Season Six: Triangles, and Mergers, and Teddy! Oh My!

I think that it’s safe to say that this season was a bit of a disappointment for most Cristina and Owen fans.  Season five left us with high hopes as our couple started on their path in the right direction – only to be jerked off-track with the merger and the introduction of Teddy.  I hear it being called “Season Sucks” – a far cry from its original nickname of “Season Sex” (though, you have to admit, we certainly did get quite a bit of that).

I’m not going to lie; I was frustrated right alongside all of you.  (Thus, the missing gap of episodes 19 to 22 from the episode reviews that I may attempt to go back and write.  But for now, I’ll do an overview.)  But having experienced the whole season and having been able to step back and process it for a month after the very explosive season finale, I have begun to see the reasons – albeit unpopular and unnecessary at times – for the choices the writers made in regards to Cristina and Owen’s journey in the most recent season.

Let’s be clear – Cristina and Owen are essentially at the same place in their lives as they were at the end of season five.  Yes, they’re stronger as a couple.  But in the grand scheme of things, they have mostly remained stagnant.  Instead of a major step forward, the season finale featured the two of the ultimately reaffirming their love for one another – a demonstration of the unnecessary aspect I mentioned earlier.  And this was done by putting them through the wringer that was the triangle – the unpopular aspect.

Season six started off with a bang.  Morale was high, and we were still very optimistic about the season and where our couple was headed.  We had our wishlist for season six out, and we eagerly awaited to check them off one by one.  Here’s the thing – most of them did get checked off.  At least mine did.  However, they were bogged down under the heavy blanket of angst that spanned over most of the season.

After the season premiere, I was excited.  Owen and Cristina were off to a great start, especially after having gone to therapy together and becoming a “real” couple.  Don’t get me wrong; I loved the courtship that occurred in season five.  Wholeheartedly.  I’m a sucker for period romances – and that’s putting it mildly.  Jane Eyre, Persuasion, North and South?  Totally eat that type of romance up.  And Cristina and Owen had something similar going on in season five: the longing glances, the slight touches, and the loaded exchanges.  A frustration of a different kind.  (Nineteen episodes.  That’s got to be a record.)  But I was thrilled in the beginning of the season to see progress beyond courtship and into official couple status.  I wanted the small touches, the domestic interactions, and the intimacy that comes with being together and becoming a true pair.  I wanted the line between their professional and personal lives blur a little so that we could see them be a little more affectionate in public – no longer hiding away in their little corner of the world.

And that’s what we got – every now and then.  But we did get them.  They were just a little harder to spot because we were bombarded with some major distractions.

You’re probably wondering, How is she going to rationalize the overall story arc of season six and make it so that it wasn’t a letdown? I can’t.  At least, not to anyone’s satisfaction.  Instead, I want to point out the good we got in season six because of these frustrating storylines, which can be categorized under two major headings: the merger and Teddy.

Let’s begin with the easier one – the merger.

The merger had a higher purpose than to create a situation where Owen remained mostly oblivious and clueless to the depth of Cristina’s pain and frustration over her career situation.  Throughout season five, he did not see her as a surgeon first – he saw her as a woman first.  Cristina was too wrapped up in her friends and Owen to feel the same degree of aimlessness she did in season four (and six) sans cardio mentor – or at least, one that was willing to teach her.  So, it’s no wonder that he didn’t understand why the merger was causing her such anxiety.  That competitive and career-driven aspect of Cristina’s character was mostly hidden from him in season five.  And as Shonda mentioned in the beginning of season six, it was time for Owen to meet that side of Cristina and see how he would respond to it.  What would he do upon seeing the “dark” side of Cristina?  He remained faithful and was not scared off by Cristina’s intensity.  (I mean, if a man can still find you attractive whilst you’re wearing an adult diaper – with the full intention to use it – it’s a sure sign of love.)  Of course, he didn’t agree with her most of the time (i.e. “Invest in Love”), but it didn’t make him love her any less.  And not once did he tell her to change.

