“Suicide is Painless” but Life is Not

Cristina and Owen in "Suicide is Painless." (Credit for screencaps used goes to freaky_x.)

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a very real disorder, and many war veterans have to live with it for the rest of their lives when they return home from war – no longer the same people that their families first sent off overseas.  And I really admire Grey’s Anatomy for not just touching upon this topic then dropping it – especially since it’s not the usual storyline that we find in this show.  For the first time that I can recall, this show is being recognized for portraying a story that holds social relevance.  I applaud them for that.  As we fans know, Grey’s Anatomy has a reputation for being a primetime soap opera.

Now, being in the field of psychology that I am, I get real sensitive when people talk about mental disorders.  So, when I read comments on other blogs or columns about how they find this whole storyline boring or make comments about how “Teddy and Owen should be PTSD together,” I see red.  So, I’m calling these people out.  I don’t care if you don’t like Owen’s character or the Cristina and Owen relationship, but to treat this topic matter with anything less than respect is disgusting.  Yes, Owen is a fictional character, but he’s representing a very real situation that exists for many people.  Are we so far removed or desensitized that we can’t recognize this?  I certainly hope not.

This episode was far from boring.  Boring is listening to a professor drone on and on about how a desk is somehow related to cultural anthropology in monotonous, heavily accented English that you can’t understand for two hours, three times a week.  (Can you tell I sat through that?)  No, this episode was powerful and moving – and if you didn’t feel even the tiniest of twinges, I think it’s time to go to the Wizard, Tin Man.

Unlike my usual reviews, I’m not going to follow the chronological order of scenes in this episode because of all the flashbacks.  It’d get just too confusing.  So, I’m going to ramble and hope that you guys will be able to follow my (questionable) logic.  Here we go…

The purpose of Owen’s flashbacks was twofold: 1) to juxtapose the person he was back then with the person he is now, and 2) to show the origin of his traumatic stress.  As the writers, Tony Phelan and Joan Rater, mention in the podcast, the reason behind the soccer scene was to show how carefree Owen was.  And also, it was a way to show the type of relationship Owen and Teddy had: they were close, they were affectionate, and they were a team.  There’s no mention about their romantic feelings.  It seems the writers, or at least Tony and Joan, are no longer trying to push the idea onto the fans any longer, which I know is a relief to a lot of Cristina and Owen fans.  And though some would like to forget that these two ever had any kind of relationship, it existed.  In my opinion, it was important for us to see it because it’s this relationship that Owen and Teddy are referring when they spoke about “unring[ing] the bell.”

At the time, I thought that Teddy’s comment in “Valentine’s Day Massacre” was about the fact that she had professed her love for Owen and wreaked all this havoc in his and Cristina’s life.  That’s still true.  But given this new information, it is clear that it is this bond between Owen and Teddy – not the romantic feelings per se, but the camaraderie – that Owen knows they can never go back to.  Why?  Because he is no longer that person anymore.  He said it once to Cristina in “Before and After” how that man is gone.  And until Cristina, he felt like a “ghost” where everyone else was just looking through him.  She is the reason he has any semblance to the carefree, mostly unscarred man we saw in the flashback.  And while the writers talk about how there are some things only Teddy could understand about Owen, the other side is just as true: there are some things only Cristina can understand about Owen.  And we saw that in this episode.  In addition, their remark may have also been in reference to the fact that [Spoiler Alert!] in the next episode, there is incoming trauma that supposedly shocks the other doctors because they aren’t used to this type of trauma as Teddy and Owen are, having been in a warzone (paraphrased from Kevin McKidd’s radio interview).

Carefree times. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Throughout the flashbacks, we see that Owen cares about Teddy.  He offers to ride in the helicopter since he knows she’s afraid of them and gently asks if she’s sure she wants to do so.  I’m fine with that.  In fact, I’m glad for it because it shows the type of person Owen is.  He’s always been the advocate of respecting patients and being considerate to others, not one to get caught up in the rush of competition (unless pushed by a certain girlfriend) or lose sight of his priorities as a surgeon (which is saving lives).  That’s who Owen was and is.  I admire that.

The flashbacks introduced us to Dan (perfectly played by Richard T. Jones), obviously someone whom Owen also cared about and had a great friendship with.  And unfortunately, Owen was put in a situation where he had to partake in assisted suicide, letting him die.  No wonder Teddy’s case triggered these haunting memories of the war.  No wonder he was so adamant about finding some alternative to Kim’s decision.  For him, this wasn’t about Kim, this was about him and Dan.

Operating by the seat of his pants. The "badass army surgeon" in full prime. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

It is interesting to note that Dan made two separate remarks about something more going on between Owen and Teddy.  For me, it was put in there as a way to demonstrate how any romantic relationship between Owen and Teddy is no longer possible.  As Dan lies there dying, he urges Owen to propose to Teddy.  To which, Owen replies that he is engaged to Beth.  Death tends to bring out honesty, and it intrigues me that the writers didn’t choose this moment to have Owen give some sign that he wanted to act on his feelings for Teddy in any manner.  I mean, it was said along with Dan’s dying wish – to have his wedding ring returned to Lisa, his wife – and makes it have all the more meaning.  Yet, as we know, Owen never sought out Teddy – even after he’d broken up with Beth.

In my opinion, it is this traumatic event that led him to send that two-line email ending their engagement.  When fans learned about that, many people called it callous and argued that Owen hadn’t been traumatized by that point so his mental state couldn’t be used as a reason (or excuse).  Honestly, I believe war itself can be traumatic enough; but this episode shows that Owen’s PTSD had been festering long before the RPG (rocket propelled grenade) ambush.  (This carnage was caused by an IED – improvised explosive device, so it is for certain not the ambush that got Owen honorably discharged.  Also, Owen had remarked in season five that his whole platoon had perished; and Teddy is still alive, so once again, the two events are not the same.)

We don’t know exactly why Owen continued to remain faithful to Beth and their engagement even with these feelings for Teddy.  I think it stemmed out of loyalty to Beth and not really knowing how “real” his feelings for Teddy were, whether they would continue to exist back in the civilian world.  Whatever the reasons, he never acted on it.  Which is odd, since we’ve known Owen to be a man of action (and not really a man of words).  Just think back to when he and Cristina first met (ah, good memories), he certainly made a move then.  Oh boy, what a move.  That was certainly the moment that the Coconuts started being born.

But the reason I’m bringing up the fact that Dan told Owen that he should propose to Teddy is because it’s another instance where this message of proposing or marriage is being directed at either Owen and/or Cristina in some way.  Granted, he’s telling Owen to propose to Teddy; but Owen isn’t with Teddy now – and he’s not engaged to Beth.  Not only that, but Owen did semi-propose (without actually asking the question) back in “An Honest Mistake” when he told Cristina that he wanted to be around in 40 years.  Even Kevin McKidd himself has spoke about proposals and this couple, saying he’d certainly like to see how “an army medic” would propose (in his interview clip with People magazine).  Am I just being ultra-sensitive and wearing rose-colored glasses?  Maybe.  But it’s certainly a lovely thought in my mind.

