“Push” for Laughs and Moving Forward

Team Owen and Cristina in "Push." (Credit for screencaps used goes to freaky_x.)

Before I get started, let me make one thing clear: Owen is not jealous, in my very honest opinion.  I’ll tell you why later, but let’s just get that out of the way.  He is not jealous of Teddy moving on.  In fact, I would argue that he sincerely wants her to – but with a good guy who can treat her with respect.  And Mark’s man-whoring ways don’t really suggest respect.  Okay, back to the beginning…

Can you believe it?  We got an episode where Cristina and Owen were not part of the drama or the angst.  Their relationship was left free of tension and conflict.  How nice is that?  Super nice.  And can we give Sandra Oh a round of applause for being the comedy queen?  Cristina was all sorts of awesome in this episode.  She’s certainly got her groove back.

Owen gets a complicated case involving a “tumor that’s the size of a possum” that resides in a woman whose greatest wish is she see her daughter get married.  (Side note: chalk this up as to another moment where the theme of marriage or engagement is surrounding Cristina and Owen.  I’m just saying.)  But this case really isn’t about Owen, it’s about Dr. Webber, so I’m not going to get into the parallels of the patient’s case all that much other than the fact that it leads to a contest between “Old School” and “Ginger.”

In the first scene with both Cristina and Owen, Richard manipulates Owen’s sympathy and swipes the case – even with Cristina’s not-so-subtle clues telling Owen not to.  But that’s the kind of person that Owen is: he believes in the best of people, and that makes him gullible in the world of Seattle Grace where trickery is often at play to get surgeries.  Though he’s been at the hospital for almost two years now, he still has not learned that these surgeons are a sneaky bunch.  The farthest he’s gone is setting aside sterile equipment.  That’s nothing compared to what Cristina has done (remember when she and Izzie stole the “pregnant” male patient for Meredith?).

"Oh, would you look at that? Your scans of a monster-sized tumor just happened to fall into my hands." (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

I love the exchanges between Cristina and Owen – that Richard catches and calls Cristina on.  How hilarious was it when Owen’s eyes are going back and forth between Richard and Cristina?  He doesn’t get why Cristina is shaking her head at him.  Oh, how innocent he is.

"I can't believe McBadass is so gullible. I thought I trained him better." (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

But Richard knows the game – and he knows it well.  Just look at the mischievous smile of satisfaction one his face as he leaves Cristina and Owen.  Meanwhile, Owen has a light bulb moment when Cristina finally gets the chance to tell Owen what had happened.  (How funny was that?)  Had it not been for Cristina, I don’t think Owen would have minded that Richard took the surgery off his hands.  He isn’t as caught up with getting a Harper Avery award as the others are, and it takes Cristina to “push” him into getting the surgery back.  And Cristina’s nudge in the competitive direction is the reason why he and Richard end up arguing over who get the case.

"You mean there's no such things as unicorns either?" Owen finds out he's been swindled. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Now, would we consider this to show that Cristina’s a bad influence or a good influence?  A bit of both, really.  It’s good because she is pushing Owen to strive for better.  It’s as Jackson says later in the episode about how the purpose of the Harper Avery award was to get surgeons who are already at the top of their game to strive for more.  On the flip side, Cristina’s also now encouraging trickery – but we don’t see Owen partake in it, so it ends up being more good than bad.

As Owen tries to be polite and ask for the surgery back, Cristina cuts right to the chase.  Richard did indeed swipe the case.  And Owen interjects with a gently admonishing “Cristina.”  I have to point out that he says “Cristina” and not “Dr. Yang” because even though we’re in a professional setting, Owen is saying “Cristina.”  I know it’s a small thing, but doesn’t it just give you a thrill that he calls her “Cristina”?  I think it stems from the fact that he called her “Yang” for so long (and “Christine” once) and that he’s such a stickler for separating his personal from his professional life, it’s telling when he calls Cristina by her first name.  There is no more hiding of their relationship or attempting to pretend they’re just colleagues.  In fact, it was Owen’s propensity for referring to Cristina by her first name more and more often these days that clued Teddy in on the fact that he and Cristina were together.  See?  Even Teddy knows that Owen doesn’t usually refer to people by their first names unless he’s close with them.

