Trust Me, I’m A Doctor

So for all that whining (which I’m sure I participated in more than I’m proud), we Coconuts finally got our super sexy hotness.  Not once, not twice, but THREE times.  And the cherry on that sundae?  We got a deep, emotional Burke conversation.  Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Basically, I was blown away and I had trouble processing just how awesome it was.  The 2+ feet of snow that shut down my power over the weekend didn’t help with getting this blog out in time either, so pardon my tardiness.

Now we start off with a bang (literally—hee!).  Sherrie can attest to the fact that the only thing I could manage to text her with that first scene, only a minute in, was “holy shit!”.  Seriously.  Owen’s all sweaty and these two…my goodness, the way they’re panting and thrusting and staring into each other’s eyes like that?  And Owen has sweat on his forehead (clearly this has been going on for a while), they’re both completely out of breath, you can hear Owen grunt right after he flips her on her back, and his eyes get all half-lidded and sexy when he’s looking at her.  Can you tell I’ve watched this a couple times? Oh yeah.  They have such good chemistry.  And I can tell right now that this recap is going to be so much more gushy fan-girl than it usually is (and that’s saying something!), but anyway…we see that Cristina and Owen are “getting along” as Owen later says.  And I love that the song that’s playing (“Bang Bang” by Melanie Fiona); it’s playful and sexy, just like Cristina/Owen at the moment.  We’ll see how long that lasts…

I don't know how to caption this...except holy shit, this was hot! (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

After the chaos in the OR with Bailey and Meredith, we see Owen walking in to hear Derek’s big speech about him taking over as interim Chief of Surgery.  Teddy tries to make small talk with him and then wants to (I assume) apologize for making an ass of herself the other night at the bar.  Owen’s really not interested in talking about it so he says as much and walks over to stand by Cristina.  I love this scene because we have Owen trying to be supportive of his friend (who is clearly very nervous—notecards?  Really?  Well, it’s kinda sweet.) and then Cristina who has never really warmed to Derek (saying he looked like “an undertaker”?  Seriously, Cristina gets the best lines on this show!).  Throughout this scene you can also see that Owen has some major dirty in his eyes.  He can’t stop looking at Cristina in a way that looks like he just wants to pounce on her.  I mean, overall, in this scene we see them keep sharing silent looks—something they did a lot in season 5, which I loved.  It is funny seeing Teddy glaring at the totally oversexed (if there is such a thing) Cristina and Owen from the background.  Especially after Cristina whispers something (probably about when and where their next romp will be) in Owen’s ear, to which he nods and smiles.  Oh those two…

Yeah, they're definitely hot for each other. They're totally about to go for another round! (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Well soon after, we see Cristina run up to Teddy asking her why she isn’t on her service.  Teddy explains that she needs to give other residents a chance since SGH is a teaching hospital.  Fair enough.  Cristina thinks that is just fine, but when she asks about the tomorrow or the day after that, Teddy balks and says that she “just can’t today”.   Teddy bugs.  I can’t help it.  I wanted to like her, hell, I still want to like her.  But they just make it so hard for me.  First she tries to manipulate Owen by telling her about Cristina, now she isn’t putting Cristina on her service because of personal issues.  Which makes it all the more hypocritical later on…

Seriously, Teddy? I just can't deal with YOU today...or anyday. (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

And then we find Owen pacing around in…the vent!  I miss that place, it really is where the magic happens, right? You just have to love the way Owen pounces on Cristina when she walks in.  He really does not want to talk to or about Teddy, and that seems to be a method to distract Cristina. I will repeat, these two know how to kiss.  I just don’t get it when people complain about Owen looking like he’s eating Cristina’s face.  Um, isn’t that a good thing?  Hell, I’d sign up for that right about now!  Also love his hands all over (as usual), and then the way he slams her against the vent wall?  As a friend told me, there’s just something so sexy about the way he just has to have her right then and there.  And he does.

