Up the Hill Backwards

So after last week’s heavy Cristina/Owen sexy screentime, I wasn’t expecting much.  I mean, when I first heard that there was going to be a C/O & MerDer double date, I was very excited…but after I heard that it gets interrupted, I figured that we might be on the low end tonight  But what can you do?  I can go with quality versus quantity tonight.  And in my opinion, the implications of this episode are very good for us Cristina/Owen lovers!

Maybe if he those that sexy eyebrow arch enough he will actually manage to convince Cristina that there is life outside of the hospital (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x).

Our first shot is the Fab 4 on their way to their double date.  Clearly Derek and Owen are more into it than the Twisted Sisters (kinda adorable how the guys and girls said things at the same time—“it’s Valentine’s Day!” vs. “we don’t do Valentine’s Day!”).  Cristina is seriously jonesin’ for some surgery, per usual, and starts tweaking out when she sees an ambulance drive by.  Owen basically tries to tell both ladies to chill out, but as they see more and more ambulances pass, the guys worry that they’re going to get paged.  Right on that one!  Time to go back to the hospital (at the relief and excitement of both Mer and Cristina).

Her boyfriend might be super scorchingly hot, but Cristina still doesn't do Valentine's day. (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x)

Once we see Derek and Owen come in through the ambulance bay, it was time for me to swoon.  Owen was looking fiiiine in his date outfit and then being all kinds of kickass trauma surgeon-in-charge was hot.  Super hot.  I love it when he gets all badass doctor on everyone—it just wasn’t long enough for me.  Then again, it never is!  It’s super, super sexy.  I’m sure Cristina agrees with me too.

Sexy sexy sexy man in charge!!! (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x)

Oh, also…cue awkward bump-into-Teddy moment in the ER.  She just looks at him.  We’re in crisis-mode, woman, no time for your breathy awkwardness.

Here's a riddle: how many awkward moments does it take for a Teddy to get a clue about Owen? Answer: hopefully only one more after this scene. (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x)

Speaking of awkward!  How about that scrub room scene with Owen and Teddy? Uh…yikes.  It was just…hard to watch…and listen to…for so many reasons.  I don’t blame Owen for just standing there and scrubbing away while Teddy rambled on.  As a friend mentioned while watching, Teddy is describing herself as Snow White with a bikini wax.  And, really?  A bikini wax?  That was TMI for me—and Owen too apparently.  Trust me, I know plenty of military people, some of which are women, and just because they’re best friends doesn’t mean they talk about bikini waxes with their guy friends while deployed.  Does Owen come off to you as someone who would discuss a bikini wax?  So yeah, too far.  Anyway, I guess the point of the scene was that they miss having each other as friends (well, Teddy misses Owen more than Owen misses Teddy, in my opinion, because at least Owen is comfortable at SGH with friends and a girlfriend).  So it looks like they are trying to get some sort of resolution on these two.  I much prefer the writer’s focusing on the missing friendship between Owen and Teddy as opposed to Teddy’s pathetic crush on Owen.

Just when she couldn't get any more cringe-worthy, Teddy mentions a bikini wax. Uh, yikes. (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x)

Now, even though the storyline isn’t connected to Owen or Cristina or Teddy directly, I think that the story of Emile and the married couple very much mirrors the situation with Owen, Cristina, and Teddy.  In the patient’s story, Emile loves the woman from afar for fifteen years and thinks that her relationship with her husband is not as good as what he could have with her.  That she’s unhappy and that her husband is controlling or just not good enough for her.  Finally he (accidentally) confesses his love to her, but we hear the patient tell Mer just how happy she is in her marriage.  She goes to that restaurant because her husband loves it, he orders for her because he knows what she likes, and they don’t talk sometimes because they just don’t need to.  Sounds like a happy couple that a third party thought wasn’t (ahem).  Anyway, so I took a little comfort from Emile dying because he is the mirror for Teddy.  Not that I have a death wish out for Teddy (just a disappearance wish, okay?)…but I think (also hope!) it symbolized the end of Teddy’s attempts to get with Owen.  As we see in the last scene, it looks like she’s bowing out at long freaking last.

And before we get to the ending, there are a couple other things I would like to tip my cap to in this episode.  One, is that Eric Dane managed to provoke an emotional response from me during this episode!  I am admittedly not enthralled with this baby drama stuff with miniSloan (can’t call her Little Sloan because…didn’t we establish that that was Mark’s penis?), but him being so excited about adopting the baby was very touching.  I mean, the guy wanted a baby with Addison (he bought a Yankees onsie–that hits me hard, since I’m a huge Yankees fan), but lost it.  I’m sure this is especially hard for him.  I’m so happy that Callie is so there for him though.  When Grey’s does a friendship, sometimes they get it just so right.  This is one of those cases.