"Oh no, he didn't just call me 'Ginger.'" "Yes, he did. Now, what are you going do do about it?" (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

“Ginger.”  Yes, Richard went there.  And the reactions on Cristina and Owen’s faces were classic.  Owen’s completely taken aback, and Cristina immediately looks at Owen to see if he’s going to just stand there and take it.  Then, she looks away with an expression reads something like “oh snap!”  Hilarious.  And that’s when Owen stops being so polite and actually starts arguing with him.

“I’m with Webber.”  When some of us first saw this clip, it was in the CTV promo.  It was definitely confusing since one would think that Cristina would immediately side with Owen – as it turned out to be the case.  And her supposed choice is immediate the moment Derek leaves, which is why Owen’s head instantly turns towards Cristina with this incredulous look on his face.  He can’t believe she would choose the opposing side – and so quickly.  And Cristina, seeing this, simply says, “What?  He’s got it in the bag” and gives Richard this ingratiating smile on her face.  As Richard smugly smiles at Owen because his girlfriend picked him, Owen scoffs at the both of them and walks away.  Poor guy is just not used to the games that go on in this hospital.  But Richard and Cristina are old hands when it comes to them – and at competing (remember when they faced off in the surgical skills class?).

And now one of the most “adorable” moments for Cristina and Owen.  Owen’s feeling a little betrayed because for all he knows, his girlfriend pushed him to do this and now picked the other team.  You can see why he’s feeling a bit angry.  Owen asks, “Why’d you push me to do it in the first place?”  But what he’s implying is, “Why’d you push me to do it in the first place… if you were only going to play for the other side?”  And that implied second half of the question is what Cristina responds to when she tells him her actual plan: she’s going to spy on Richard for Owen.  Yep, we weren’t wrong to hope that Cristina would choose her boyfriend instinctively.

The devil aka Owen's ladylove with the dark, dark mind. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Once again, Owen shows just how out of the loop he is when he says, “That’s… that’s cheating.”  As if Cristina didn’t know.  Oh, she knows.  She knows very well what she’s doing.  And then she calls Owen “adorable.”  Which he is, but it’s not the first adjective that comes to mind when describing Owen.  (“Ginger,” perhaps.  Nah, I’m just kidding.)  McBadass?  Yes.  Hot?  Of course.  All sorts of macho or manly terms?  Top of the list.  But adorable?  Not so much.  And only with Cristina.

Someone's going to get more than meat lasagna tonight. Wink wink. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

“You’ve got a dark, dark mind.”  Yep, Owen’s turned on by his girlfriend’s “dark” side.  The tone in which he says it reminds me of “Good Mourning” when Cristina and Owen were messing around in the on-call room and Cristina revealed the black lingerie underneath.  And Owen says, “You’re evil.  You’re the devil.”  Cristina is dark – she’s “dark and twisty.”  So, it’s wonderful to see that the man she loves recognizes it and embraces it.  In fact, one could say that he sometimes finds it absolutely “adorable” as well.  Le sigh, these two are cute.

Of course, Richard flips her because he knows Cristina’s competitive nature side well.  (Although, I don’t see how bribing Cristina with the chance to do some of the resections worked because Owen could have counter-offered with the same.  But, oh well, this gave Meredith and Owen a chance to bond.)  Cristina as a double agent.  We had to expect it.  Remember, this is one “scalpel-hungry animal,” and Richard offered the ultimate prize.  And like I said, Richard knows how to play the game.