It was really just a matter of time before they got it on in the Vent, right? (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

However, it wasn’t without a little bit of pain on Cristina’s end…haha, literally her—okay, maybe that was a lame joke.  But seriously, this scene was nothing short of hilarious.  Alex investigating as to why Cristina can’t walk straight is hilarious.  And on a more serious note, I’m proud of Cristina noting that Owen’s “caveman-like” behavior might be caused be something other than just being all hot and bothered.  You have to give Cristina points when she can pick up on something emotional that has not been verbalized.  So she wonders if his “mostly hot” need to have her everywhere and anywhere has something to do with him being upset about her offering him to Teddy.  But her emotional musings are interrupted when Alex decides that he doesn’t like the mystery and pulls back the curtain (he also gets the line of the night with “hot crossed buns!”).  Meredith gets paged, drags Alex away, and Lexie has to finish up.  Cristina is not inclined to discuss her sex injury with the younger Grey, but apparently the memory of sex injuries past with Mark gets Lexie all weepy.  Cristina responds with another classic line from the night, “please don’t cry on my ass!”.  I always find that I love any scene that the residents are in together and the song (“Do Do Do” by Nellie McKay) really added to the playful tone of the scene.  It’s very bluesy and old-school in a way that played up the humor really well in the scene.

Cristina gets deep as Meredith treats the vent marks on her ass. Never a dull moment at SGH! (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Meanwhile, Teddy is once again brushed aside when she tries to talk to Owen; he just mutters a “busy” at her and keeps walking.  Jackson walks over, looking quite proud, carrying all the charts Teddy had asked for in numerical order.  Teddy sneers “numerical order?” because apparently Cristina usually organizes her charts based on the urgency of the patient.  But whatever, it will have to do because she just doesn’t want to deal with Cristina.

Enter bromance!  I saw the promotional pictures with Owen, Derek and Mark in Derek’s new office and it made me all too excited.  The scene lived up to it for me too!  I loved that Mark and Derek bust Owen on his hickey (how adorable is it that he tries to pretend it is a birthmark?! And then just says that him and Cristina have been “getting along”), how Mark and Derek both think Cristina and Owen are good together (as opposed to Yang and Burke, which Derek aptly describes as “too monosyllabic” hah!), and that Mark blabs about the failed wedding (I wonder if that will come up later…ahem).  An undertone in this scene is the shifting dynamic between the three guys; Mark and Derek were best friends, practically brothers, but Addison happened.  In my opinion, their friendship is not one of equals or a real friendship.  Like it was mentioned last season, Addison is a card that Derek can always pull on Mark, and Mark takes a lot of crap from Derek.  Now we have the new bromance that is Owen and Derek (which I totally squee over) and they are much more on equal footing.  It doesn’t hurt that their girlfriends/”wives” are best friends either.   But Owen helped Derek when he was out in the woods, Derek helped Owen with his PTSD, and now you can see that the small things show how the new focus is on Derek and Owen.  For example, it is small, but you can see that Owen bought Derek a new toy for his office and Mark seems slightly jealous about it.  Also, Owen shows genuine concern for Derek (by asking about the conference room showdown seriously) while Mark just wants the gossip and is put off when Derek says it isn’t his story to tell (“not even to me?”).  Derek also trusts Owen’s advice and input, as he looks directly at Owen when he mentions the impending lawsuit, as Mark brings it back to his women problems.  While the dynamics between each of them are different, I think as a trio, they are hilarious.

I just love the McBoys reaction to Owen's "birthmark". He is so. busted. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

And now, Alex’s patient is in some kind of cardio trouble and Teddy decides to page Cristina.  But just when you thought this episode couldn’t get any hotter, we get the hottest lovemaking that ever was scene on primetime network television.  Seriously?  Owen is all shirtless and sweaty and kissing Cristina anywhere he can reach.  Cristina sees Teddy’s page and is about to leave and we see what the “point” of all this caveman-like sexing has been.  Owen doesn’t want Cristina to leave.  Teddy has another resident and he wants her to stay.  His hair is tousled, he’s sweaty, and sexy, and he’s giving her a face that is basically impossible to refuse.  He begs her not to go and you can tell that Cristina is seriously in love with Owen to even considering ignoring the page.  When I was watching, I was terrified that Cristina would leave.  I was scared because even though he definitely should have let her go, he seemed so vulnerable and insecure about her leaving him that if she left, he would have been devastated.  So after rationalizing why she didn’t have to go and asking her to stay, we see her put down her pager and stay with him.