"Sorry, Dan, blondes are not going to be my type anymore. I like fiery, petite Asian surgeons who have a dark sense of humor and torture me with black lingerie." (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

So, Owen is no longer the person he was before that moment.  And this has everything to do with the fact that this event marked the beginning of Owen’s traumatic stress.  I’m not calling it PTSD yet because I don’t think he met full criteria for it at this stage – that came later, during the RPG ambush.  However, I could definitely see Owen starting to withdraw at this point, to sever ties with those close to him.  Thus the divide between him and Teddy, where they drifted apart to the point where she had no idea as to what was going on with him when he called to ask her join the Seattle Grace hospital staff.  Now, I know that you’re probably thinking: How does this fit in with Owen in the season five premiere?  He certainly seemed open to making a connection then.  Well, I think we can chalk up this mismatch to the fact that Grey’s Anatomy is notoriously bad at keeping a coherent timeline.

If we base off of Owen’s mental state alone, one could argue that Owen had met Cristina before this stint in Iraq where Dan died, since he was very much carefree and impulsive in that episode.  However, we know that it was supposed to be Owen’s latest tour that caused him to be discharged.  Now, the IED event and RPG ambush are not in the same time period, so it doesn’t really work if Owen met Cristina prior to the tour we saw in the flashbacks.  So, what’s the conclusion?  Don’t think too hard about it because it’s only going to give you a headache.  Rather, do as Owen once taught Cristina: look at what’s in front of you – the present.  And in the present, we see that Cristina and Owen are in love – and that is all that matters.

For Teddy and Owen, I honestly believe it’s too late.  If there ever was a window of opportunity, they’ve missed it.  Not only because Owen’s moved on with Cristina but because it was made very clear in this episode that Owen is no longer the person that Teddy fell for in Iraq.  He’s got all this baggage now that she is completely oblivious to.  Furthermore, Owen’s going to always have all these negative associations with Teddy.  If you recall, it was Cristina’s ceiling fan that triggered Owen’s night terror because it reminded him of helicopters.  And lo and behold, what is the first thing Owen sees after he’s just let Dan die?  Teddy smiling at him from a helicopter.  See the connection?  As Angela pointed out, you can really argue that Teddy is Owen’s most recent trigger since we’re led to believe that Owen’s been having these sleepless nights lately (knowing just when to slip back into bed so that he can hit the alarm and pretend he just woke up as well) – a sign that something is wrong.

Too little, too late. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

During that scene, the chorus of the background music goes like this: “Abandon ship before it’s too late.  Or all this love I’ve got will turn into hate.  You’re not so very far away but I feel more distance with each passing day….  I am alone.”  Now, I’m not going to label what Owen felt for Teddy “love” because I think it’s debatable, but you see the message.  Whatever feelings he had for Teddy, they are no longer there.  And though he may not hate her – I don’t think he does – he hasn’t been the happiest with her lately, what with the interference in his relationship with Cristina and the implied havoc she’s been causing on his mental state.

The song plays through the last scene with Cristina and Owen as well.  Now, before you get alarmed, I have to point out that they did “abandon ship before [it was] too late” in a manner of speaking.  Remember back to “Elevator Love Letter” and how Cristina finally realized her limits and broke things off with Owen.  By “abandon[ing] ship,” she saved their relationship.  Owen got his act together and went to therapy, working on being the better man for and with Cristina.  And it’s because of that the season five ended with Cristina meeting Owen halfway and telling him that she loved him.

"Go back to bed." (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

I think that Owen’s biggest fear at the time was that Cristina would end up hating him for what he’d done.  In his therapy session with Wyatt, he spoke of how she metaphorically jumped in front of his car, and he “wrecked her.”  And after that, he withdrew from her, putting up this false and friendly barrier using three-word sentences because he didn’t want to cause any more damage or drag her any further into his hell by saying that he loved her.  This song totally mimics what they went through in season five, except they survived due to the fact that Cristina ultimately forced Owen to seek the help he needed before irreparable damage was done.

But I digress.  Back to Owen in the war.  It is interesting to note how the helicopters represent a bad omen, even prior to the scene where Teddy comes in with the helicopter.  It makes them stop playing their game because they know it can only mean one thing: trauma is coming in and death is looming near.  Then, with the helicopter coming in just as he’s let go of Dan, the helicopter takes on the meaning of hope – but hope in the sense that Kim spoke of, how it only makes one feel lonely when they’re dying.  This is not the uplifting kind, and Owen is far from uplifted.  He’s the opposite: he feels guilt.  Guilt for not just hanging on just a little longer on the off-chance that he could have saved Dan’s life.  It doesn’t matter to him that this was what Dan wanted.  It isn’t going to alleviate that guilt Owen’s been carrying with him ever since he let his friend die.  Yes, as a man, he understands that Dan was in an immense amount of pain, that there was very little hope for him surviving his injuries, that he was doing the right thing.  But as Owen says in his voiceover, as a surgeon, he will always feel like he could’ve done more because surgeons “are arrogant enough to think there’s no one [they] can’t save.”

Owen lets go. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

That’s a tough burden to carry.  And there is no one to carry it but Owen.  It is ultimately Owen’s decision to let go.  Dan says, “You got to do it.  I can’t make you do it.  You got to do it.”  And Owen does it, only to find out that help was indeed coming.  Yet, you can’t blame him for not hanging on any longer.  Dan was pleading with Owen to let go.  He repeats how much pain he’s in, and we see that they’ve been stuck there for quite some time.  The sun is long gone, it’s freezing, and neither of them knows when or if help is coming.  Like Kim, Dan has made his peace – with God, with death, with reality.  Owen hasn’t made peace with it entirely yet, as we’ve seen.  He’s still struggling with it.  And hopefully (the good hope, this time), we’ll see him come to terms with his past trauma…

Giving Owen space and time to figure things out. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

…with Cristina.  In the interview Kevin McKidd gave with Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly, he said, “many people and many wives and loved ones of veterans are dealing with, ‘Where am I in this? I know this person has a problem, but what am I getting out of this? Where is my life now? And even when there is love, when there’s a problem like this, is that enough?’ That’s a really interesting story, and that’s definitely the same for Cristina and Owen.”  And I believe this aspect will be explored in the upcoming episodes since in the podcast, Tony and Joan talk about how the issues that were highlighted in this episode – what with Owen not letting Cristina know exactly what’s going on and so on – will be explored further throughout the rest of this season.  I believe the purpose of the bookend scenes with Cristina and Owen at home is to provide the foundation and beginning for what is coming up ahead for them as a couple.  Instead of dealing with a merger or Teddy, their obstacle will be learning how to build a life together and managing Owen’s PTSD.

On a positive note, Cristina is more in tune with Owen in this episode.  And despite various claims of the opposite, this episode proved just why Owen is meant to be with Cristina, not Teddy.  Sure, Teddy can understand what a warzone is like because she was there, and thus, she can know that side of Owen.  But from the way she acted in this episode, it is clear that she doesn’t understand the post-war Owen.  She doesn’t have the same scarring that Owen has, and she’s still very much like the person that was portrayed in the flashbacks during the soccer game.  She twirls in the rain, buys cottages next to Bambi – I think it’s safe to say that the war didn’t damage her in the way it did Owen.  No, the person we saw being understanding – and far from oblivious, as one journalist claimed – was Cristina.  When Owen starts yelling at her about Kim, Cristina doesn’t respond with anger.  She instantly clues into the fact that something deeper is going on.  Rather than getting defensive, Cristina asks Owen, “What is going on?” and her hand moves to touch his face before he draws back.  It’s a bit like the vent scene in “Elevator Love Letter” when Owen made a move to kiss Cristina but she drew back.  As she wasn’t ready then, he isn’t ready now.  And at the end of the episode, we see that he’s still not ready to talk about it.