On a side note, in the scene between Bailey and Callie that takes place right after, Callie thinks that Bailey is so giddy because the gas man brought her coffee.  If this is meant to signify some sort of step in the relationship as to when things go from casual flirting to something more serious, let me just remind you that Owen brought Cristina coffee once.  Granted, he ended up messing things up by acting “hot and cold,” but he did bring her coffee.  That seems to be a common theme in the show.

Now, onto the hot topic of the episode.  Did Owen talk to Mark because he was jealous?  I vote no.  Why?  Because when he’s talking to Mark, he’s just telling Mark that Teddy isn’t just another notch in the bedpost.  That he can’t treat her like he’s been treating the other various female hospital staff members.  Teddy deserves more than a romp in a supply closet.  And all those are good things.  I didn’t sense any kind of jealousy behind those words.  And when Mark reveals that she was the one who seemed to only want a fling, nothing further came of it.  Owen didn’t stare in the direction that Teddy went off to, and we didn’t get a scene where Owen talked to Teddy about what she was doing, and so on.  He just let things go.  That was it.  Not really promoting the “Owen was jealous” idea that Meredith has.  If the writers really wanted to capitulate on that, they would’ve shown something more – at least one scene of follow-up between Owen and Teddy.  But it didn’t happen.

I honestly believe that this love triangle is over.  And if we can concentrate on the fact that there is nothing to worry about between Cristina and Owen, I think it will make some of us a lot calmer and less annoyed in regards to Teddy’s affect on either Owen or Cristina.  In this episode, Teddy is seen interacting with the other characters.  That suggests to me that they are upholding the idea that Teddy is indeed moving on – and with Mark.  (Must insert here that the writers of this show should at least send the 5.5 writers a fruit basket for coming up with all these similarities.  Just saying.  If you don’t get the reference, don’t worry about it.)

"You better not move onto Cristina next because then I will end you." (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Oh, Cristina and Meredith.  Once again, you can see that Meredith’s true sister is Cristina.  As Lexie goes on and on about how Mark needs to move on and stop harassing Alex, Cristina and Meredith provide a united front with their various exchanges of looks and smiles.  Cristina honestly doesn’t care.  She only gives a murmur of interest off-camera when Meredith reveals that Mark seems to be interested in Teddy now.

There's no getting enough of Cristina. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

“You’re just that good, Little Grey.  There’s no getting over you.”  Freakin’ hilarious.  The way Cristina’s voice dips into that sultry voice that one would expect from a phone sex line.  That and the smile she gives Lexie pushes Lexie over the edge and forces her to leave the table in disgust.  She’s not going to get a sympathetic ear from this crowd.  And Meredith, instead of showing concern for her half-sister, simply says in an appreciative manner, “You clear the room.  Every time.  You clear the room.”  These two definitely have an ESP going on.  Which is why when Cristina responds to Owen’s plan (Owen, who trusts Cristina implicitly) with a simple, “Hmm…  Interesting,” Meredith is the first to pick up on the fact that something’s going on.

The fact that Cristina thinks that she can deceive the two people who know her the best is laughable.  And she isn’t even trying all that hard.  She gives them the same crockery that Richard gave Owen in the beginning about nearing the end of his career.  And before they can react, Cristina’s off to go report on her best friend and boyfriend.  I love how easily Owen and Meredith accept the fact that Cristina has gone to the other side.  Like I said, they know Cristina for who she is and love her anyways (and because of it).  And though they’re on opposing sides, her relationships with both aren’t the least bit negatively affected.

Cristina ready for some fishing. Game of the day? Harper Avery award. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

“Harper Avery bait.”  Yep, Cristina’s just full of the best lines in this episode.  I don’t know how she convinced Jackson to come with her – though it seems like she’s forcibly dragging him – but Cristina shows up with Jackson in order to improve the winning team’s chances of getting the Harper Avery award.  In this situation, Cristina really can’t lose.  She’s truly invested in both sides.  If Richard wins, she gets to scrub in.  If Owen wins, then it’s her boyfriend and best friend who win.  Of course, she’d much rather be able to cut, but if there were ever the two to take her place in the OR, one would think that it would be these two.