The disconnect that was created by the merger showed Owen that he still had much to learn about Cristina.  And he saw just how much of Cristina’s identity is wrapped up in being a surgeon.  It’s a huge contrast from Owen, who sees surgery as a means to save lives.  He excels because he wants to save as many people as he can.  Cristina wants to save lives, too, but she wants to be the best.  She collects renowned cardio surgeons – she puts a lot of stock in names.  Owen doesn’t.  Cristina and Owen are very different, but that’s okay.  And that’s what the merger showed us.  They don’t have to be similar to be a strong couple.  In fact, it’s because they’re so different in so many ways that they are as strong a couple as they are.  It gives the opportunity for them to effect change in each other – and with each other.  Yin and yang.

And the obvious reason behind the merger was for the situation to become so desperate for Cristina that Owen felt the need to call on an old army buddy, who happened to be a cardio surgeon.  Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end at that because it’s Grey’s Anatomy, and nothing is ever that simple.

The introduction of Teddy Altman had a multitude of purposes: it provided a comparable mentor for Cristina, a glimpse into Owen’s past, and a way to stir up trouble for Cristina and Owen.  Once again, let’s start off with the easier stuff.

The only reason Owen called up Teddy was because of Cristina.  And that’s important to keep in mind, especially after the events that followed because of this decision.  Owen did it with the best of intentions.  But as Kevin McKidd has said, it wasn’t the smartest move to bring in someone with whom there was past romantic baggage.  However, Teddy turned out to be exactly the type of mentor Cristina needed.  I don’t think we’ve ever seen Cristina so enamored with a cardio mentor (excepting Burke, but that was more for him rather than his teachings).  Unfortunately, this little gift from Owen came with some major strings attached.

Because Teddy shared a history with Owen, we were able to get more backstory on who Owen was before he first set foot in Seattle Grace.  Though, I have to say, that Teddy didn’t offer much that we didn’t already know or hadn’t already guessed.  Owen was a standup guy, who brought in a snow machine during Christmas to cheer up his platoon.  And most importantly, we got an Owen-centric episode because of Teddy inadvertently triggering him.

Finally, we get to the heart of the matter – the triangle.  This plot device has been quite polarizing – and the primary cause for Cristina and Owen fans losing faith.  The triangle had two major phases, shifting from Cristina to Owen: first, Cristina had to choose between Teddy and Owen (career versus love); then, Owen had to choose between Teddy and Cristina (past versus present/future).  I’ve oversimplified the parallels, but you get the basic picture.

The first manifestation of the triangle was more easily tolerated than the second.  When the deciding power rested in Cristina, it truly was not your “typical triangle.”  It was less about romance and more about one of the biggest dilemmas Cristina has always faced.  With Burke and Marlow, she was able to sidestep this quandary because they represented both worlds.  Being with these men furthered both her personal and her professional life, so there was not much of a conflict.  Picking career was essentially the same as picking love.  However, in the situation with Teddy and Owen, she was forced to choose one over the other.  And at first, Cristina instinctively went with what she always did – career first.  (Though, I must point out that Jackson had it right in that she should be able to have both.)  “Then take him,” she says to Teddy when the latter confesses she wants Owen in exchange for remaining and teaching Cristina.  She uttered it without thinking first and later struggled with having said it.

It’s unfortunate that women are looked down upon a bit when they opt to further their career over starting a family, but we still live in a rather biased and sexist society – less so than before, but the gender-specific roles have been ingrained into our brains.  So, when Cristina runs to tell Teddy that she picks her, it makes Cristina come off as a bit cold.  And she’s not a cold person, regardless of the “robot” cracks that are made about her.  How could she so easily just toss Owen aside?  Well, because I don’t think Cristina’s fully thought it out at that point.  Like I said, this was the first time where career and love were so distinctly separate.  She’d only processed her decision to the point where it meant she could use her gift and become a great surgeon.  The second half of the equation – the part that meant that she’d have to give up Owen as her partner – hadn’t set in yet.