Cristina realizes that something is wrong. How's that for understanding? (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Cristina’s reaction is a far cry from Teddy’s.  Rather than trying to figure out why Owen is behaving in the manner that he is, Teddy gets angry in return and publicly yells at Owen in the cafeteria.  I thought Teddy was supposed to be more understanding since she was in the war.  Didn’t see it here.  In her defense, I doubt she knew about what had really transpired in the desert between Dan and Owen, but still, this is the person whom the writers claim to know Owen in ways that Cristina does not.  However, in this episode, it only proved that Cristina knows Owen in ways that Teddy does not.  It is Cristina who is living through a different kind of war with Owen, and it’s one that is unfortunately always going to be there on some level.

If that’s not enough to convince you that there is no chance of Owen making a 180 and suddenly deciding to be with Teddy, think about this.  As Owen’s interactions with Cristina in this episode was to show how real life couples do struggle with war vets coming home and having to integrate into civilian life, it makes it all the more reason for Owen to be with the woman who does not have a military background.  Sure, people can try to make the argument that Teddy and Owen belong together because they share the experience and can relate (once again, didn’t see it manifest that way at all this episode, and this would have been the best time to show it if it was going to happen since they touched upon their past relationship in the war).  But in most real cases, the partners of these military personnel are civilians.  And this inability to fully relate in what it is like overseas is grounds for much exploration and very much a part of their lives.  These real-life couples deal with it. And if we go by that, I believe that’s what we’ll see: Cristina and Owen bridging that divide with love and effort from both parties.  Because quite frankly, it’d be pretty irresponsible to send a message that there is no hope for these couples and war vets who come home.

I love that it’s Cristina who takes the first step in trying to get Owen to talk.  It seems that she has been paying attention to Owen’s therapy lessons because she is trying for open communication.  However, Owen is not ready to discuss what had happened.  And what’s more, he has been trying to keep this from Cristina for what seems like an extended period of time (as implied from the first scene).  It’s Owen’s turn to meet Cristina halfway.

I get the sense that Owen is trying not to be a burden to Cristina.  And this stems from the fact that he loves her.  Back in the season six premiere, Owen’s major hesitation stemmed from the fact that by becoming a “real” couple, his problems would become her problems.  And as we know, Owen doesn’t want to burden her.  Which explains why Owen is slipping back in bed just before the alarm goes off so that Cristina will think nothing is wrong.  But once she catches on, we see her being so much more in tune with Owen as she notices that he’s not in bed with her.  I think it’s important that we saw both the first and last scene.  In the morning scene, Cristina is still not cognizant of the fact that Owen’s having difficulty sleeping again.  She’s smiling as she stretches (Kevin is right: Sandra Oh is really good at “I’m just waking up” acting), leans over to give him a kiss (I find it adorable that her eyes seem to remain closed the entire time), then goes off to perform her daily rituals.  In the version of the episode with Kevin’s commentary, he points out that the morning scene with Owen and Cristina “illuminates” things about their relationship.  Well, we see Owen sneaking back in bed so that he can pretend that he was asleep.  He’s trying not to concern her, not wanting to burden her.  His face breaks into a smile as she wakes up, and he looks at her with such love and tenderness.  So, yes, Owen is keeping things hidden, but these two are very much a couple.  For me, this is a sign of them working things out together.  And they have some serious stuff that needs to be worked out as Owen is still unable to sleep.  Except in the last scene, Cristina realizes that something is wrong, waking up to find Owen is not there, and comes out of the bedroom to see what is going on.  Even though Owen tells her that nothing is wrong and Cristina goes back to bed, I don’t think that’s the end of it.  I also very much doubt that Cristina bought that everything was fine.

The best way to start one's day. So cute. (Credit for screencap goes to Sherrie.)

Now, some may have wanted her to push harder for him to talk.  But I think she was simply giving him his space, as he once did for her after they’d broken up in season five.  I don’t think she just went back to bed and fell asleep.  I’m certain she’s still concerned.  We know that Cristina is not afraid to push Owen – this is the woman who finally got Owen to go see his mother, but she knows that he’s not ready quite yet.  She’s still got Kim’s words on her mind, about how, at times, men may not know what they’re feeling.  And I think that could very well be the case here.  Back in “No Good at Saying Sorry,” it took Owen a while to realize that the feeling he was carrying around with him was shame.  As I said, Owen’s more of a doer.  Taking time to analyze himself or talk about his feelings isn’t very high up on his list of things he likes to do.  Cristina’s the same way, except she’s trying.  Look at her, she’s making progress.

I feel I also must point out that Owen’s not having a “relapse.”  He doesn’t have the telltale startle reflex (even when Derek grabs him suddenly has Owen walks past to keep them from killing “him”).  Yes, he isn’t sleeping, but he’s not having night terrors.  Also, I would think that if Owen had any concerns that he was going to have a night terror again where he could hurt Cristina, there would be no way he would get into the same bed with her in the first place.  No, he’d be sleeping in the bathtub.  He is also having these flashbacks, but it doesn’t get to the point where he’s having the same kind of “freezing moment” he had when Derek and him met the helicopter.  He’s definitely more distracted, and it takes a bit for the others to call back his attention, but he’s not really living them over again – which is a component of classic PTSD flashbacks, except that one time with Derek where he confuses the patient for Dan.  However, I think that was more of a Freudian slip than him actually re-experiencing the trauma.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Owen withdrew and created a bit of distance because of this.  And that can be a good thing for us Cristina and Owen fans because we get our best moments when these two work at closing that distance.  If there has to be drama – and we know there must, because this is a television show, then I’d rather it be of two people fighting to work things out and overcoming obstacles in the process.  We’ve already had the outside factors raising issues.  I look forward to a more internal one being the cause because I feel it provides room for more progress to be made in respect to the relationship.  You know what I mean?

And finally, Kim and Sean.  These two actors gave such a powerful performance.  From the moment that Kim (Sara Gilbert) made her second request for physician-assisted suicide, I had tears in my eyes.  And Derek Cecil portrayed a grieving husband who didn’t quite know how to handle all that was going on around him just perfectly.  How hard it must be to be in that position – words cannot even describe what pain and devastation Sean is going through.  And Owen has shared similar emotions, which is why I really felt the palpability of that scene between Owen and Sean outside on the bench as Owen tries to comfort Sean in telling him that he is doing the right thing, telling him to focus on that brief moment of relief when you know that your loved one is no longer suffering.

A heartbreaking moment. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Suicide is “painless” in that one is ending their pain.  But it is painful for those who continue living and have to shoulder the death of their loved ones.  It continues to affect Owen, even though much time has passed.  And unfortunately, the reality is that Kim’s death will affect Sean in a similar manner as well.  “Dying isn’t easy,” Owen says in the voiceover.  And it’s not.  Someone always pays for it emotionally.

Owen offering words of comfort. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Another emotional scene was when Kim was asking Sean to bring her favorite items from the house to make the hospital room homier so that she would be surrounded by things she loved when she passed away.    And Cristina witnesses it and exudes an empathy and kindness that many Cristina-haters choose to ignore.  Are these the actions of a robot?  I think not.  Kim tells Cristina that you continue to have the same fights even when you’re dying.  It’s as though nothing really changes – though deep down, it does.  And it is this talk that prompts Cristina, in my opinion, to ask Owen what he is thinking.  And with Sean, Owen doesn’t answer, brushing the question aside with a simple, “Nothing.”  But it’s not “nothing,” and I hope that the writers will continue to explore this lack of communication between Cristina and Owen so that he can make more headway in managing his PTSD.

