What’s Ahead for Cristina and Owen?

Just having some fun. Feel free to stare...and drool... (Credit for screencaps used goes to In_The_After.)

So, this is something new.  I’m not doing an episode analysis.  Instead, I want to ask all of you, the people who actually read this blog (thanks, by the way), what you think is ahead for Cristina and Owen?  I don’t mean anything that’s been in the spoilers (not that there has been anything about where their relationship is headed), but just what your “gut” is telling you.  (Brownie point for whoever can tell me what episode I’m referencing there.)

We have 9 episodes left.  What do you think will happen for our couple?  Go crazy.  Speculate.  And let’s see how on the money we were at season’s end.  Comment away!


7 responses to “What’s Ahead for Cristina and Owen?

  1. You are referring to episode 5-10-All by Myself…..Owen told Cris to go with her gut to pick who should do the solo surgery.

    I think it will end with them moving in together..That would be the next big step in their relationship.

  2. Ok, I’ll throw my proverbial hat into the ring. This will probably be laughable in a couple months, but whatever. A girl can dream.

    In regards to Owen and Cristina’s living situation, I feel that they will move in to their own apartment together sometime before the finale. Instead of this being some big formal decision on their parts, I can see this move being based on Arizona and Callie’s desire to become more serious and have the apartment to themselves (kind of foreshadowed when Arizona said “This isn’t working for me”) vs. Owen and Cristina wanting to move in together because basically they are doing that already (ie: Owen saying “I’ll see you at home”). I think it could be a rather humorous and classic ‘Grey’s’ episode or scene if the two couples fought over the ‘custody’ of the apartment. I could see Owen being the gentleman in the situation and bowing out of the ‘competition’ and getting a new apartment for him and Cristina.

    On the PTSD front, I think it could go one of two ways: either a patient or a situation in the ER will trigger Owen’s PTSD and he’ll freeze up or he will have a nightmare (not a night terror though). In both scenarios, it will trigger him to talk about the actual events of his tour and what happened when his unit was attacked. While I think that we’ll see Teddy in the flashbacks, Cristina will be the one that he will tell his stories to. I think it will be Cristina for two reasons: 1. Cristina revealed her traumatic past to him in 6×13 so now it is his ‘turn’ and 2. Teddy was already there so obviously she doesn’t need to have the stories re-told to her. I also think that his PTSD episode will not be as bad as the ones last year and it will show how Owen has gotten so much better in managing his PTS. I also hope with this resurgence of the PTSD, someone (Mark/Callie/Derek/Owen) will cue in Teddy to how Cristina stuck by Owen throughout all of his treatment, especially since I think that this will be the first time Teddy will find out that Owen has PTSD.

    In regards to Teddy, I really hope that they will back away from the triangle storyline. Instead I wish that at the end of the season, Teddy and Cristina have some sort of medical breakthrough (such as Meredith and Derek’s tumor treatment) and they are recognized and awarded for it. If they really wanted the viewers to like Teddy, maybe they will both be featured in a medical journal, ala Derek’s front page, but unlike Burke, Teddy will give Cristina all credit she deserves (because I think that if this breakthrough happens it will be Cristina with the light bulb moment). This could be the or part of the ‘victory’ that Shonda alluded to in one of her tweets earlier in this season. I also think/hope/pray that they will have Teddy hook up with Mark.

    For the season finale, I’m still going with an engagement. This may be a stretch but I’m going to cross all of my fingers and toes and hope for the best. We’ve just had too many commitment/marriage allusions this season for this (I think) not to happen this year. I feel like they are going to end on a happy/lighter note because they have had such an angst-filled season where their relationship has constantly been put under pressure and tested. I think that the twist will be Cristina asking Owen if he wants to get married. I’m not sure what will prompt this but I’m going with it anyways based on my gut 😉

    Ok, so that was ridiculously long but even if one of these scenarios happens I’ll be a happy camper because if any of the couples deserves a happy ending – Owen and Cristina do.