Only when Owen confronted her, telling her that people matter – that they matter, did Cristina begin to process what losing Owen truly meant.  Owen, who loved her so much that he refused to be tossed aside so easily.  Who beat the Grey’s Anatomy curse of lashing out or running away when one’s ego is hurt.  Owen put aside the hurt for the sake of their relationship.  That’s such a rare show of maturity in this show.

Wasn’t that a powerful and emotional scene?  It certainly was.  But it wouldn’t have come into fruition had Teddy not been in the picture to create that dilemma for Cristina.  And neither would the events of “State of Love and Trust” – an episode that none of us are going to be forgetting any time soon.  Not only were there copious amounts of hot, hot sex, but we finally got the Burke talk – and this little treasure: “I love you more than I loved Burke.”  Wow.  My jaw dropped.  Never in a million years did I think the writers would put that on the table.  But they did.

By making Teddy the “common enemy,” the triangle allowed for Cristina and Owen to become more of a team.  They clung tighter to each other – and because of that, we got some great scenes of them being a couple.  Like in “Valentine’s Day Massacre” when Cristina and Owen were heading home together at the end.  They faced Teddy as a united front – with Owen refusing to let Cristina leave when she offered – in a stance that proclaimed loud and clear that they were a couple.  How great was that?

Then, things shifted, and it became more like your typical romantic triangle.  However, I feel like it was beyond the simple scenario where a man is torn between two women he loves.  Because Owen’s made it obvious time and again that he is in love with Cristina.  And there’s a huge difference between loving someone and being in love with them.  Never once did Owen say that he loved Teddy – present or past.  He had feelings, he was confused – but he never mentioned love.  Other people did: Teddy, Meredith, Cristina – they talked about Owen loving Teddy, but Owen himself never did.

I still remain firm on the idea that Owen’s confusion in regards to his feelings for Teddy stem from his PTSD and still being unable to come to terms with his past.  He said as much in “Shiny Happy People” during the scene in the stairwell: Teddy brings up memories of mutilated bodies, Beth – his past before and during the war.  It’s a mixture of the time during his trauma and before he was “damaged” by the war – a mixture of both good and bad.  Owen didn’t always have this burden weighing heavily on him, and I think he misses those times.  I think he misses the man he was before he began developing PTSD, before he could be set off with something as innocuous as a ceiling fan.  He feels so much guilt when it comes to Cristina – for being a burden to her, for having caused her pain.  No wonder he doesn’t always know what he’s feeling.  But through it all, he’s always been clear that he was in love with Cristina.

So, in “Hook, Line and Sinner” during the elevator scene with Teddy and Owen, the intention was to hint at this confusion of feelings (in addition to pissing off Cristina and Owen fans and putting in something reactive for sweeps season – the counterpart to the Jackson and Cristina kiss for November sweeps).  Honestly, things would be easier for Owen if he were with Teddy.  They both come from a military background, they’ve got similar characteristics and beliefs, and they served in Iraq together.  More importantly, there is no sense of guilt or feeling that he’s not deserving of her love.  I think that Owen still finds it hard to grasp that Cristina could love him even after he’d nearly choked her to death and put her through that hell.  And he loves her so much.  The last thing he wants to do is hurt her, but he did.  See?  The easier choice would be Teddy.  And I believe it’s this temptation to take the easier route that beckons to him in the elevator and causes him to have these “feelings” for Teddy.  And it’s the sense of guilt and unworthiness – and his always wanting what’s best for Cristina – that keeps him from answering Cristina’s simple question: “Do you love her or do you love me?”

But then, he’s snapped back to reality in the season finale, and he can no longer afford to be indecisive.  And in that moment, all his emotional baggage is irrelevant.  All that stuff can be worked out with time.  He can learn to forgive himself as Cristina has already done – and accept it.  The most important thing is that he loves Cristina – and only Cristina.  Because none of that matters if Cristina is dead.  Shonda was right about one thing: by having this life and death situation, it allowed for the angst to go away – and put things into perspective.