Cristina demonstrating that she does have bedside manners – and plenty of it – and learning about what goes on in the minds of men. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

So, that was a rather depressing episode, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  Sometimes, we need to take pause and reflect on life, death, and the past.  However, since I’ve always been more on the side of optimism, I shall end with some more uplifting aspects of this episode: shirtless Owen, Owen doing pushups, a sweet morning kiss between Cristina and Owen, and Cristina calling “Owen” to his face multiple times.  I don’t know about you, but that checked off a lot of the things that were on my Cristina and Owen wish list.  I know the last one in that list may be odd, but I find it adorable when she calls him “Owen.”  Because we’re used to her referring to others by their last names, so it adds intimacy when she doesn’t.  Remember, she rarely referred to Burke as “Preston,” so to have that difference is pretty interesting.

Side note: For those of you who dislike Teddy, I have a random comment.  You can somewhat tell that the writers don’t really know what to do with the character.  I think the whole “love triangle” blew up in their face, so they took a step back.  Yes, there’s still a “triangle,” but the romantic aspect of it is no longer being pushed on us fans.  Then, the writers chose to have Teddy and Mark get together.  Now, I’m not a hardcore Mark and Lexie fan, so I don’t mind it.  However, it is interesting to note that in making this decision, the writers have moved on from inflaming the Cristina/Owen fan base to the Mark/Lexie fan base.  So yeah, not doing the character any favors by inciting more anger from another group of fans.  Eek!  Things are not looking good for this character, which I find a shame because when Teddy first joined, I was excited about Cristina having a new cardio mentor who actually got her.  And had it not been for the romantic baggage, I think more people (i.e. Cristina/Owen fans) would have warmed up to her as well.  Anyways, we shall see where things go.

Owen exhibiting the same sentiment as many fans of the show. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

In the CTV promo for the next episode, “Sympathy for the Parents” [Spoiler Alert!], it seems that the doctors of Seattle Grace will be discussing the idea of babies.  Now, this is prime opportunity for some discussion about Cristina and Owen’s future, and I hope the writers take advantage of it.  In the very least, it seems Owen now knows that Cristina doesn’t want kids.  And that could be foundation for more talk of where they are headed as a couple.  Also, as indy pointed out, this could also lead to some conversation where Cristina reveals her ectopic pregnancy.  I’m doubtful, but hey, it could happen.  After all, the Burke talk happened, and I don’t think any of us were expecting that – even though we wanted it.  (Granted, it took a long time before it came into fruition.)

So, hang tight, ladies and gentlemen.  This is only the beginning of what promises to be an interesting ride.  Don’t think that this is over.  We’ve got six more episodes in this season, and as we know, a lot of can happen.  Just look at season five.  The bulk of Cristina and Owen’s progress came in the latter episodes.  And as you know, Shonda is promising the season finale to be a “game changer,” and that doesn’t necessarily mean bad things.  In fact, I am of the mind that it can mean some great things.  (Owen and Cristina have had a rough enough time of it, don’t you think?)


24 responses to ““Suicide is Painless” but Life is Not

  1. Sorry for my bad English, Google translator is not perfect yet =(

    I LOVE your reviews =)

    about “Sympathy for the Parents” [Spoiler Alert!]
    I think Cristina, as Arizona, does not want children because as a doctor knows too much. Often those who work in police and sees every day the violence does not want children because the world is full of dangers.
    In my opinion Cristina wants children but she is afraid. When Miranda is pregnant Christina asked her what made her decide not to terminate the pregnancy, Cristina asks Ellis if it is really impossible to have a career and a family … Cristina wants to know how to have a happy family without sacrificing career, but she is afraid to make mistakes, Cristina also knows only people who can not have a happy family: Miranda divorced, Derek divorced, Webber has ignored the family to work , Merdith ….

    • Thank you so much, ICamaleonte! And no worries. I can totally understand you. And I definitely think you have a point there.

      [Spoiler Alert!]
      Based from what I’ve seen, it’s not that Cristina doesn’t like kids, it’s more that she has no idea what to do with them. She doesn’t understand their games (see Mr. Bear), she doesn’t know how to treat them as children. In fact, in the earlier season when she was treating this young boy who didn’t want a heart transplant, she talked to him as person to person. She didn’t talk down to him, and I think that’s important when dealing with kids. Sure, they aren’t fully matured, but there comes a time when patronizing them is pointless. We need to give them more credit.

      I think Cristina is afraid. She fears that she cannot have both a loving family and a successful career. Her idol, Ellis Grey, couldn’t accomplish it, so it makes her apprehensive in that she can’t either. Note her response: “Have you met me?” To me, and I could be over-analyzing here, but that is a rather self-deprecating remark. It’s as though she’s saying, “Do you think I would be good with children?” Cristina needs to give herself more credit. She took care of baby Tucker just fine (in the end). She was there for a child who needed someone to tell him that believing in science can be just as powerful as believing in religion. And she knows better than to let kids electrocute themselves with a defibrillator. Not too shabby. Plus, when she had a miscarriage, she still mourned its loss. Even though she didn’t plan on having it, she still mourned the loss.

      Anyways, thanks again for posting a comment! I really appreciate it. And I hope that the next episode sheds some more light about Cristina’s character.

  2. What a nice way to start my Sunday morning. Reading your review. And to assure you from the beginning, yes your logic made very much sense. Loved every single word of it.

    As I’ve said in the YHT my heart broke for Owen. And I too like you made a remark of how people can be so insensible when it come to such an important topic as PTSD. The episode was everything but boring. How can one say a thing like that? I watched the episode twice and I can tell you that I cried. And I could not stop. I rarely cry when I watch a movie or a TV show. It has to have a deep impact on me to make feel that way. But KMK/Owen made me feel that way. That is why he is such a great actor.
    I was shocked of how Teddy doesn’t get Owen at all. She’s is totally oblivious of what is happening to him. Maybe I would have liked Teddy, but she did 3 things that annoyed me the most.
    1. She told Cristina out loud “I want Owen” putting her in an awkward position of having to choose between love and career. And blaming Cristina for what she said. What kind of person does that?
    2. Accusing Cristina of being unprofessional, when she was the one being unprofessional.
    3. Yelling at Owen in the cafeteria in front of all those people. I loved that Owen just walked away.
    For those 3 things, it’s hard for me to take her a believable character with military background.
    My favourite scene Owen and the patient’s husband. Heartbreaking.
    And yes it is true Cristina knows Owen that Teddy would never be able to know. She sense right away that something is wrong with Owen. She knows Owen doesn’t yell at her and acts like that. And for me clearly he is trying to protect her.

    And YAY for hearing Cristina calling Owen by his name so many times. (Note aside: I remember only times when she called Burke “Preston”. One time it was when Mama Burke was at the hospital and the other one being in the episode when the guys go camping. And Cristina’s line: “Prestons don’t go to the woods. A guy named Preston is going to get his ass kicked by a squirrel. (This line cracks me up everytime)). I myself never seen Cristina so happy, so comfortable with someone, not ever with Burke. And she had many scene like this with him. Look at her face. Pure love and happiness. And Owen doesn’t want to spoil that.
    Cristina is not the type of person to push someone to talk. She knows something is wrong, she surely doesn’t buy the line “I’m fine.” She knows he is not. But she is giving him the space, she doesn’t pressure. Probably partly because of what Kim told her. That sometimes men don’t even know what they feel. But she is there for him and she is trying to help. And how sympathetic was Cristina with the patient. Where is the “robot” everyone is talking about? I don’t see it.