This scene made my TV explode. (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x)

Meanwhile, Teddy is in surgery waiting for Cristina to show up.  Finally, she realizies that she isn’t coming and lets an eager Jackson assist.  Let me say, while I didn’t like him getting his paws on Cristina way back when, but I really like Jackson these days.  He’s learned his place and he’s fun to look at.  So let’s give him a chance, eh?

We see Teddy leaving surgery and Cristina pulling herself together after her…consult…with Owen, to see what’s up.  But Teddy is not having it.  She said that she expects an answer when she pages Cristina and that at the very least she thought she could rely on Cristina to act professionally (here is where I thought the hypocrisy kicked in—professionally?  Taking someone off your service because you don’t like that her and her boyfriend are happy is professional, Teddy?  Yeah…no holier-than-thou professionalism lectures from you, missy).  Cristina tries to apologize but Owen steps in (savior complex and all) and tells Teddy that it wasn’t Cristina’s fault, but he detained her with “a trauma thing”.  Hah!  Teddy just gets even more pissed because this is the first time Owen has given her the time of day in a while, so she storms off.  Cristina looks devastated and turns on Owen asking what he is trying to do to her.  He tries to talk to her but she stops him and walks away.  Owen looks on cluelessly…oh boy.  I was definitely concerned that this was where the episode was ending for Cristina/Owen.  I even texted Sherrie as much, but she assured me there was still time.  And oh, was there time!

Owen's "savior complex" in full swing. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Now, before we get to the excellent final scene of the episode, let me tip my hat to a couple other scenes that I liked towards the end.  One being the scene with Alex and Arizona at the end of the episode when she explains to him that he can’t get overly emotional.  He has to advocate for kids, but he doesn’t get to berate scared parents.  After she yells a little bit, she asks him how it felt to save that kid’s life.  He says it “feels great” and smiles in a way that really made me happy, given all the shit he has gone through with Izzie recently.

And second, although I never really cared about the couple, the elevator scene with Lexie and Mark struck a chord with me.  It was sad.  I know what that’s like—standing in silence with someone that you used to be so close to…it’s a very heartbreaking moment and I think that came across well on screen.

Now, the big finale!  So I love that Owen has let himself in (has he been keyed without us seeing it?  Oh well…I’m just happy it happened!) and he says he’s trying to understand Cristina.  She corrects him and says he has been trying to “screw her into submission” and that she let him because his ego was hurt and the sex was so good (side note: sorry, but couldn’t help deriving some pleasure from the fact that she noted how good the sex was…not like we couldn’t tell!).  He continues saying that he’s trying to understand her, know her, love her…but he doesn’t know how because she won’t give him anything.  She makes a low blow saying that the vent burn was like a brand mark, like she’s chattel (which is basically like property, or a slave) and Owen barks back that he’s trying.  But then he softens when he says “I don’t know you”.  He sounds so desperate to know her, so scared that he’s losing her.  To the point where he throws out Burke’s name.  I like that he asks why it didn’t happen, not why she didn’t tell him about it.  Cristina does not want to go there but to Owen that just proves how she never gives him anything.  He concedes that maybe he was trying to sex her into submission, but that it was more like the only way he knew how to connect with her.  He says that he will try anything, but he needs her to give him something.  Cristina still doesn’t want to talk about Burke because he’s “irrelevant”.  Owen hits her with a low blow of his own when he says “yeah, like I’ll be in three years’ time”.  Cristina is clearly bothered by this because she stops pouring her beer, closes her eyes painfully and looks at him saying “that’s not fair”.  Owen persists, “I’m trying to love you, why won’t you let me?”.  We see Cristina’s face chance and those who have watched the show since at least season two know why.  When Burke found out that Cristina had not sold her apartment (essentially just pretending to move in with him), he goes on a rant that ends similarly, but with a very distinct difference.  If I could summarize (in a totally unbiased way) Burke’s speech, it was essentially: Here are reasons I am awesome.  Here are reasons that you are not.  “I love you, what the hell is the matter with you that you won’t just let me” (the part in quotes is actually what was said at the end of it).  Now, compare the two.  You can see why it struck a chord with Cristina.  She sees the comparison, I’m sure of it, and that prompts her into talking about Burke.