As Richard goes over his plan, we can see Cristina handing out copies of it to the three in the back.  Or rather, Owen and Meredith – she intentionally skips Jackson.  And I love how Owen glances up at Cristina when she hands him his copy.  And how Owen shoots Cristina a look when she says, “Snap!”  Yeah, that’s his Cristina.  But Owen ends up the victor, and we don’t see Cristina protesting at all.  Like I said, she wins both ways.  And that’s why she isn’t all that upset about “losing” when she’s in the gallery with Richard.

Team work. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Richard learns a little humility, and Owen asks for his help in the OR.  See, Owen doesn’t put pride before his patients.  And he’s not afraid of asking for assistance when he needs it.  And his priority is Audrey’s survival rather than an award.  I do find it interesting that during the operation, Meredith and Richard are on the same side while Cristina is on the same side as Owen.  Perhaps it’s habit, but we more often see Richard with Meredith and Owen with Cristina.  Regardless of the reason, I certainly do like seeing Cristina and Owen working together on the same cases, side by side.

I can almost see a tear... not. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

The final scene.  Cristina’s still hanging onto the hope of getting a Harper Avery out of the surgery.  (And look!  She says “Owen”!)  Jackson delivers a touching speech about the true purpose of the award, and for a second, it seems like Cristina’s absorbing it.  But she isn’t.  “This message was brought to you by the Harper Avery foundation…”  Another brilliant line.  And another instance of Cristina clearing the room.  Love how Cristina has her hands on her chest as if she was moved by his inspiring speech.  Love how Meredith and Cristina are just giggling.  Love Meredith and Cristina, period.  And love how Owen just laughs along with Cristina even though he has no idea what she’s laughing about.  He’s instantly happy because she’s happy.  How adorable is that?  Plus, you can see that there are no hard feelings between the lovebirds because Cristina ended up flipping sides.

Funny and hot. Owen sure hit the jackpot with Cristina. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

And now Meredith’s “jealous” speech.  I really don’t think that this insert of Owen being “jealous” from Meredith is implying any sort of romantic feelings on Owen’s part for Teddy.  To be quite frank, the idea had to be said.  Admit it, the moment you saw Owen step in and talk to Mark, all of us was thinking in the back of our heads, “Oh great, they’re going to make it so that Owen is jealous of Teddy and Mark.”  I know I did.  But when the conversation played out where Owen was more like the “protective older brother” rather than some “jealous ex-boyfriend,” I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  Owen is a good guy, as trinity says.  He gives Richard his surgery because he buys into his “I only have a few surgeries left” speech … until Cristina tells him that he’s being played.  And when Cristina reveals that she picked Richard so that she could spy on him for Owen, Owen points out – as if Cristina didn’t know already, “…but that’s cheating.”  He’s a good guy.  And knowing that he hurt Teddy already in a major way, he doesn’t need someone else adding to that by having her be just another notch in the bedpost.

So, the idea of Owen being jealous had to be said out loud for it to be addressed.  And it was addressed.  And the person to say it was appropriately the person who has Cristina’s back.  Meredith is Cristina’s “person” – she’s Team Cristina.  And given that Meredith is still distrustful of Owen for choking her best friend, of course she’s wary of him.  We know that Meredith realizes that Owen has been a huge part of Cristina coming back to being herself and being happy.  And time and again, it’s Meredith that points out that Owen loves Cristina and that’s why he sometimes does the things he does (e.g. as in “Invest in Love” when Meredith pointed out that Owen cares about her career, which is one of the reasons he was so upset about her rogue cutting).  But Meredith has seen Cristina devastated, and she doesn’t want that ever to happen again.  So, she’s protective – as Owen was for Teddy.  That’s what friends do.