    I too hope to see Owen trying to open up more to Cristina. I know it’s hard but he will get there. I think this is the path writers are going to take.

    OK stop!! I already wrote toooo much.

    • One more thing: I for one don’t remember any other couple having to deal with so much angst. Two seasons in a role. How many episodes did we have with them happy, careless without all the angst? Not even Meredith and Derrek. They spent a season apart, but their relationship haven’t gotten to a serious point, as Cristina and Owen are now. Honestly I cannot see any of them working in the same hospital and not being together. Yes it was a brief period last season, but it was torture for them. And they weren’t even a proper couple last. Even less now I cannot see them “functioning” without each other. So only because of that, because we’ve seen them struggling through so much, and they stayed together till now, I believe they will succeed.

      • I know we’re not the most unbiased of fans. But when you compare Cristina and Owen’s relationship to the others, we certainly do have less purely happy moments. What “lighthearted” moments we have are often tempered with some underlying tension or drama. But I think we can blame Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd for that: they’re damn good at portraying angst. Such wonderful, intense actors. And on the flip side, perfectly capable of portraying levity and hilarity. Let’s hope for more of that.

        Although, we haven’t gone through as much as the Alex/Izzie fans have. And we haven’t had to wait for stabilization for as long as the Meredith/Derek fans. At the moment, I think the Callie and Arizona fans have had the least amount of angst. Though, it seems their luck is running out. Uh oh… But I’m sure they’ll make it. They are adorable together, and it’s time Callie found a lasting relationship.

    • Thanks, trinity! And wow, you have a great memory. (I can barely remembered what happened in seasons one through four.) And yes, I do feel a bit bad for Kim Raver because all these choices are being made, and none of them are really doing her any favors with the fans. First, she tried to interfere in the Cristina and Owen relationship. Now, she’s the roadblock for Mark and Lexie to reunite. That’s two groups of people (with some overlap, I’m sure, but I’ve never caught on to the Mark/Lexie craze).

      And it has been a bit hypocritical of her to call Cristina on something when she herself practices it. Another interesting thing that occurred in this episode was that Cristina “saved” Teddy a bit when she spoke up to Sean and told him the truth: that they’re ordering this extra test because the hospital is covering their ass. Teddy couldn’t say it, but Cristina can. And it has everything to do with the person Cristina is — she’s not afraid to speak the truth, even if it’s not comfortable to hear. Sometimes, this earns her a harsh reputation, but as we see, it sometimes is the best way to talk to the loved ones of patients. (She did something similar in “Here’s to the Future” when Izzie’s cancer patient friend ended up being dependent on the ventilator. Dr. Swenson wasn’t able to tell her family the truth, but Cristina said the words for her.)

      I so hope that Owen will remember his lessons from therapy and open up more to Cristina. That was the main point of contention that Wyatt had about the Cristina and Owen relationship — this lack of communication. She wanted Owen to talk more to Cristina about what had happened in the war. And if the writers are aiming to show Owen’s healing process, then I think we’ll see it.

      (And no, you can never write too much. Write, write, write!) Thanks again for the comments and great discussion!

  3. Thank you…Thank you dear Shli. Quite simply, you are the best. I only wish the idiotic, IGNORANT, Ignaramouses out there could take a bit of note here from you, and to this, the most mature, socially relevant story line Greys has ever had. This is what I want to see, a realistic portrayal of a couple LIVING everyday with PTSD. And yes, they are very much a couple. 😀 from the bits I’ve seen.

    I haven’t watched the FULL episode yet, as I figured we’re only 4 episodes behind and I’d like a few surprises from now… pleasant ones mind you! Not the heart stopping ones that have me clammering for my defibrillator! So I’m still up for spoilers and CO only youtube sneaks, and of course your epically awesome epi reviews/analyses.

    I must say, I always thought Teddy’s presence was going to be a test for Owen, not so much because of that silly love triangle crap, because I’ve said it before, feelings that develop in the context of extreme circumstances aren’t always real, and that bond, cameraderie, loyalty, admiration, protectiveness and understanding, can’t be mistaken for true love.
    I believe that is why level headed and noble Owen was never certain of how he truely felt, thats why he only ever said he “had feelings” in the Holidaze epi, never ever said anything about Love! And therefore never acted on these feelings because he was never certain, and also, I believe Owen loved Beth, and wanted to honour his engagement while they were still engaged…. I totally understood his two line email back in season 5 to Beth, because I saw this just as another symptom of his PTSD at the time, the detachment from others, the numbness…which is one of the 17 main symptoms of PTSD as you of course would know. 😀 …Of course its not to say I didn’t feel sorry for Beth.
    Now I agree, if Teddy and Owen ever had a moment to act, it is long long gone. Also, the writers are truely a* amiss, or geniuses?? I mean Teddy has not once really shown that bond, that understanding thing with Owen since she came, has she? I’ve said it before, how come she never asked him, tried to find him after his discharge, how come she failed to find out that his whole unit died!!! She’s supposed to share this thing with him, So how come she can never SEE HIM, see him in the Cristna seeing him sense! Why the hell is she smiling in the helicopter? Hope is one thing, but, surely, she must of known how close Owen was to Dan, she failed to SEE Owen then, and continues to fail to see Owen now! So, intentionally or not, the writers are clearly showing how much more Cristina is to him, how much better, how much more suited they actually are. When I get home from work, and all the counselling, assessing, listening to everyones problems, heck I love the silence.. and CO noise, of the noisiest kissing kind!;-P So yes, having someone not related to the war is a blessing and bonus for Owen. Not to mention, someone as hot as his Cris is. That is another reason why his love for her is so far superior to whatever bond he had for Teddy. He was sure of how he felt from the moment he laid eyes on her, and yes, so sure that hell, he kissed her!!! Ok, so part of it had probably something to do with the fact that he was going off to war, and thought what the heck, and besides she’s looking at me seductively too. But the fact is, he knew! Just like he knew he wanted to spend the next 40 years with her! So take that all you CO doubters. HE IS IN LOVE WITH ONLY ONE WOMAN, and always has been. And there is no doubt she brings out the best in him, Teddy has not, ever!

    Which brings me back to the point, I always thought Teddy would trigger Owen’s PTSD at some point. Because you saw how Owen reacted to seeing Beth, so I always felt that Teddy’s presence would test him, little bits of his symptoms to me were evident in that awful feelings controntation with Teddy in the holidaze episode, even his hypervigilantic, intense love making, as Kevin has said, you can understand why CO are such an intense couple, having to live with his PTSD, even Teddy’s speech about missing her friend, was bound to bring back his memories of the before, the before Owen, and all the repressed pain. So I’ve been waiting, waiting for this, her mere presence to trigger something, just like a sound or smell, or in this case a patient, but to me it had to always be coming. But the silly SL of the triangle had to come first!

