare of season six is over! Hurray!

      That parallel is definitely referring to both loves, but Cristina is only ready for one. How ironic is that? Before, she was so much more ready to move forward in her career versus her love life. Now, it’s a complete 180. The idea of taking the next step in her marriage is far less daunting to her these days. But soon, I hope that she can achieve a balance of both, since neither extreme is completely satisfactory (though I do love that we get more Cristina and Owen scenes together being a couple).

      And woohoo for someone else who clearly has watched these scenes too many times. Lol. I’m also quite impressed that Cristina could pop open the champagne bottle. I can’t get those suckers open.

      Oh gosh, I really do hope the firehouse is finished sooner than later. No more living with Callie and Arizona, whose relationship has really begun to bother me because of the superficiality of it all. Do they seriously have nothing relevant to deal with? Mark stares at my boobs! Wah! It’s Mark. He doesn’t really discriminate.

      And yes, you’re partially right! athebeach did design the header (which I took from one the skins in the Asylum, hehe), but the background is by yunhe over at Livejournal.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting!

  2. Behold the wonders of Diet Coke with 4 hours of sleep

    Original Comment:
    Ditto! 😀 PS. Love the “She’s excited on the inside, I promise” caption

    3 Diet Cokes later….

    Okay, I’ll admit – I’m still not quite up my optimum level of caffeination, but I do have some random observations about what I liked about the episode

    – Cristina called Owen her husband. All together now: “Awwww” Now is it just me or are the writers on a roll with the O/C fan wish list this year? It’s awesome. We’ve got 4 awesome O/C episodes in a row. Don’t worry – I already knocked on wood just in case.

    – Who knew Owen was such a secret lil fixer-upper person? But then, I think any guy would be if they got to live in an firehouse complete with firepole. I loved his expression when he was talking with Cristina trying to get her excited. You could tell he was thinking, “Honey – But there’s a FIREPOLE!” Yep, it was love at first sight for him.

    -It cracks me up that Owen double-checks with Dr. Knox in front of Cristina to make sure that his sister’s house has never been a firehouse. Yeah…there are some things that simply don’t have to be asked twice – whether or not a house has ever been a firehouse isn’t something that someone would forget to mention

    – I still can’t believe that I missed the Cristina anvil, thinking that it was surgery instead of Owen. I mean, “Yay!,” but considering how heavy-handed the anvils were this episode, truth be told I’m a little disappointed in myself. Haha

    -Mer saying that she wouldn’t go to a hospital with their doctor’s on the billboards. Um…if they’re all good looking I would! Heck, if you’re gonna be sick, might as well have a cute doctor.

    -The Space Needle placed in behind their new house. Very nice post-production people. I almost mistook it for LA…almost 😉

    – Finally, that last scene was full of win. That is all. You covered it all in your review. Talk about a way to end an episode! I still have it on re-watch. Hopefully we’ll get another good scene tomorrow (Knocking on wood again)

    Now for your questions:

    1. They’ll move in the next episode. Owen will try and slowly “renovate” the following episode and Cristina will totally take over and decorate it Ty Peddington style in a day. Speaking of which, since Grey’s loves to stunt-cast, how awesome/funny would it be if they had Bill Murray make a cameo as their decorator? There has to be at least one Ghostbuster reference this season, right?

    2. Hmm…I’ll go with Cristina. Either way, we better get to see them do it at least once this season. Otherwise, what’s the point?

    3. As for what worm man’s message means for Cristina and Owen, I’ll have to consult our handy-dandy magic eight ball. But while I do that, I will give you my moral of the day: Don’t stay up till 3 am when you have to go to work the next day. Words to live by- I’m telling’ ya. Haha

    • Haha! Seriously, we need to infuse some actual blood in you. I think your veins are filled with Diet Coke now.

      I need to consult my season 7 wishlist that I concocted over the hiatus and see how many things we’ve crossed off. I didn’t predict a marriage so soon, but I did say engagement. Well, we went beyond that! Seriously, I am loving the writers this season. Love them. Yay! (Though they need to stop making Arizona so irritating. I used to like her.)