So for Owen, that was Teddy’s role in the latter part of the triangle’s progression, being a culmination of the remaining obstacles in his PTSD treatment so that he could let them go in one fell swoop by choosing Cristina.  I’m not saying that he’s PTSD free now, but I think that he’s pushed past this “PTSD wall.”

Teddy helped Cristina and Owen overcome a lot of internal and emotional hurdles within themselves and within their relationship.  And unfortunately, the writers felt that the only way for that to be accomplished was by having these frustrating storylines.  Though, I don’t see how it could’ve been done without Cristina and Owen facing some sort of adversity.  And since it’s Grey’s Anatomy, we’re always going to be taken down the most difficult path because of the soap opera nature of the show.  We just have to prepare for the hard knocks.  Though hopefully, season seven won’t be as brutal.  In fact, let’s end this season six wrap-up with something hopeful.

Here are the things I hope to see for Owen and Cristina in season seven (in no particular order with little expectation of most of these occurring):

1.   Moving into their own place together.

2.   Having a serious, uninterrupted discussion as to what their future together looks like (e.g. marriage, kids).

3.   Getting the chance to see more domestic moments between Owen and Cristina (e.g. lying in bed together, coming into work, having a meal together).

4.   An actual date.

5.   Some grand, romantic gesture.

6.   Spending time with Owen’s mother.

7.   Dancing it out.

8.   Being silly or lighthearted.

9.   Owen meeting Cristina’s mother.

10. More of them working together.

11. Some major step forward in their relationship that goes beyond simply moving into their own place together.

12. Less angst, more happiness.

13. A hug of joy rather than sadness or comfort.

14. Hanging out with Derek and Meredith.

Here’s hoping for a happier season seven!  Only 14 weeks away…


11 responses to “Season Six: Triangles, and Mergers, and Teddy! Oh My!

  1. Deae Shli;

    It’s a happy moment to have a coffee and read your new article on Sunday morning
    How I can say, the all of plots in this wish list I expect to see

    1.Moving into their own place together.–> It’s funny to see how 2 live together, you know Cris doesn’t cook, no time to clean……

    2. Having a serious, uninterrupted discussion as to what their future together looks like (e.g. marriage, kids).–>highly expect to see Owen propose Cristina before the end of S7

    4. An actual date.–> yes, we know Christina doesn’t care her birthday day, but Owen does(S6e8), it’s nice to see if Cristina can be doing something special on Owen’s birthday day

    6. Spending time with Owen’s mother.–> I think Owen’s mother is a traditional Mon ( she and Beth seemed doing well when Owen’s not home ) , it’s interesting to see what she likes Cristina

    9. Owen meeting Cristina’s mother.–> I like Cristina & her Mon interaction in S2, so so funny ( compare with Callie & baily’s dad , 2’re too bored, but Derk & Liz’s mon are good)

    12. Less angst, more happiness.–>Shondacan’t give up the angst story line in O/C ship, always ups and downs, if she won’t put more happiness in the beginning of S7, Grey’s viewers will keep dropping down

    14. Hanging out with Derek and Meredith.-> that’ll be great, after S6 final, I feel the love of Mer/Cri is out of line to believe, I rather than see more MD/OC double dates, play baseball or Derek/Owen/Mark talk about how to deal with their love life

    • Thanks, owchforever!

      I love domestic scenes with Owen and Cristina, and I figure if they’re living together on their own, we could get more of it. I envy the Meredith and Derek fans because their couple gets all those cute bed scenes together, where they’re just lying there talking. I want some of that.

      I really do hope that these two get engaged in season seven to make up for the overall lack of movement in their relationship. Or something equivalent to an engagement (since this is Grey’s Anatomy after all, and they like to be a bit quirky).

      I really loved the idea of Owen trying to get Cristina in the stereotypical romantic mood on Valentine’s Day in “Valentine’s Day Massacre.” It’s like when he took her to the baseball field. She ended up loving it, but she wouldn’t have known that if he’d given her a little encouragement.