This was surprisingly sad, since I usually find ED limited as an actor. Maybe the new Daddy-ness in his real life is helping him. (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x)

And also, how much do I love the apparent love blossoming between Lexie and Jackson?  Hmmm, well a whole damn lot!  One, it gets Jackson away from Cristina (not that he has really persued her much since the kiss-we-do-not-speak-of) so that my Coconut sensibilities don’t need to be compromised when I hopelessly drool over how hot he is.  Second, it would take Lexie away from Mark.  I don’t like them together and Jackson is in her age-bracket.  Third, with Mark available, the Mark & Teddy romance can begin.  While obviously I just want Teddy away from Owen, I also happen to think that these two would make a good couple–and they are also in the same age bracket!  Fourth, I think that Jackson and Lexie might be good for each other.  He already helped her speak up and be heard by the Attendings and maybe Lexie could be the one to see past Jackson’s good looks (read: super sexy hotness) and make him feel like more.  And lastly, if Jackson is in a relationship with someone…that makes it more likely that the powers that be will let him stick around even if the other MW-ers happen to leave.  Which means we all win, because we get to see his sexiness every week.  So yeah…watch out for these two–and root for them with me!

I would love to root for this couple...because he is hot and it just sets everything up so nicely. And did I mention that he's hot? (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x)

A closing scene with Cristina and Owen leaving together—yay!  They’ve got arms around each other and he even kisses her forehead.  Sigh, how adorable are they? (pssshah to those who say they never have tender kisses!).

Squeeeeeeeeee! 🙂 (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x)

Then Teddy shows up.  I totally rolled my eyes when she did.  She asks to talk to Owen if they can talk for a second so Cristina tries to make a quick exit, but Teddy tells her to stay.  I also like to note that Owen shakes her head when Cristina offers to leave, he also puts a hand out, showing that he wants her to stay too.  Teddy says she told Owen she loved him (in front of Cristina, who makes a classically awesome awkward face…but seriously, how awkward are these three together? It’s sort of hilarious!), but that she wants to take it back.  Unring the bell, as it were.  She misses her friend more than anything, she can deal with the rest because she has a nice cottage (seriously?), and a great job, and a fantastic student.  She basically demands that they be friends and tells Cristina she gets to scrub in on a valve repair in ten minutes.  Cristina happily runs off after giving Owen a little stroke (so cute, clearly that Burke talk helped them resolve some stuff—he let her go do surgery on Valentine’s Day!) and Owen says he will see her at “home” (squeeeeeee!  When are they officially going to move in together already?!).  Sigh…anyway, then Owen gives Teddy a look and tells her that she just “can’t unring a bell”.  She says she knows that, still gives him one of those wistful looks (seriously?  You can’t do that if you’re going to be friends!), and says she’s going to try like hell anyway.  And you know what?  That’s just fine with me.  Let her try and let her move on to a man that is not as happy in his relationship, or how about a man that’s not in a relationship at all (coughmarkcough)?

Cristina is not going anywhere. There is seating for 3 at this Awkward Table. (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x)

So ends the massacre and, hopefully, that horrendous “triangle”!  I believe the promo for next week was the first one I have ever seen that had literally zero new footage.  Those were all recycled (lame!), but that means we should be getting a new promo one before Thursday.  So next week is “Time Warp”, the flashback heavy episode with young Ellis, young Richard, dreadlocks Bailey, and pre-Grey’s Callie.  Let’s just hope there’s enough present-day Cristina/Owen to keep us interested since after this week there is at least one week of hiatus.  Oh, and happy Valentine’s day.


12 responses to “Up the Hill Backwards

  1. Riss, I absolutely love your review! Even the non-Owen and Cristina part. I agree that Mark made me feel for him for the first time ever.

    Think that Jackson and Lexie are cute, though I am afraid they are saving her for Alex in case Izzie leaves for good. If she returns I think she might indeed go for him.

    Guess I will never like Teddy, but I can live with her being away from Owen 🙂

    Thanks for a great insight on the episode… I guess next week we will be lucky if we see as much Owen and Cristina 🙂

    • Aww, thanks for the comment!