      Yeah, I am suspicious of Owen’s excitement for the fireman’s pole. He’s a hot, red-blooded male. You know where his mind is going. I mean, I got there in two seconds. How long do you think it took him to think of it? Of course, there’s also just the juvenile urge to just take one good slide down the pole and say, “Whee!” They mentioned it twice. Someone has to slide down it! They built the set and chose to have them move into a firehouse. There are easier sets to build. (And I’m also imagining someone having a party and sliding down that drunk. Housewarming party!)

      It was quite a pleasant surprise to realize that Cristina’s take-home message inspired her to act on her love for Owen. I think we didn’t see it as easily because it’s not the first choice we expect her to make. Because since the pilot, she’s been all about surgery. And the motivation behind most of her actions has almost always been to further her career. The signs were there with the worm guy’s story. Don’t let go of the thing you love to do. (I guess, in Owen’s case, he’s the person she loves to “do” – haha, get it?) It speaks to how much she loves her husband, but it also speaks to how much she has changed since the trauma.

      I don’t know if I want such gorgeous doctors looking at my innards. That’s not sexy. Lol.

      I really hope we get another great Cristina/Owen scene in the next episode. We’re four for four. I think this is the longest we’ve gone in a row where we’ve been happy. And where I haven’t had to write some POP. It’s awesome sauce.

      Oh my god, someone has to make a Ghostbuster reference. (Or a porno one. Lol. I forgot what it was called, but I am too afraid to look for it.)

  3. I like this Ep, just because Cristina called Owen” husband” and brought the house to welcome Owen home , it means they do matter
    I totally agree your analysis” change isn’t always a bad thing, and she has this opportunity to experience life without her previous, single-minded focus on furthering her career”
    I kinds of accept this new cristina who loves husband more than career

    I hope C/O move in new place soon, see their happy marriage life ;
    I guess Cristina use the firepole first, she need the fun and find out what esle more important than surgery
    expect to have more C/O secene in 7×05

    • Yes, they really do matter. And I love how they are actually showing us just how much they do. I think that was missing from last season because we didn’t get to see them act like a couple all that much, which made me miss their relationship (and its depiction in season five). If season seven continues like this, it may beat season five as my favorite season.

      I don’t mind that Cristina loves her husband more than her career because I think we should definitely put our loved ones above everything. I just hope that she finds her love for surgery again because it’s obvious that she’s a bit lost without it. And like I said, throughout these struggles, she can learn that career isn’t everything. Which is something she hadn’t fully realized before.

      I, too, want to see more of their married life. Isn’t it just amazing to see how stable they are as a couple? I foresee some more passionate, sexy, lighthearted moments between them when Cristina’s doing better. Lingerie scene anyone?

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment! I really appreciate it. 🙂

  4. Finally! I was waiting and waiting, but nooooo, you had to go on a trip. lol
    Anyway, I always learn so much from reading your blog. Fantastic analysis as usual. Just a few minutes of screen time, but so much to talk about. Just like the good old days, right? 🙂 And ITA – “husband” and “wife” suit them, in the way that “soul mates” suit them (although Shonda seems to think differently on that, but that’s ok). I could go on and on, because I LOVE these 2, but about your questions:

    1. Love Trinity’s comment above about building the clinic in 7 days. I also think moving in will be sooner rather than later, if anything, to get away from Arizona and her cruel beige paint lovin ways.

    2. Not sure I’m as interested in who slides down the pole first as who does the first pole dance. LOL I’d pay big $ to see Owen, but SO could make it seriously work (Dancing at the Blue Iguana), right? 🙂 And you know Owen would be…very happy.

    3. Speaking of worms…Favorite caption: I know you’re my “anvil,” but did it really have to involve tapeworms? (seriously). I think it’s been established that Cris has 2 great loves – surgery and Owen. She can’t throw herself in deeper with surgery right now but she can with Owen and that is opening up a whole different world for her. She will get there – to the point where she can throw herself deeper into both work and love. Think we just have to go through some Shondaland ups and downs to get there!

    Shli – you are the best! (and the new look is fantastic btw)

    • No, eternal, you are the best! And I’m sorry, I just had to take a vacation! (Though, my feet and wallet are angry at me for doing so. Whatever. I had a blast!)

      Oh my gosh, it totally is like the old days. I mean, it’s almost like you don’t realize that we aren’t getting as much quantity in regards to scenes, but we are definitely getting enough quality to make up for it. It’s awesome. Ah, the golden age is back!