Don't let the angelic smile fool you. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

And when Meredith claims that Owen was jealous, the way he reacted just proves that he wasn’t jealous.  He isn’t defensive, he doesn’t object – he stands there just listening with a look that’s partially surprised, partially understanding (of where Meredith’s coming from), and completely taken aback (ignore the math on this) on his face.  When he said that he and Meredith made a great team, he certainly wasn’t expecting the “best friend” speech.  And especially not so late in the relationship – it’s usually one of the things you say at the beginning.  But it has been coming since “Elevator Love Letter.”  And I think Owen realizes that Meredith has to say it, so he listens and takes it – even though he knows that he wasn’t jealous.  He understands Meredith’s need to protect Cristina, just as he knows that he was doing the same for Teddy.  I mentioned in my previous episode analysis that at one point, Owen was probably Teddy’s “person” (during the war) – so it’s understandable that he would be the one to tell Mark not to hurt Teddy.  Arizona doesn’t know Teddy as well, Callie is Team Mark – so the role of the protective friend has to be Owen.

Owen isn’t jealous.  Notice that Meredith says that she saw him.  She didn’t hear what he was saying.  She didn’t catch that Owen’s tone was not angry.  He’s just telling Sloan, one of his bromance buddies, that he can’t treat Teddy in the same manner that he’s been … uh … “treating” the nurses and drug reps.  Let’s compare this to a time when Mark did something to make Owen actually jealous – hitting on Cristina.  Now, that was a different story.  He didn’t know Mark at the time, so it’s not like he had any right to tell Mark not to hit on a woman that Owen had no real entitlement to (in fact, Owen was pretty much denying his feelings for Cristina).  But when he saw Mark hitting on Cristina, he first kicked Cristina out of his OR so that he didn’t have to watch any more of it and then projected his frustration onto the Chief.  That’s jealous Owen.  Jealous Owen gets angry.  Yes, there were other contributing factors to his anger, but jealousy was fuel to the flame.
As for Owen not defending himself, I preferred that.  Because, as I said, had Owen tried to defend himself to Meredith, that would have made him look guilty of having been jealous.  He has nothing to be defensive about.  He knows that he wasn’t jealous.  And Meredith obviously has something to get off his chest.  And in a way, I think he feels like she deserves to say it since she never got the chance to say something after the choking incident.  I have been expecting Meredith to give Owen a lecture like this since “Elevator Love Letter.”  Meredith isn’t afraid to speaking up for Cristina, and she’s certainly not afraid of Owen.  So, I appreciated the fact that Owen lets Meredith speak without objecting.  Not only did it prove that he wasn’t in fact jealous, in my opinion, but it also suggested that he still has some residual guilt from the choking incident.  I think Owen carries the weight of that with him every day.  And because he always carries that burden with him, it makes him treat Cristina as though she’s all the more precious and why he’s all the more unwilling to ever let her go.


15 responses to ““Push” for Laughs and Moving Forward

  1. SNAP!!!… I mean DITTO dear Dr.-Professor Shli!.. Bravo! Couldn’t agree more! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY OWEN WAS JEALOUS! I mean it’s like theres been this outbreak of COT-triangle-PARANOIA-plague or something! And like all bad SL-virus’s, it continues to lurk in the immune system of the CO faithful. Luckily, you and I and a few others had our YH1T1 shots some time ago! Because there seems to be a lot of SNAP-SNAP-SNAPPING amongst an increasing number of so called CO fans lately- literally! And can we blame them? Wish we could sprinkle a little of that HUBBA HUBBA-Land of Rainbows, Unicorns, and ALL things OWEN- ahem-Shirt on-Shirt off-McBadass-stappling-seductive eyeing- touching-kissing-loving Cristina-Mmmm-mmmmmm-dust! Failing that! I’ve got a rolling pin and lots of butter I can beat… Danish pastries anyone? Anyway, thanks again for keeping up the troops, I would have posted this there too (at the YHT), but I can’t remember my pw. Say hi for me!… YES, OUR GINGER, I said Ginger (love that name!;-P) MAN IS GOOD! Really Gooood!.. Hands down probably?No… Absolutely? Yes. The best man, best friend (yes! Friend to Teddy everyone out there!), best surgeon(yes! Patient is always first, above ego, above awards), Best Kisser, most trustworthy, decent, decent ,decent guy at SGMW! Anything that he is not can be blamed on the writers and the fact that you aren’t continuity-PA-with extra Privilages on the GA set! ;-Dhehe.
    Oh and I am soo wishing upon that rainbow with you, but will not jinx by saying the two M-words (marriage and moving in together) aloud… so Sshhh!
    Now back to lab for you, there is some Hubba hubba Owen-Mmmm-Mmm-Dust to be made! Ginge.x