Even the best couples have dirty, painful fights. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.

Cue amazing Sandra Oh monologue.  Seriously, is that woman an amazing actress or what?  The speech was also well-written and spot on about how Cristina’s relationship with Burke was.  I love that Owen just stands there and listens to her.  He knows just how hard it is to get her to open up, so he is taking it all in.  Cristina says she is finally herself again and that is so important to her.  She’s scared that she’s going to lose herself again over a man, like she did with Burke.  She says, outright, that she loves Owen more than she loved Burke and that scares the crap out of her.  If she loves Owen more than Burke and lost pieces of herself to the point where she couldn’t recognize herself anymore, what could she lose with Owen?  But the difference is that Owen doesn’t want to change her, he’s just scared about losing her.  I’m also convinced that Owen is heartbroken when Cristina says that him asking her to ignore Teddy’s page was him taking a piece of her—you can just see it on his face.  And when the camera zooms out we see that Owen simply takes her hand to comfort her.  It’s very simple, but so sweet.  The song also ties in with the scene (“Yours” by Fay Wolf).  It ties in to just how Cristina mates for life.  She just can’t stay away from Owen, even that would be easier for her so she doesn’t have to risk losing parts of herself again.  But I don’t think she needs to worry because from Owen’s reaction, I don’t think he’s ever going to put her in a position like that again.

Cristina gives him something back and he promises never to take a piece of her again. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

So how did we like the episode?  As I watched, I swear it was almost as if a Coconut had written it.  Hot sex, vent sex, the Burke talk…I mean, it was just all around quite satisfying.  Now we have Valentine’s Day to look forward to in a couple days.  Here’s hoping it keeps our spirits high, though I doubt another episode is going to top this one for awesomeness any time soon!

14 responses to “Trust Me, I’m A Doctor

  1. We loved the episode, but you already knew that. I laughed out loud at this: “major dirty in his eyes.” Uh, yeah, Owen is liking him some Cristina. And we know that Cristina has some tricks up her sleeves when it comes to sexual activities.

    I love that the song that plays during the Burke talk was “Yours.” So fitting, as you said. Owen and Cristina are each others’ — equal partners in a relationship where they are beyond their individual parts. In this case, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts — Cristina and Owen, separately. The lyrics “I’m yours” repeats in the background, and it comes in at the pivotal moment in the scene. Prior to this, there’s no music. But when she finally decides to open up about Burke, it starts playing. I think it’s significant. It’s in that moment that she’s giving herself to Owen — freely and at no cost to her self or identity. In other words, she’s sharing. And that’s all Owen wanted — for her to share herself with him because he wants to help take on some of her burdens in addition to sharing the joys in her life. He knows that his PTSD was a major burden to her — and now, he would like to reciprocate by being there for her. Sweet, huh?

    And about the kissing… Yeah, I don’t see why people don’t find it hot. I think it’s too hot for television. And everyone should be kissed like that at some point. Sorry, but I’d take Owen kisses over any of the other males’ kisses any day. Me like the “caveman.” 😉

    • Word. Nice thoughts on the song, lady! And I really, REALLY don’t get why everyone isn’t as hot and bothered about the caveman-ness of Owen & his kisses. Clearly some people are just too vanilla 😉

      • Seriously. I want me some caveman-ness kisses. Not manners, mind you. But kisses? Yes, please.