      Yeah, Cristina and Owen’s firehouse can kick Callie and Arizona’s beige-walled apartment’s butt! And I would pay BIG bucks to see Owen dance, period. Pole or not. And I think if Cristina danced on a pole, we may need to switch networks (i.e. HBO).

      I’m going to bet right now that Cristina is going to begin healing by the second half of the season. Like I said, this season is about rebirth and healing. The message board changed themes to a lighter, sunrise tone. The season’s promotional pictures’ taglines talked about healing – a huge contrast from last season’s where there was a gloomy scenery with dark (funeralesque) umbrellas. Hope is back! And the lightness is back! I love it.

  5. Ooo, new layout! Looks good 😉

    Welcome back from Vegas! So glad to have you back with another great episode analysis.

    GAH! I loved that badass moment Owen had. We need more of those 😛

    Like you, I also thought that the worm story was about Cristina’s fear of surgery at first! But it was also about her relationship with Owen!

    It’s really nice to see Cristina doing the grand gestures this time.
    I love that Cristina sticks out her tongue when pouring the champagne too!! So adorable.

    I do hope they move in quick too!! I want to see them live in their new house right away. More domestic scenes please, writers! 😀

    • Thanks! Thought it was time for a change. 🙂

      Yes, we definitely need more badass moments. colleenbj always complains to me that we don’t see enough of Owen in doctor mode. I am just thrilled to see him onscreen. Lol.

      It really is nice to see Cristina making a grand romantic gesture. But let’s be honest, I’ll take any kind of romantic gestures from these two – big or small.

      Yay for domestic scenes!

      Thanks for commenting!

  6. Welcome back! Thanks for doing this even with your trip.

    Loved your insights…each week I love married C/O even more if it is possible! ❤

    I totally laughed when I saw you included the pic of Owen on top of the gurney with the patient. When I saw that on the show, I had a badass Owen awe moment myself. They haven't shown him in that mode in a while even if it was very brief. 🙂

    I hope C/O move in asap. Heck, it may even be tonight. ITA someone has to slide down that pole at least once. How great would a housewarming party be with everyone…C/O's fire house is very cool and badass!

    This new layout and the pics are lovely too. Hope there is more yummy stuff tonight!

    • Thanks! It was my pleasure! And each week, I also love married Cristina and Owen even more. (It’s totally possible.)

      I think we’ll see more badass doctor mode Owen in the upcoming episodes. But I think the primary focus for him will be about being there for Cristina, and I love that more to be quite honest. It definitely makes up for last season’s inconsistency of characterization, that’s for sure.

      I hope they do have a housewarming party! I love parties. Everyone should take a slide down the fireman’s pole. Lol.

      And thanks! Glad you like the layout. athebeach kindly resized some of the previous pictures/captions because the new format was cutting them off. (She’s a zoom zoomer, that one!)

  7. Seriously. I’m really diggin’ this pole. Oh! The possibilities are endless.
    Whew! Excuse me. I just had to have a moment. Owen Hunt gets my vote for ‘husband of the year’. I mean- the man is still being a badassed surgeon, while, being extra sensitive to his wife. Not to mention, Owen will probably have to do the cooking, and the cleaning around the new place, as well. I’m glad that Cristina decided to hold onto Owen. He’s proving to be a worthy investment. But, of course, we already knew that.

    Although, I am enjoying the really sweet moments between the two of them. I am heartbroken whenever Cristina shies away from entering the OR, or, anything surgical. I can’t wait for her healing to be over with. I miss MY Cristina Yang.

    But- hopefully- with Owen’s love, and the support of her friends. We will see her again.

    • Me, too! Whee! Owen is definitely winning the award for “husband of the year.” It’s a far cry from last season, that’s for sure. And yes, he is quite domestic, lol. He’s like a manly June Cleaver. Hahahahaha.

      It totally breaks my heart seeing Cristina so lost. But I really do think she’s going to get better. What I appreciate is that we still see glimpses of her and her snark every now and then. But I can’t wait for her to get her surgical mojo back. She supposedly “graduated” in the season six finale. I hope she can prove just how brilliant she is in the OR soon.

      Thanks for commenting!

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