    • Haha, thanks, Ginger! (Look, you got a pseudo shout out in the episode!) YH1T1 shot. HAHAHAHA. I love it. I think it’s also hilarious that you forgot your password. Oops. (This is why I make my computer memorize all my passwords. Fingers crossed that my computer doesn’t accidentally erase them all one day.)

      Definitely hoping for at least one of the M’s to happen. It’s become the other M word (you know, the “Scottish play”).

      Off to the lab I go! 😉

      As always, thank you for leaving a review!

  2. owenandcristinafan

    Ahh brilliant, brilliant brilliant,

    The whole jelousy thing worries me because I belive its part of the triangle becasue in on chelsea lately he spoke about the triangle and the way he was talking made me think it aint over yet,

    but I read what you wrote and I think you are right, you usualy are 🙂

    I loved mer in this episode, the way she said i will turn on you was just hilarious

    But sandra oh/ cristina was so funny this episode, she is a genius,
    lately the way cristina has been acting is very similar to her character in Arliss, which she is so funny in.

    • Thanks, owenandcristinafan! And yes, I usually am right. (At least, I’m going to say I am because it makes me feel better. Though, I haven’t really checked out my track record. I think it’s mostly hits than misses.)

      I adored Meredith in this episode. She really proved to be Cristina’s “person” and permanent teammate. Sometimes, we lose sight of the fact that Meredith and Cristina represent the main relationship of this show — not Derek and Meredith. Excepting that blip in their relationship that I will count as a necessity for Cristina and Meredith to become closer in their romantic relationships but otherwise don’t acknowledge, these two have been the biggest constant in the show. Love them together. And just imagining Meredith trying to take on Owen in any sort of fight is hilarious. Physically, she is the obvious loser. But as for trickery and deceit, Owen just can’t come close to the wiles of Meredith Grey. He doesn’t play dirty enough.

      I agree, Sandra Oh is a comedic genius. And lately, she’s been able to show off her skills in the humor department, which I definitely appreciate. Hell, I’m just glad that Owen and Cristina aren’t all angst-ridden as they are prone to be. Let’s hope that lasts for a long, long time. (Is it too much to ask for 40 years?)

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

  3. To quote the song “you’re simply the BEST”.
    When I first saw the CTV promo and I saw Cristina saying “I’m with Weber” I was absolutely sure that Cristina will play the spy role. Stupid me, I started laughting all by myself when I realised that I was right. And then I could foresee that she would play the double agent role. DELICIOUS. Cristina had the best lines, as usual. But I have to say that my line of the night was Owen’s “public health hazard”. I could not stop laughing.
    I think Owen has a lot of respect for Richard, after all he was the ones who offered Owen a job at Seattle Grace.
    Oh and the best caption: “I can’t believe McBadass is so gullible. I thought I trained him better.”
    As for Owen’s jelousy, there wasn’t any. Just someone concerned about his friend.

    • Aw, thanks, trinity! And actually, I think you just showed that you are the best. Your instincts were spot on. I was confused as to what was going to happen.