  3. owenandcristinafan

    Oooh good one ok, hmmm well what I want to happen and what I think will happen are two different things I think,

    ok first heres what I think will happen:

    1) I think Owen will have another PSTD related drama, he has too I dont think its realistic for him to be cured and that be that. I think the waxed grizzly bear will have some involvement in that im not convinced this triangle is over it felt to easy but we’ll see.

    2) I think by the end of season 6 they will be either married or moved in together and have a baby and they will all live happily ev er after 🙂

  4. Hmm…I know what I would like to happen, but we don’t always get that with Shonda and Co. What I think will happen is this:

    1. Owen will have a PTSD episode and Teddy will either be involved herself or she will witness Cristina and Owen working through it (obviously, second option is my preference). If Shonda and Co. truly want to move away for the super lame triangle, Teddy will have to witness or be made aware of the bond between Cristina and Owen – they went through their own war of sorts and I don’t think their bond could be easily broken by either of them.

    2. If Cristina is injured in some way (a la Meredith drowning), Teddy would witness how deeply Owen cares for Cristina (this is a drama after all)

    3. I think Owen and Cristina will move in together before the season finale (that is not a huge deal and the writer’s have done this with all couples without huge fanfare; even with Cristina and Burke, Burke just “keyed” her initially even though there was some drama about her not giving up her apartment). I would guess that Callie would leave the apartment before Cristina since the apartment was Cristina’s find (well Izzie’s technically)

    4. Two season’s have come to an end with wedding drama (Burke leaving Cristina and episode arc of Mer/Der and Izzie/Alex); I know it’s not original but I think we might actually see a wedding or proposal between Cristina and Owen (or they will just simply come back from the courthouse married)

    Good food for thought!

  5. I agree with those who are speculating on a big step forward for Owen and Cristina (moving in together, engagement, etc. ) But if I go with my gut I actually think they could be married by the end of the season (and ITA that Cristina may very well be the one to suggest it!) because they basically already live together and they don’t need a long engagement, because they’re not going to have a big wedding. But I bet Cristina surprises herself and wants a little more than City Hall. I’m thinking West Point Lighthouse or someone’s backyard or something similar. And then I always imagine a small party at Joe’s or whatever. No extraneous people. Just their close friends and their moms (and, yes, I think Cristina would invite Helen).

    I tend to agree with that mirroring/parellels theory, too.

    Season 1: Meredith “loses” Derek
    Season 4: Meredith commits to Derek (House of Candles)

    Season 2: Denny Dies (Izzie in prom dress)
    Season 5: Izzie almost dies (Izzie in prom dress)

    Season 3: Cristina has non-wedding from Hell and ends up sobbing after ripping the choker off of her neck while Mer cuts her out of the dress and consoles her

    Season 6 prediction: Cristina and Owen have wonderful wedding of their dreams (small, intimate, casual) and Cristina is probably wearing something beautiful and comfortable, too. And eyebrows are intact …LOL! Happy, married Meredith congratulates her Person….

    I think a PTSD flare up is probably a given at this point and my dream is that Cristina will, as always, help Owen deal with it and Teddy will get a clue that Cristina both loves and deserves Owen. And ITA that the episode won’t be as bad as before (showing progress) but will occur (showing that PTSD doesn’t just go away overnight). And ITA that Teddy doesn’t know about Owen’s PTSD so this will be a big awakening for her.

  6. Ok, I’ll try to explain =P

    I think the next time will be Teddy to help Owen when he has an attack of PSTD so Teddy discovers Owen’s problem, I think this will speed up their new friendship.
    I remember an old casting side, when Teddy arrives at SGMWH, where Teddy says she feels lucky because she hasn’t nightmares and Owen feels uncomfortable, maybe the authors have modified this dialogue for episode 18. I hope Owen tell Teddy that Cristina was the only person who has been around even when he was very ill.

    I’d like Callie and Arizona to organize a dinner for their friends Mark and Teddy so that they know better =P

    I would love that Owen and Cristina moving in together, but I’ll miss the apartment Callie/Yang.

    I do not think this season there will be another marriage. Maybe Cristina will present Owen to her family. When Cristina accompanied Owen to his mother I think that she has been presented as a friend, I also think that Owen has not told his mother that he had almost killed her, I believe now it is time for Owen to tell the whole truth to his mother.

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