        And why thank you, love. 🙂 All your thoughts are nice. Though some are a little naughty. Hehe.

      • Word. And yeah, it’s all a little dirty…they wanted me to watch that and have my thoughts NOT get dirty? Please…

  2. Well you know I loved the episode. And I’ll take Owen kisses over a certain someones fish kisses. I loved reading your recap, because I felt like I was watching it thru your eyes. Now I must go to YT and watch all over again.

    Great recap!

    • Awww, yay! And yeah…some people want more tender/gentler kisses. I mean, the way I see it…Owen finds a way to be all passionate AND tender. And seriously, if Derek is what a “tender” kiss look like…no thanks. 😛

  3. And that first screencap you used….yeah I could stare at that all day. HOT.

    • Oh yeah…as you well know, as I was doing the recap…I literally couldn’t get myself past re-watching that scene for a good long while because…it’s just SO HOT. Phew…going to rewatch now…maybe it will melt some of the snow we just got, lol (seriously–another freaking foot!).

  4. Great job, Girl!

    Are you trying to kill me with the photos? HOT!

    And ITA that it is beyond hot in the vent when Owen has to have her right NOW! *swooning*

    Yes, the Owen /Derek dynamic is wonderful. Can’t wait to see how that grows. I have a feeling we get more in the next episode.

    Last scene? Epic. ITA that Owen will be so very sorry that he (in a moment of weakness and neediness) “took a piece” of Cristina. We is so scared of losing her. But Owen learns from his mistakes and now that Cristina has let him in a bit (and he knows that’s HUGE for her….especially after what she shared with him) he’s gonna do better…

    • Haha, you okay? Yeah…a couple of those pics made me pass out while writing this. I had quite a bit of trouble getting past the first scene to finish this, LOL!

      I can’t wait to see where these two go from here. I think Owen will slice off his own hand before hurting Cristina now…especially since she opened up to him. Sigh…

  5. ITA with everything that was said here, so I won’t repeat it. Excellent review, Hopecrowe. And might I add that the captions you put on the pictures were pretty hilarious? I especially liked, “This scene made my tv explode.” HA!

    • Haha, thanks for dropping a comment! 🙂 It seriously was way too hot to handle, so some of them I literally sat there like…uhh, what can words say about this? 😉

      Valentine’s Day episode tonight! 🙂 Yay!!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m a Greys’ fan in London and I am CRAZY for Cristina and Owen (more particulary Owen as I think he is just gorgeous, hot, sexy, you name it!) and as soon as one episode is over, I want to know what’s happening in the next one and being few episodes behind you, I’m depending on youtube but of course I’m not getting full episodes, just clips which leave me saying to myself ‘Huh, how did that come about, or what made that conversation happen?’ So imagine my delight when I came across your little treasure and these wonderful recaps?! I love the way you write and the things you pick up on. Brillant.

    KMK/Owen has, as far as I’m concerned raised that ante on GA and easily gives the likes of Shepherd and Sloan a run for their money. He is awesome. He is MAN!

    I haven’t seen/read anything about people not liking the way Owen kisses Cristina, but I love his passion and only wish I could get me some Hunt loving! He can sex me into submission any old time. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched the clip that your first screenshot comes from on youtube. The look on Cristina’s face, to me says everything. That lucky girl!

    Thanks again and keep up such great work!

    • Awww, thank you so much! Must be hard to be running a few episodes behind, but I’m glad you enjoy the recaps!

      I too am obsessed with the two of them (especially Owen–agreed that he is everything you mentioned)! I had lost interest in GA after s4 and didn’t start s5 until a few episodes in, but then I happened to catch a glimpse of Owen and I was hooked!!

      Anyway, the people who don’t like how Owen kisses are generally other shippers (MerDer, Calzona, etc.). I honestly don’t get it one bit, I mean, this is how REAL couples kiss! But different strokes, I guess!

      And fyi, I had trouble doing this recap because a) there was so much and b) I couldn’t manage to stop replaying the first hot scene for quite a while, lol!!

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