    I think you’re right the final episodes we be of CO dealing with everyday life with PTSD, and whether a couple can still be together. Of course they can!!!! As much as I don’t trust Shonda and co, they surely wouldn’t dare go down the path of CO not together because of the difficulties of his PTSD, what message would that be sending on morally right ABC?!!!…. So I’m going to take Life lesson no. 22 out of my “How to be happy, DAMMIT!” book and quote: Life lesson 35- Building new muscles! (Ooh KMK’s arms!;-D) sorry- Just like all muscle growth, you feel pain before the growth, pain=lucky because you are stronger for it, underneath the chaos is rennovation in motion, messy areas are simply, areas under construction”… So I believe that this applies to our couple, and they will come out stronger for it…. I mean didn’t Mr. Oh (Sandra’s dad) say they would? I believe him… Oh, and I agree with KMK, the opening scene does tell alot about our couple, I loved Cris’s little waking up, wriggling and eyes closed pecking, and the lingering arm, and owen holding onto it.. aahh sighh… And I believe that because they have been living with his PTSD pretty much since 6.02, he may of had the odd sleepless night or evasive/ avoidance thing on occassion.. ok off screen, just like we didn’t get to see much off screen lovin and him pretty much sleeping over every night until Teddy’s arrival, so I’m thinking that because he has probably had the odd sleepless night, or don’t want to talk about it thing, Cris has just given him the space he may have needed, so I see it as pretty much normal for her to go back to bed, it was something one half of a couple would do, because she is used to seeing him having his days when things are a bit off. And we know she’s not oblivious, just like we know the writers are setting us up for more…. but first the baby episde!

    The thought did cross my mind about Owen finding out about Cris’s pregnancy, but I think Shonda’s going to make us wait a bit longer on that one to be resolved…

    Don’t worry Shli… keep the faith, we will have our EPIC love story finale. I better end this mammoth comment now.
    Until next week…Happy, Happy. 😀

    • Haha, happy, happy indeed! Woo hoo for a super long reply. Me likey.

      Oh boy, to have an epic love story finale. That would be so great. It sure has seemed pretty angsty and down with them lately. I love your insight into why Owen never acted on his feelings for Teddy. And I agree, I would think that to be with someone who represents the normality of civilian life would be a bit of a comfort (though I’m sure for some, it makes things harder — however, in Owen’s case, I would think Cristina makes his life easier to bear).

      I think it’s odd that we’re supposed to see this deep connection between Teddy and Owen. But at the first sign of the downward spiral, Teddy isn’t helping the situation at all. The fact she asks him to be the second surgeon on the case shows me that she has no idea about what really happened with Dan. And if she does know, then that is a really callous and insensitive move. So, I highly doubt the writers would go down that path.

      She knows that Owen never called her until he needed a cardio surgeon for Cristina, but she never tried to figure the reason why he never contacted her. She notices things here and there that show how he’s different but doesn’t try to dig deeper into the why that is. She used to be able to tell him everything, so she claims. Well, it seems that the relationship — from what we’ve seen of it in the present — was unbalanced. I know that if one of my best friends was acting differently, I would want to know what is going on. But then again, that’s me. And I’m not Teddy.

      Anyways, I love your “life lessons.” Yes, let’s focused on building muscles and the obvious tenderness between our favorite couple. Le sigh.

      Until next week! 🙂

  4. i REALLY! wanna know what the song was that was playing when he was trying to save his friend.

    “Abandon ship before it’s too late. Or all this love I’ve got will turn into hate. You’re not so very far away but I feel more distance with each passing day”

  5. Brilliant analysis as usual, shli. I admire so much that you can look at the whole picture of the episode. I also admire that you can give the writers the benefit of the doubt. I’m a writer so part of the way that I wanted to look at the writers of Grey’s is as my unoffical long distance teachers. I wanted to learn from them in a positive way, but the way it went this year I learned but in a negative way. I want to give props to the writers. I’m trying, but I’m afraid of being so disappointed again in the way that I was this year with the love triangle crap. All the comments I wrote as pluses and minuses had to do with Kevin’s brilliant acting, especially in the scenes where he was alone in the desert with Dan and had to watch him die, to help him die. those were my favorite scenes in the episode. I can’t wait for the dvd to come out because I think I’ll be able to be totally look at the bigger picture of the episode with a little distance in time.

    Now, there is one thing that I agreed with in your article. I too have thought that maybe Teddy’s presence at Seatlle Grace/Mercy West in general would be the trigger for Owen’s ptsd problems. I respect that you are a mental health pro so I won’t say that what he went through in 6.18 was a relapse. I’m hoping that that is coming because to me that would be good drama. An example of what I mean is that there is a scene where Owen and Teddy are side by side in the scrub room. I think it’s the one where she is talking about the bikini waxes. The intense way that Owen is scrubbing his hands makes me think that he is really stressed by something and maybe it could be the emotional pressure of Teddy revealing his love for him, among other things. I’m just at the beginning of figuring all this out. It’s only been a short time since I became a fan so this is all so new for me.

    At any rate, sorry about the length of this. I think writing posts like this helps me to work things out, so bear with me!! Keep up the brilliant work, shli. Take care now!! Roselle (ranniez)

    • Thanks, Roselle. Yeah, looking at the big picture just comes with the job description. 😀

      I totally understand your struggle with the writers. But keep in mind that these writers are subject to many outside factors: the network, internal politics, the actors and their management, and so on. So, there’s a lot that can interfere with creativity. They might really want to have it one way but can’t because of one of these external factors that affects their work. I mean, if you notice, the Teddy “love triangle” business came out during sweeps, when TV shows are trying to vie for advertising and viewers as to get money. And according to the Forbes list, Grey’s Anatomy is one of the top five grossing television shows. So, yes, their “ridiculous” plot lines are frustrating and such, but they get viewers that way. Of course, there is that delicate balance when the viewers can only take so much before they start flipping the channel. However, most loyal fans who’ve watched since the beginning of the show are going to tough it out until the end. And for me, I’m definitely going to keep watching regardless as long as Cristina and Owen exist in the hallowed halls of Seattle Grace. That’s just the way I am. I get attached to specific characters.

      So, I think it’s great that you try to learn things from other writers. But just remember that while you have the freedom to go where your heart takes you, the show’s writers can’t. They are a team. And they have to compromise and follow the path that is decided. I’m sure there are some writers on the writing team that were very much against the idea of Teddy interfering in the way she did. We know that both Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd were very apprehensive about that storyline. But the story unfolded the way it did anyways.

      That’s why I give them the benefit of the doubt. And though it’s a bit disheartening, I think you should try to stick with it. There are gems here and there. You just have to wait for them. And it’s usually around the time of the season finale when many things happen. So, don’t lose hope just yet!

      Keep up the discussion. I welcome it! I’m glad that these posts help you work things out. It’s the same for me. So, I vote for more posting! 🙂

      • shli-I just have to say one more thing–thanks for understanding in your reply to my comment it helped me alot–but raises another question–understood what you said about the writers and the tv industry but it raised another question for me–in light of what you said I’m wondering what was different between seasons 5 & 6. thought Season 5 was brilliant for Cristina and Owen. I am planning to stay with Grey’s because I can’t not watch Kevin. I would miss watching him terribly. I also like the rest of the cast except Kim Raver.
        As to the rest we’ll see how it goes.

        Thanks again for what you do. Take care now! Roselle (ranniez)

      • You’re more than welcome, Roselle! Like I said, I’m always happy to engage in some discussion about the show. I can’t explain the difference between the writing and storylines for Cristina and Owen in the two seasons except for the fact that in season five, the relationship was being established. And not to mention, Shonda has admitted that this season, they were experimenting with how to continue the show without some of the main cast. Meaning that sometimes some characters would shoulder an entire episode, giving the other actors a chance to do other projects. And we had an influx of newcomers because of this. So, then they had to find something to do with them. And what is the obvious choice? Cause drama.