      Cristina definitely did have the best lines. She’s been having the best lines for the past few episodes. “Don’t cry on my ass.” “There’s no getting over you.” “Your heart’s, like, in your vagina.” All awesome. And her delivery? Just perfect. No one can do comedy the way Sandra Oh does.

      And Owen had his moments as well in this episode. You highlighted my favorite one: referring to Mark as a “public health hazard.” The man-whore totally is. Guess we know who’s taken full advantage of the clinic’s free condoms supply.

      I agree that Owen has a lot of respect for Richard. Owen has a lot of respect for everyone. I think it stems from his military background. But once Richard made it personal and called him “Ginger,” the gloves came off.

      And I’m glad you like that caption! But seriously, you would think that Cristina would show her boyfriend the tools of the trade when it comes to Seattle Grace’s tendency for espionage and games. When these surgeons get into the competitive spirit, the normal rules of decency are nowhere to be seen.

      And yes, Owen was not jealous. He has no reason to be. He made it very clear that he had no residual feelings for Teddy. And he continually chose Cristina. I saw no signs of Owen wanting Teddy for himself. All I saw was concern for a friend. I mean, if you want to see Owen jealous, just have someone tell him that Jackson kissed Cristina. That would rile Owen up for sure. And poor Pretty Eyes won’t be pretty for a while.

  4. Roselle (ranniez)

    Shli-I just read your review. I truly loved what you had to say. I admire the fact that you can look at each eppy and give your opinion without the frustration that I have said on so many posts and in so many ways that I feel about the writing for Season 6. (Does your background in psychology help with this? Am I right to think that your background is in psychology?) Props to you for being objective and in depth with your review. For me, too much damage has been done to my feelings about the Grey’s writing with the whole Teddy mess (although I love all the cast members except Kim Raver). I just feel like Owen and Cristina are such brilliant characters both individually and together as partners that they deserve so much better than what they have been getting. I’m looking forward to reading your review for Owen’s Iraq episode “Suicide is Painless”. Until then Shli I hope to see you on the Asylum. Keep up the brilliant work.

    • Hi Roselle! I’m glad you found time to read this. And yes, my background in psychology does help me to maintain a more objective (well, I’m totally biased in favor of Cristina and Owen, but you know what I mean) view on the episodes. Like we learn in these classes, focus on the positive and try to find ways to deal with or resolve the negative.

      I agree that Cristina and Owen deserve mature story lines. And it’s unfortunate that due to the nature of the show, they went through some plot events that didn’t do the characters justice in the eyes of the fans who adore them. However, even with the slip-ups, I hope that the upcoming story lines find a way to redeem the writers in your eyes. Until then, my advice to you is to focus on the good and cautiously hope for the best as I do. Trust me, it’s less frustrating this way.

      See you back in the Asylum! And thank you again for reading and leaving a comment. I look forward to our future discussions!

  5. Great review!!!! I think that you were right about the “jealousy” issue. I think it was a way to give Mer a reason to give the “don’t mess up speech. The Podcast really blurred the line between if it is was jealousy or not. Do you get that same impression from the podcast?

    • Thanks, pmj! I have to confess that I didn’t listen to the podcast, but someone was kind enough to put up the summary of it. And based off of that — and previous podcasts — I am always wary about what they say and advise that you take it with a grain of salt. I remember how they tried to make the Cristina and Jackson kiss into something more than it was. I mean, the point of the podcasts and writers’ blogs is often to stir up doubts so that you’ll continue to tune in to see what happens. If we know that things are going to be hunky dory, we’ll be less likely to watch the show live — and that’s how the networks get their money.

      Drama sells. It’s as simple as that. So, if the writers are trying to sell us on the fact that Owen may have been jealous in the podcast, then that can be their interpretation. However, based off of Kevin McKidd’s performance, my opinion is that he agrees with us — Owen isn’t acting out of jealousy. Writers represent only one side of the portrayal of a scene. They have their own intentions and thoughts, but it doesn’t always represent the ideas of the actors, directors, or editors. There are so many people’s views going into a scene.