      I think it’d be funny if the mothers met. They are pretty different. I would pay serious money to watch Cristina and Owen together at dinner with their mothers. That would be a hoot and a half!

      My hope is that Cristina and Owen’s relationship won’t be the main bearer of angst next season. Meredith and Derek got away with very little personal drama this season, and I wish the same for Cristina and Owen in the next season. Let them be the stable ones, and let the shenanigans occur between Mark and Lexie or Callie or Arizona. In both of these relationships, there is some significant amount of growing up that needs to occur.

      I think it’d be funny if there was some sort of competition between the boys and the girls. I know it’s juvenile, but it recalls the old school Grey’s Anatomy for me. Like the hot dog eating contest. Hilarious.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. You know, since the season ended, I too have been trying to figure out this complicated construct of a triangle, trying to see what the writers had intended to protray, to figure out what made it so “atypical’.

    The best I could come up with was that each of the three people involved wanted a relationship with each of the three people involved.

    Ok, so let’s see: Cristina is in love with Owen and loves/needs Teddy as her cardio teacher. Teddy is in love with Owen and loves having Cristina as a student. Owen is in love with Cristina and still has some strong residual feelings for Teddy, whatever those are.

    Apparently, neither one of them is willing to give up any one of these connections. We certainly see each of them trying: Owen letting go of Teddy by snubbing her but she-with-the bambi/cottages is having none of it; Cristina attempting to give Owen up (for the sake of his happiness in Holidaze and for surgery in episode 11) but he’s having none of it and Teddy trying to leave SGH when she realizes she can’t have Owen but Cristina’s having none of it.

    On paper, in the writers’ room, I’m sure the triangle pitch as plot device to tease out the inner workings of the Cristina-Owen pairing worked really well and promised some good television.

    But here is what I think made it eventually fail to make the viewers “torn” up over it.

    1. What exactly are these feelings that Owen has/had for Teddy? The writers were never clear about that.

    Is it sexual love, sibling love, soulmate love, nostalgia for the person he was in Iraq, what? Why do these lingering feelings Owen has for Teddy mean that he is confused about what he wants, so much so that he now has a choice to make between Cristina and Teddy as seen in Sanctuary?

    If he feels like he must choose, then these feelings he has for Teddy are either sexual love or soulmate love… like he must be in love somehow with Teddy in order for him to feel like he has to choose her or Cristina. Otherwise, if he is truly in love with Cristina only, then there was no choice to be made in the first place and the whole triangle should have been written differently.

    But maybe like you say, Owen is still very attached to the person he was before all the events that led to his PTSD and Teddy is his only remaining connection to that part of him. He therefore desperately wants to maintain that connection because he believes it will ultimately help him return to being the “before Owen”, a guy he’s convinced is far more deserving of Cristina’s love than the guy that he is right now – a guy who still has the potential to seriously harm Cristina when his PTSD is triggered. Maybe he believes that if he severs his connection with Teddy, he will never be able to get back to the before Owen which in his mind is equivalent to healing from the PTSD and thus being worthy of Cristina’s love.

    But see that’s very complicated and it was never articulated that way at all. At least not clearly. It’s only die-hard Cris/Owen fans like you and I and many others who will try to make sense of it all in this way. Not to a regular TV viewer.

    2. Also it was never clear which direction this triangle was going to take this season. In New History, Teddy is in love with Owen and Owen is taken aback by her revelations. It was all in her mind and she’s going to let it go. In Holidaze, Owen apparently did have the same feelings for Teddy but chooses Cristina. In Perfect Little Accident, Teddy, who should be moving on, continues to make eyes at Owen. In Hoildaze, Cristina believes Owen when he says he’s with her, not out of obligation, but because he really, truly loves her. From that point on, she remains blissfully unaware that Owen is still contemplating being with Teddy until Shiny Happy People when Meredith clues her in. And Owen continues to flip-flop between the two women until the end of the season. Fine, he flips in Cristina’s direction for most of the season, but at crunch time (Sanctuary), he fails to answer her simple and direct question.