        And I can’t not watch Kevin McKidd either. Or Sandra Oh. So, as you said, let’s see how it goes. Fingers crossed!

  6. Hey-

    I just wanted to say, I read the comment on the EW recap that you referred to at the beginning of this post…and I was also disgusted. I’m happy to see that you’re “calling them out” here. It’s ignorant disrespect, and exasperating to encounter, so I feel some relief that I wasn’t alone in my frustration.

    That said, I was really kind of bummed after this episode. I only like about 16.7 percent of the characters on this silly show, contingent on their remaining a couple, and I really thought I was being set up for disappointment in that respect, what with the final scene of dismissing the girlfriend for happy visions of the lost love. However shirtless. The whole assisted suicide plot didn’t help, either.

    Still, I was very happy to stumble upon this blog and not only find your responses to the Ignorance Abyss of EW’s “comments section,” but also some peace of mind and optimism as to where my favorite Grey’s “ship” might be headed. Maybe soon I’ll stop dreading each new episode.

    Though I’m not completely sure that my 17 percent (I’ll round up for Callie) aren’t headed for the worst kind of Emmy-Bait Angst, this blog has certainly been a worthwhile read. Thanks!

    • Hi LEW. Glad you found your way over to my blog! Welcome! And thank you ever so kindly for leaving a comment. I do appreciate you taking the time to do so.

      I’m definitely one for optimism and hope of the uplifting kind. And I’m happy to help in chasing away the gloom in any way I can. I don’t blame you for dreading where this storyline is heading. The writers definitely don’t say much to ease our worries. In fact, for the most part, the writers and Shonda don’t talk much about Cristina and Owen, except for a few comments here and there. Interesting, huh? I like to think that it’s because they’re so protective of the relationship and don’t like to spill what’s ahead for them. (Glass half full approach again.)

      For me, when Owen’s thinking back on the soccer scene, I really think that it was not about Teddy. And more about who Owen was at that time. If it was just about his pondering of “the lost love,” then we wouldn’t have glimpsed that scene of Dan. So, I think it was more about the times before Dan died and when he wasn’t scarred so deeply by the war.

      Trust me, you’re not alone in being frustrated with some of the comments on the various blogs or columns. Sometimes, you just have to stop reading them because in the end, they are the ones who look like callous idiots. And that’s fine by me.

      So, hang in there! I hope this season turns around and that the 17 percent of characters you care about have storylines that make you enjoy the show. 🙂

  7. Yay for my favorite episode analysis of the week! I read this late last night but I was too tired to write anything coherent;) Before I comment, I have to say first that that the caption on your last photo, “Owen exhibiting the same sentiment as many fans of the show”, made me almost spit out my diet coke! LMAO Love it!

    I’m so glad that you mentioned the reaction of some viewers to the PTSD. I was also appalled at some of the comments I read because even though Owen is a fictional character, he is portraying not only a person with a very real medical condition, but he is also an army vet. I just couldn’t believe that these people were making these disrespectful comments. I’m hoping that they are just immature high school girls rather than grown adults because their blatant ignorance and insensitivity just irks me to no end. Ok, rant over, moving on to the episode.

    Maybe my expectations were too high but my overall reaction to this episode was just, “Well, that was ok”. That’s not to say that I didn’t like the episode or wasn’t moved by some of the scenes, it’s just, I guess I was surprised that I didn’t LOVE the episode. While I was blown away by Kevin McKidd’s performance, I have to say that I wished that the overall writing was stronger. The episode just felt a little stagnant to me. Nothing changed, which is rare for a Grey’s episode this late in the season. Usually the episodes are formulaic to an almost absurd level. Now that’s not to say that I would have liked this episode to be very formulaic, but I just wish that since we are at the end of the season that there would have been SOME movement – either forward or backward – in O/C’s lives. Cristina noticing that he isn’t sleeping just wasn’t doing it for me. Everything in this episode basically stayed the same and the viewer’s already knew most of the information, apart for how Dan died, so I’m not sure how this episode adds to the overall season arc. This episode would have made more sense for me, placement wise, in the beginning of the season rather than right now. But that is mostly probably just my slight disappointment talking. I was expecting a ‘State of Love and Trust’ storyline movement sort of episode.

    However, I did really enjoy the flashback scenes themselves – specifically the one’s with Owen and Dan. That Hail Mary scene was an absolute tear-jerker for me. So moving. I also liked how the writer’s tied in the choking from last season to Owen holding the artery in Dan’s neck to keep him alive. Oh and why did they have to let Dan die? I loved him! Ghosts are apparently allowed on the show (Denny anyone?) so there IS still hope. Let’s bring him back! 😉

    In regards to Teddy, while many are saying that she is causing Owen’s recent PTSD episodes (I agree with them btw), I have a feeling that the writers are not going to blatantly go there and have this stated on the show because there is already so much backlash for against Teddy already. I mean, as O/C fans who have memorized and analyzed every scene, we may see the connection but I bet the average casual viewer doesn’t. If they come out and have Dr. Wyatt, for instance, have a scene with Owen telling him that Teddy is causing his PTSD to flare up, I bet that the casual GA fan is going to think, “So not only does she cause trouble for the couples on the show, she also triggers Owen’s PTSD. Uh, why the hell is she still here? Just write her off already”.

    The main problem, which i agree with you, is that they’ve written Teddy into a corner and now basically everyone – except the Mer/Der fans – don’t like her. I just don’t know where they’re going to take her character because no matter what they do, there are always going to be at least two fan bases who will never really warm-up to her because they’ll always see her has a threat. I also think that the writer’s lack of showing Owen and Teddy’s friendship and connection (yelling at him in the cafeteria for example) does no service to her character at all either. So basically, I have to say good luck to the writers because at this rate I see her walking into the parking lot of no return.

    • Aw, thanks, Kelly! I’m glad you liked the last caption. Thought I’d sneak that in there. 😀

      Yes, I sincerely hope that these posters can use immaturity as their excuse. Otherwise, ignorance. But neither is really acceptable. Sensitivity should be ageless.

      And yes, I hear you on the stagnancy. It really didn’t feel like there was that much movement, which was pointed out in that MSNBC article. I think it was on purpose. They don’t want to resolve this storyline in one episode. It feels like something that will span multiple episodes, which I can only assume based on Tony and Joan’s comments about how the fact Owen didn’t talk to Cristina was a set up for the final few episodes. At least, I think that’s what they said. I may need to go back and check the podcast. It’s been a while since I listened to it. But it was something like that. (Don’t quote me.)

      The flashback scenes were so different than the show’s normal cup of tea. And I admire that they are trying to branch out. Sure, maybe some other show that’s more experienced at these topic matters could have done a better job. But this is Grey’s — give them some credit. And Richard T. Jones portrayed Dan just beautifully. Heartbreaking material.

      Yeah, Teddy didn’t win any favors for me this episode. Which is tough because I want to like her again. I really liked her in “New History” — I’m not kidding. (Even at the end, since it seemed like she was backing off. Too bad she didn’t.) But these days, she’s making poor decisions, and it’s getting harder and harder, in my opinion, for her character to be redeemed for those who dislike her. I hope she can be redeemed. Cristina really needs a cardio mentor who gets her (but doesn’t want her man). Otherwise, I’m with you, Teddy’s at risk for disappearing to the blackhole that is the parking lot.