      To me, the “love” triangle is over. Teddy has clearly moved on with Mark. Whether that relationship lasts, who knows? Notice how the writers still want the Mark and Lexie fans to hold out hope for their couple as well. There’s another ploy: get the Mark and Lexie fans to tune in on the off chance that their favorite couple will reunite in some way. Will it happen? I have no idea. But having that possibility will persuade some people to tune in. Just as some people are going to tune in on March 25th to ensure that Cristina and Owen’s relationship is left intact and that this triangle is indeed gone.

      I still think that there will be interactions between Teddy and Owen and Cristina. Obviously. And I think some people would be happier if they didn’t. That’s not going to happen. These characters will have to have scenes together at some point. And there will be drama. Maybe even residual awkwardness. But I think the key thing to remember is that Cristina and Owen are in a good place in their relationship — they’re stable, they’ve reaffirmed their love for each other over and over again throughout their trials and tribulations. So, I hope that the Cristina and Owen fans can take a step back from the dislike of Teddy or concerns over the “triangle” and focus on Cristina and Owen’s progression. Because for me, that’s what is important. And it makes it a lot easier to enjoy the episode when I’m not focused on the negative.

      • I don’t care about the podcast but blurring the line is my problem. If you want people to talk make Owen really jealous not this blurring the line. Have the gut to do it or just don’t do at all.

  6. Sherrie,
    Thank you for your fantastic review! I agree that having C/O in a lighter story line was a nice “break.” Less angst, more laughs, please. And Sandra Oh cannot do anything but deliver in this area.

    But right when Mer gives her speech to Owen, I was like “Oh nooooooo.” Here we go. I need Sherrie to post NOW because I need my positivity, reasonable analysis fix.

    Once again, your observations are so right on the money, not just about our obsession :), but about human nature in general – how and why people interact they way they do. LOVE IT! You are the best

    P.S. Trinity is wrong though (jk), best screen cap caption is: Someone’s going to get more than meat lasagna tonight. Wink wink.
    That’s just funny, plus Owen with that look. H-O-T. 😉

    • Thanks, eternal. I’m glad I can make you feel better. 🙂

      And haha. Yeah, Owen certainly looked like he wanted to ravish Cristina right there during that scene. Too bad she walked away. Bad Cristina. Stay for some wumpity-wump.

      Till next time! Hopefully, I’ll have a lot to write about in regards to Cristina and Owen. Good things.

  7. Hi Sherrie!
    I’m a little late reading this because I’ve been out of town but it was great recap as usual. You’re the best! I am in complete agreement with you about whether Owen is ‘jealous’ or not – he obviously isn’t. I think that whole dialogue was crafted after the writers were talking and getting ideas and saying, “You know, we’ve never had Mer do the best friend talk with Owen yet. We should do that”, because it just felt out of place and late in the game to me. It would have made sense, as you said, at the beginning of this season when they got back together. I guess they can check that one off the list now 🙂 Overall I liked that it was a nice light-hearted episode with lots of great lines from Cristina (the Harper Avery PSA was my fav). Take care!

    • Hey Kelly! Welcome back! And correction, you’re the best. I mean, hello? Look at all that fantastic fan art you’ve created. Always taking the top prize. 🙂

      And yeah, Meredith’s “best friend” speech was definitely a little late. Also, considering how Meredith was very supportive of Cristina and Owen’s relationship prior to this, repeatedly saying how Owen loves Cristina and cares about her, it seemed a bit odd that she’s suddenly going for the intimidation card with him. But regardless, I’m always up for scenes of Meredith supporting Cristina.

      That Harper Avery PSA was so unexpected. And seeing Meredith giggle in the background was hilarious as well. It really seemed like Cristina was feeling Jackson’s inspiring message… for all of 5 seconds.

      Till next week! (Curse you, FlashForward for pre-empting our show.)

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