    And btw, how was the elevator scene between Owen and Teddy in “hook, line and sinner” supposed to advance the triangle storyline? Because all I saw was Owen and Teddy almost kiss, so there’s definitely a physical attraction there. This bond that they share is therefore not just “platoonic”.

    It was this inconsistency and lack of focus, all season long, that frustrated me. It seemed to me that this triangle was going one direction in one episode, an opposite direction the next episode and back again in the following episode. It’s no wonder Owen is confused; I was (still am) confused!

    But I do appreciate now (after weeks of thinking about it which is a problem right there) what the writers were trying to achieve with this triangle. The execution of it was not perfect in some episodes and downright wrong in others but I think I get it now.

    I also get the sense that there were re-writes in an attempt to fix what had already been shot or to re-direct the triangle in a certain direction from episode to episode and it did not come off as seamlessly as they’d hoped. Maybe there was pressure from the ABC execs or the actors themselves to fix the triangle storyline so it could make more sense but in the end it was still disjointed. Also let’s not forget that they had to drive the storyline into Shonda’s pre-conceived finale.

    I’m curious to see how season 7 will proceed from this point. I expect to see the doctors outside the hospital more given that the shooting “desecrated the hospital” and made it a crime scene. I guess we’ll see in September.

    Great review btw. Gosh, my comment is way too long – hope you don’t mind 🙂

    • Oh, Taylor, you know me. I love it when I get long comments. 🙂

      You are so right in that we never got a clear explanation of what Owen’s feelings for Teddy were. Why? Because the whole thing was pretty much a mess due to the fact that it didn’t seem like the writers knew exactly where to take it. For me, I thought Owen was always on the side of Cristina and resisting whatever pull he felt for Teddy. But then there was that blip in the elevator where he was comforting her, and they nearly kissed. You called it perfectly in saying that the root of the frustration is the inconsistency.

      I think it’s safe to say that what Owen feels for Teddy is not the “soul mate” kind of love. If it were, there would be nothing to stop him from being with her. And he would have told Cristina straight up in “Holidaze” that he wanted to be with Teddy. But he didn’t. He admitted to Teddy that he had feelings in the past but made it clear that he was in love with Cristina. And at this point, we were logically thinking that Teddy would back off — but she didn’t. In fact, she tried harder — except this time, she went through Cristina.

      And then there was that other blip in “Sanctuary,” as you pointed out, when he didn’t answer her question. That was complete crap, in my opinion. It was meant to make his later choice of Cristina more dramatic and more “Look! Owen loves Cristina! He picks Cristina! He is running back into the hospital for Cristina!” But it was unnecessary. And though Owen is not always one for words, he does talk when it’s important. This was important.

      Owen’s feelings for Teddy have yet to be defined. I’m guessing that it will be wrapped up in the first episode or two of season seven — as that is what usually happens (previous season’s storyline being wrapped up in the season premiere of the next season). And only the most faithful of fans are willing to be patient enough to get that explanation — or even attempt to find reason for frustrating turns in their couple’s relationship.

      Owen’s feelings for Teddy are not purely platonic in that he did have feelings for her at some point. And I guess that residual attraction will always be there in the background. There’s a history there, but Owen proved in the season finale that he is going to live in the present. And it seems Teddy will be making the same choice. I think it’s healthier to acknowledge the past and move forward from it instead of Owen’s previous approach of trying to deny it — and perhaps that is what caused those minor blips. Because repressing emotions can come back and bite you in the ass later when the lid you placed on them shoots off, and you’re left with all these emotions that you haven’t learned how to cope with yet. Paging Dr. Wyatt, Owen still needs some therapy.

      Great insights, Taylor! Thanks again for commenting!