  8. Ok, onward to my random, rambling spoilery speculation for the rest of the season……(bear with me here, I know i’m writing a novel but there is nothing on tv tonight)

    Now I know that you have asked people to ‘talk you down from the ledge’ regarding a possible engagement in the finale but I’m not going to do that. Hehe. I’m right up there enjoying the view with you 🙂 Instead, here are some reasons why I think that we may have something to look forward to come May.

    Numero Uno: Shonda said last summer that this season was the first time that she was allowing her actors to view their character’s arc for the entire season. So I have a feeling that KMK (don’t know about SO because she never does interviews) knows that they are going to have a positive outcome in the finale. I remember him commenting in the beginning of the season that he was wasn’t sure why they chose to have O/C tackle their relationship issues with a triangle threat, but he always assured fans that they will make it out in the end and even stronger. So I bet that he knows that some sort of proposal/commitment is going to happen in the end, but he honestly doesn’t know how the triangle is going to work itself out before then. He’s also mentioned one too many times how he would be interested in seeing how Owen would propose, etc.

    Numero Dos: Shonda loves to be reflective on her season premieres and finales. So when Owen told Cristina on the bed that “this makes them a real couple…”, it really was like wedding vows. I think that we will see some sort of commitment in the finale – be it an engagement or what not. I also don’t see Shonda having 3 depressing season premiere/finales in a row. Grey’s isn’t that dark of a show so I bet that while it may be a game-changing finale, it will be positive overall for the characters so she doesn’t turn off the fans.

    Numero Très: An O/C engagement would pacify the fans against Teddy. Once that happens, she will no longer be a serious threat and the writers could finally nullify the romantic component of the triangle. Plus could you imagine if the writers had Teddy telling Owen that he should marry Cristina because she thinks that they should be together? Omg the heavens would part and the fans would be singing her praises all summer long. I also remember Krista tweeted that Teddy was making a play for Owen because O/C weren’t engaged YET. Hmmm…

    Numero Quatro: The law of averages simply states that if you have angst 90% of the season and STILL haven’t broken up the couple yet, then there HAS to be some sort of good payoff at the end. I mean, why develop these characters’ relationship for 2 seasons if you’re just going to break it up at the season finale? They’ve had too many chances to do it this season so I highly doubt that they’ll go there.

    Numero Cinco: Seriously, how many engagement allusions and hints have these two gotten this season?

    About the baby talk – There does seem to be A LOT of baby talk for a showrunner who “doesn’t do babies”. I’m sure most of it is to pacify the Mer/Der fans. Their conversation on Thursday’s episode will probably go slightly something like this: Derek- “I want to have a baby”; Meredith – “Well, I can’t have one now. How about after my residency is over and this show goes off the air”; Derek- “Yes, Dear”. You know something like that is going to happen. The only way I can see a baby written in the show is if it is an unplanned pregnancy because this is a soap opera after all.

    I think that Cristina has a slight chance of becoming pregnant in the finale because it would be A) unexpected to the casual fan and B) she’s also had A LOT of baby/kid mentions this year. In the sides for 6×20 or 6×21 (can’t remember) it seems that she’s stuck taking care of a kid again. So I don’t know. They could go there. Plus here’s a thought – the season started with a death and will end with a life. Yeah, probably thinking a little too deep on that one. Did we ever find out what the ‘curveball’ was supposed to be last year? If it was pregnancy, they may have just moved it to this year.

    And then there is this so-called game changer that could play a part. Reading Shonda’s tweets she says that the finale is : 1) “a serious game-changer for every single character”, 2) the message is “sometimes loves sucks but don’t stop looking for it”, 3) she is nervous about writing it because she “loves her characters and don’t like it when they suffer scared” but she is not nervous about the fan’s reaction.

    Hmm…I don’t think #2 applies to O/C, but Cristina being pregnant would certainly qualify as a gamechanger and she would certainly be scared about it. It also wouldn’t have a huge negative fan reaction that Shonda would have to worry about.

    Ok, well that’s the end of my essay. I wasn’t planning on writing this much, so if you made it to this point, thanks for reading my ramblings. As a thank you present, I figured out how to upload the avatars to the forum, so there’s a whole new batch from 6.18 up now 🙂 Hope you have a nice week!

    • Kelly, I hate you. Nah, I’m kidding. You know I adore you. But you are doing nothing to talk me down! Just the opposite! Ah! Now, I’ve got my hopes up. I love your reasoning, and I really hope it comes true. I’ve got fingers and toes crossed. As Spock one said, “Your logic is sound.” (Don’t ask me to quote anything else from Star Trek because I only watched the most recent movie.)

      Oh boy, I was so on the pregnancy as the curveball train last season. Can you imagine? Cristina is already snarky. Now, add in hormones? Good luck with that, Owen. And you just know she would try to use it to her advantage somehow and get her way. I don’t know how, but it’s Cristina, so you know she’d try.

      I also had the same thought about Teddy. Kim Raver said in one of her recent interviews that you would see why Teddy is so supportive of Cristina and Owen’s relationship. Now, I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen that happen yet. If by supportive, she means that she’s moved on to Mark? I guess that can be “supportive.” But I’d love a scenario where she’s encouraging Cristina and Owen to take that next step somehow. Be it engagement or the Grey’s Anatomy equivalent (as you know, this show has a quirky sense of commitment).

      Haha, the law of averages. Yes, we must use the science of math. It seems only fair that they get something happy in their life. Like I said, it seems that whenever these two are happy, it’s “tainted” by some underlying angst. “Beat Your Heart Out” was so lighthearted — till the end. And I think that’s the closet we got. “State of Love and Trust” had all that hot, hot sex — but it was because of Owen’s underlying insecurity of Cristina having picked Teddy. So, yes, the law of averages should be applied to prove that these two will get some truly happy moments.

      And yay, I saw your avatars update! So exciting. And I love how you put them up next to the way they’re labeled so people will know which is which. Very smart. I love it.

      Sigh, now you got me all riled up. It’s all your fault. 🙂

      • I know, I’m evil and I apologize. Isn’t there a bumper sticker like that? “Come to the dark side. We have cookies :)” haha! I guess I’m just hell-bent on maintaining a positive outlook because I’ve tried lowering my expectations to bargain basement levels in the past and it just isn’t as fun. And don’t worry about me ever asking you to quote Star Trek. My knowledge of that fandom stops at seeing the last film and remembering that whoever played Kirk was mighty fine.

        Now if this all goes to hell and the season finale absolutely sucks for O/C, you have my apology and my personal invitation to come down south to LA where we can have a fun girls weekend of retail therapy at the Grove and Robertson while making a quick trip by the Disney lot to just yell our frustrations and get chased by the rent a cop security 🙂 It could be fun. In the meantime, to quote good ol’ Bob Marley, “So don’t worry, be happy…Don’t worry, be happy now..OOO..OOOO OOOO” . Everybody sing together now! haha…What can i say? It’s Monday.

      • Haha, that would be a hilarious bumper sticker, Kelly. And yes, positive outlook is a must! And my knowledge base is the same as yours. (Chris Pine played Kirk, by the way.)

        I will hold you to that promise. Haven’t been to SoCal in a while. And you know that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Although, that Harry Potter theme park in Universal Florida is looking pretty attractive to me at the moment. 🙂

        And yes, it’s Monday. Sigh, it’s tough going back to the thick of things (i.e. work) after a weekend. At least that means 3 more days. Followed by 4 weeks. Boo.

  9. always love your review!! ❤

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