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“Sanctuary”/Love, Not “Death and All [Her] Friends”

The epic love story of Cristina and Owen. (Credit for screencaps used goes to freakyx@livejournal. Credit for textures used goes to yunhe@livejournal.)

Oh.  My.  God.  Before I jump into this episode review, can I just say that this episode blew my mind?  Not only were the Cristina and Owen scenes epic, but the whole two hours had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.  I think I’m still having heart palpitations over this episode, and it’s been a couple days.

I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up with the reviews.  It was a combination of real life getting in the way and not much (positive) Cristina and Owen scenes for me to make into a full blog post.  But I will start with the season finale and work my way back because this season finale is totally worth a blog post.  An epically long blog post because I’m going to end with my wish list for season seven, and I’m a greedy little coconut who wants a lot for our favorite couple.  Also, I’m going to take a look back on this season as a whole and try to see if I can reason out why certain choices were made (like that cursed triangle).

Note: Okay, so I got to writing the episode analysis, and it’s already getting way too long.  I’m going to put my season seven wishlist and overall look on the season as a whole in a separate blog post as to not overwhelm the system – and all you readers.

Let’s start off with a bang.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

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