  3. Dear Sherrie,

    As always you nailed it. After taking some time and trying to gain a perspective of the whole season, I have come to the same conclusion as you did.

    In my opinion, I think the writers had a clear vision of the triangle storyline till Teddy said the she wants to “unring the bell”. Until that moment it all had some logic. Cristina being torn between career and love, finally realizing that it is possible to have both and Teddy finally letting go. Though I must say that the whole “I want Owen” seemed to me beyond pathetic. I mean we are talking about a woman in her mid 30s, who was in the military and supposedly having a strong background, who now wants her student’s boyfriend as a condition for her to stay and continue teaching. In my eyes it’s just not credible. But for the sake of what happened next I am willing to let it go. Because we did get 2 very good episode for Owen and Cristina.
    But after the episode 6.14 I think they simply did not know how to continue the triangle story – and they had to continue it because Shonda already knew how the season would end – so they switched it into a more or less classic romantic triangle. Teddy still hasn’t let go and now suddenly they make Owen as though he might still have some feelings for Teddy. Which to me is not believable because KMK did not play his role that way. All I have seen is man very much in love with Cristina, who’s PTSD is now triggered again and Teddy’s presence is confusing him. And part of him misses that carefree man that was before the PTSD, because he feels that that guy would be worthy of Cristina’s love.
    I agree with you that he feels guilty for hurting Cristina and he feels that he doesn’t deserve her. Hence the question, confusion that maybe it’s better for her to let her go, in order not to make her suffer. He loves her that much that he starts to question whether is better for Cristina to let her go. And not to burden her with his problems. He still feels he is not worthy of her. And that Teddy is the easy way. Not because he loves her, but because he knows Teddy loves him and as you said they have the common background and he wound not feel that guilt all the time. But as we know, Owen does not choose the easy way, he chooses the heart way and most of the time that is the hard way. So in that moment, in the SF when it’s about a life and death situation, he was able to see all more clearly, all angst aside. Nothing would make any sense for him if Cristina was dead.
    He had so many opportunities to choose Teddy and yet he didn’t. Even after Cristina broke-up with him he didn’t chose Teddy.

    Now after some time after the SF, I mostly understand what they were trying to do, it is just that the writing was very inconsistent, changing the flow of the story from episode to episode and dragging too much because in the end he had to make that choice. Which in my eyes still wasn’t a choice. It was always Cristina.

    • I was very “wordy” again. Oups! Sorry!

    • Trinity, I completely agree that a lot of the frustration came after Teddy “[unrang] the bell” — because she didn’t completely and all of a sudden Owen was “ringing the bell.” (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) But it seemed like, out of nowhere, Owen wasn’t choosing only Cristina anymore, which didn’t gel with his previous actions.

      I think the writers overestimated how long they could drag out the triangle until the season finale because it had to still be there in the finale for this idea of “choice” to work. As you said, the triangle followed reason till it shifted to be Owen choosing between two women. That’s when we, the Cristina and Owen fans, stopped tolerating it so well (if at all).

      But I must say that if our couple had to go through some type of love triangle as almost every other couple on this show has at some point (excepting Burke and Cristina, but that was probably due to Burke’s early exit), we got off pretty easy. Doesn’t seem like it, but we did. Sure, Cristina and Owen did break up, but it’s pretty obvious that they’re essentially back together at the end. So, that makes all of two episode lengths or several hours in Grey’s Anatomy time. And last time, it was only a few episodes, but they didn’t even really act like they were broken up after two episodes. Owen and Teddy never went beyond foreheads touching or being in very close proximity together. (Which is almost unheard of on this show where the on-call room is almost always occupied.) I mean, let’s compare them to Mark and Lexie’s relationship. Lexie slept with Alex, and Mark slept with the entire female population (okay, I exaggerate). But that’s the standard that they’ve set on this show. Cristina and Owen represent the opposite end of that spectrum. So, I will say again, things could have been a lot worse for us. And I think the reason it didn’t happen is because the writers actually do care about Cristina and Owen — Shonda does love them. And more importantly, Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh loves this relationship, and we know they’re fighting for them.