      I could see them saving Lexie for Alex, but I don’t really see them as a couple. They are both rebounding with each other…we’ll see.

      I’m hoping for at least a little C&O next week!!

  2. Hey, Hopecrowe
    Great review as always. I agree, that last scene with the 3 of them was really awkward. Top of the awkwardness.. Need to point that when Cristina said “I’ll wait in the car” made me think, since she lives across the street of the hospital. So that means either they were going out, or going to his place (don’t know which is better).
    And it will interesting to see the pre-Grey or should I say pre-gay Callie.
    And how is it for Owen to live with three women, assuming that he spends most of the time at Cristina’s.

    Keep it coming, ’cause you are doing a great job.

    • Oh yes!! Good call on the truck thing…although, I suppose it is plausible that he was going to drive back to her place. i like the idea that they were going to go on a date even more. 🙂
      Thanks for the comment and see you next week! 🙂

  3. Haha, you and your lust for Jackson. I’m definitely sensing some Jackson and Lexie thing going on. Of course, there is first some Alex and Lexie going on. A whole lot of Alex and Lexie going on. And though I know your ultimate wish is for Teddy to disappear and James Purefoy to come in as the new cardio god, we’re stuck with her.

    Great review! I can’t believe you beat me to it. Lol. But yet, mine still came first. Weird… (Don’t hit me.)

    • Omg…I do love me some Jackson hotness 😉 But yeah, I think the Alex/Lexie is a sexual distraction from the more real connection between Lexie and Jackson. Just sayin!

      And how dare you remind me of my James Purefoy dream…I was just starting to let that go (not). Sigh…what the hell, JP can do anything, I just want him there!!!

  4. Nice review! I agree about the bikini wax – Owen didn’t want to hear about that! I can’t imagine that he ever willingly listened to waxing stories in the desert. I tell stuff to my guy buddies at work – but not about the lady parts. I think Teddy has been deluding herself for a long time if she thinks he’s okay with hearing about that.

    And yes, here’s hoping that awful “triangle” stuff is now in the past.

    • Thanks! And yes, I have a best friend who is a guy…funnily enough, bikini waxes have never come up in conversation. I like keeping it that way…

      hopefully this week’s episode was one in which Teddy gets several clues…and that the little bow they tied at the end was deep damage control (funnily enough, but Owen did over in Iraq) for this poor excuse for a triangle. This type of thing only works when the couple isn’t completely in love with each other…whoops! 🙂

  5. Yeah! MarkTed, or Sloeddy all the way!! Can’t think of a name just yet for them, but I thought they looked like a nice pair sitting next to each other way back at the Attendings Lunch scene. lol.. Jackson lust eh? Hmmm. Well, I have a feeling you will get your wish…just so long as Alex doesn’t fling with that awful Reed. And I second that psshah, and raise you another SQUEEE, and sigh… some of the most heartfelt moments, and some of my most favourites will always be Owen’s little loving gestures, from pecks on the forehead, cheek, his arm around his woman, to him just sleeping on top of her. Awww. There is no better MAN for our Cris!.. Now to James P. I had to google him, to realise I’ve seen hime before, though not to the extent of some.. hehee.. I’m guessing you were one of those people that watched Rome. Episode 4??;-P Thanks for a great review Riss/Hope… Oh, and the music was far better this episode than the last one, reall thought the music was off in State of Love and Trust!

    • Hmm…Meddy? Maddy? Tark? Toan? Who the hell knows? I just want them together 😛 I agree, actually after writing this I ended up re-watching that Attendings lunch. She seems to laugh quite a bit with him.

      I don’t know who I want Alex with…but I just have a feeling that this Lexie thing is just a fling.

      Owen and Cristina really are perfect together. Damaged, but so in love and adorable 🙂

      As for James Purefoy, yes…he’s freaking hottt. And I’ve seen & own ALL of Rome. It’s so so so sooooo good.

      I know what you mean about the music, I think it was a little more background this episode as opposed to the last episode.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!! 🙂

  6. You know what Teddy needs? She needs a female friend. No man needs to be subjected to her mindless blabber about bikini waxes and frolicking deer. Arizona needs a friend, maybe they can do lunch or something.

    • I’m with you for reals. I hope they follow through on that. I could see them being friends. While I don’t want anyone subjected to Teddy’s discussion of bikini waxes, at least AZ is a woman. And they have that military connection…AZ said she liked her in 6×09. Let’s cross our fingers.

      Better yet, we could send her a poisoned apple, right? 😉

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