  4. earth2eternity

    Shonda MUST read this post of yours to get a little idea of what CO fans think after watching season 6.
    Also, she has to get a glimpse of what we are anticipating and wanting for our favourite couple in season 7!

    I agree with everything on your S7 wishlist!

    More domestic scenes indeed ❤ I'd like to see Meredith interrupting their sleep (like how Cristina interrupted Derek and Meredith's sleep in "These Ties That Bind") 😛 That would be fun to watch!

    It'd be so cool for Mrs. Rubenstein to pay a visit to Cristina and finding out that her daughter has a new man in her life.
    After reading your wishlist I just realized, they never went on an actual date together! Well, there was the double date in "Valentine's Day Massacre" which didn't work out in the end… but this is unbelievable, seeing how far they've come and yet, they have not went on an official date yet (not any that we know of). Not that I don't like seeing them work together (in fact, I love some of their serious working scenes), but I would like to see more Owen & Cristina OUTSIDE the hospital for once. As what Owen said in "Valentine's Day Massacre", there's more to life than the hospital!

    LOL I totally ROFL-ed when I read, "dancing it out" in your list. ROFL-ed in a good way of course. I cannot imagine badass hardcore trauma surgeon Owen Hunt dancing. I would definitely love to though 😉

    Less angst, more happiness is absolutely right. We've seen enough angst in Season 6.

    I am praying and crossing my fingers that most of those things in your wishlist get crossed off 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for this. I became a Grey’s Anatomy fan through watching Season 4 reruns. I loved Meredith’s voice overs and the lively, cast of character. The performances were believeable and the medical storylines were very, interesting, at times. The musical soundtracks made me feel the emotions behind each story. Needless, to say, I was on board for Season 5.

    But- Owen Hunt’s arrival and his, subsequent, return to Seattle Grace- had me ‘hook, line, and sinker’. I fell in love with Owen and Cristina as they fell in love with each other. I have some great memories of moments between the two of them from that ‘magical’ season- for the entire cast, as well. I was elated for Owen and Cristina as they looked toward the future.

    I did not expect it to be such a nightmare, though. What happened to all of the good vibes we were left with ( except for George and Izzie.) I hated the merger deal, and the triangle mess with Teddy. There was never any doubt in my mind- or Owen’- as to who he was ‘in love’ with. Teddy just muddied the waters. Still- I couldn’t bring myself to hate her. She wasn’t a bitch, at all, and she did teach Cristina, a lot. In- other words- she kept her hands off of Owen.

    I am forced to agree with you, though. Owen needed to see Cristina’s ‘dark and twisty’ side and his reaction to it was a pivotal moment for the couple. Cristina needed to be forced to choose between love and career. When she told Teddy “Fine! Done! Take him!” I didn’t believe her. They had gone through too much for her to toss Owen, aside.

    Finally, Owen’ PTSD has been working overtime. I’m ready for a Season 7 full of happy times for my couple. They are definitely due. Thanks again.

    • Thank you so much for reading! And yes, Owen Hunt certainly caught my attention, too! I was a casual viewer before season 5 – I even missed the first few episodes and didn’t even realize it. But when I finally got around to watching and saw the chemistry between Cristina and Owen, oh boy was I hooked.

      Yes, last season was a bit of a nightmare, needless to say. But the good news is that we made ourselves very loud and clear just how disappointed we were. And I honestly believe that the writers have listened – to us, the fans, and the media who shared our frustrations with the tainting of the Cristina and Owen relationship. And from the buzz that I’ve been hearing about the upcoming season, I think we’re in for a treat. So, here’s to happier times for our couple. Like you said, they definitely deserve some reprieve from all this angst. I’m not expecting them to be totally angst-free since that doesn’t exist in the world of Grey’s Anatomy, but I do hope that the magic that was season five comes back and reinvigorates the fanbase. We, too, deserve some happiness.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting!

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