“State of Love and Trust” And Ridiculously Hot Sex

An epic episode for Cristina and Owen -- screen time and content wise. (Credit for screencaps used goes to freaky_x.)

Warning: This post is ridiculously long because there was just so much stuff to discuss.  Read at your own risk!

Holy shit.  Please excuse my French (though, in French, it’d be something more like “putain fais chier” — now, really, excuse my French) but those were the two most uttered words last night from Cristina and Owen fans alike.  Even all us self-professed spoiler whores did not see this coming.  We got the hint from Shonda that there was “so much Cristina and Owen sex,” but holy cow, I didn’t realize that we had been such good Coconuts or inmates to get Christmas in February.  Thank you, Santa Shonda and Stacy McKee (who, by the way, is a total Cristina/Owen fan and thus an honorary coconut).

Not only was there an abundance of hot, hot sex (as the title of this blog alludes to), but there was a major step in the right direction for Cristina and Owen as a couple.  Kevin McKidd kept his promise: Cristina and Owen are a stronger couple because of this “love” triangle.  In this episode, Cristina and Owen’s relationship really exemplified the title theme of love and trust — and of course, insanely hot sexual chemistry that set millions of television sets on fire.  Not to mention the libidos of women across the country (perhaps even world) who tuned in for this aptly rated S episode (and that’s S for Seriously Hot Sex).

But I digress.  Let’s see if I can stop re-watching these scenes long enough to actually put in some analysis instead of mere drooling, sighing, or squeeing…

First scene up is definitely not helping me refrain from doing any of the above actions.  Yep, I never knew that five seconds of seeing two people just panting and kissing could be so hot.  And that didn’t even involve seeing what was going on from the neck below.  In fact, it’s probably because of the fact the rest was left to our very active imaginations that it is just that darn hot.  The sweat on Owen’s brow, the faint shudder that runs through Cristina’s body – subtle suggestions of what we can only assume to be some of the damn good sex these two are having.  Though, I would not have said no to an extended version.  But let’s hope that we get that on the DVD, as Krista Vernoff and Stacy McKee mentioned in the podcast.  Let’s just say, DVD sales would skyrocket based off the sales to us avid coconuts alone.

The first time of three during the episode when all the coconuts fainted in their seats. Holy shit, this was hot. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

So while everyone else is concerned about what the repercussions are of Derek becoming the interim Chief, our couple is busy with the wumpity wump.  And though it’s hot, as I’ve said repeatedly already, it does start to suggest that some serious avoidance is going on.  Think back to Dr. Wyatt’s remarks in the beginning of this season.  Talk, not sex.  And until the very end, these two are avoiding discussing the situation in favor of physical activity.  But later, we seem them showing signs that they did remember Dr. Wyatt’s lesson.

In the background, Derek’s voiceover talks about how it’s hard for surgeons to trust, how the only instincts that surgeons can count on is their own.  It’s understandable how that would be true.  These people literally hold other people’s lives in their hands every day.  They have to trust in themselves and their own capabilities.  It comes with the job description to need to be in control.  To be a person that others can count on, not necessarily the other way around.  It’s a tough job.  No wonder these characters have such a hard time with relationships, considering the fact that fully committed relationships are about the assimilation of two identities into one collective one.  And I don’t mean codependence, but more in the sense that the pair becomes a fused unit.

In the case of Cristina and Owen, Cristina doesn’t really completely trust Owen.  Yes, she loves him – she’s said so numerous times, and I believe her.  But trust him?  Not fully.  I believe this is why she thought that Owen would even think of choosing Teddy over her in “Holidaze.”  This is why it is such a surprise that Owen would stick by her even when she “traded him of.”  And it’s not like Cristina doesn’t have reasons not to trust the man she’s in love with.  The last time she fell in love, the man left and caused significant emotional (and in a way, even professional) damage.  Meanwhile, Owen trusts Cristina to a much higher degree in that he has opened himself to her, whether it was by choice or not.  In order to get through the healing process together, Owen had to put his trust in Cristina.  During the therapy scene with Dr. Wyatt, he lets Dr. Wyatt know that she can say anything in front of Cristina about him.  I wouldn’t say that there are no secrets between them, but Owen is more forthcoming than Cristina when it comes to his past.  Even when he had just come back from the war and wasn’t yet in a relationship with Cristina, he trusted her enough to tell her what had happened to him.  She was probably the first person he told about the RPG ambush outside of the necessary military personnel.  Since the moment he met her, Owen felt a connection to her – even when he tried to fight it.  And now that he can’t live without it, it’s no wonder that he’s trying so hard to keep that connection alive.

Owen is not perfect, nor does anyone ever claim him to be.  So, his method in dealing with the Cristina and Teddy situation is not exactly the best way one should approach it.  In other words, brushing off Teddy and screwing Cristina into submission is not the way to go.  But he’s so worried, as we see later, that he’s losing Cristina, that this is the only way he can think of reacting.  He’s in a sort of panic, so he instinctively goes for the physical.  As the writers mentioned in the blog and in the podcast, Owen knows that he can count on their chemistry.  And boy, do these two have chemistry.  He’s not secure in the emotional, so he almost overemphasizes the physical to compensate.  And he severs his ties with Teddy because he thinks that having any sort of genial relationship with Teddy will jeopardize his relationship with Cristina.  In “Holidaze,” during the scene in the ER when Cristina realizes that Owen is looking at Teddy and not her, Owen knew that he had hurt Cristina and that infuriated him.  He was mad at himself, and he was mad at Teddy.  So, in his clumsy way, Owen is making sure that Cristina won’t have reason to think that Owen has feelings for Teddy again by purposely alienating Teddy.  It’s why he is so adamant that he loves Cristina.  It’s as though he feels the need to keep saying it because he doesn’t think she believes it, especially having made the mistake of asking Teddy to come here in the first place and creating this whole mess.

The first interaction with Owen and Teddy shows this.  In the last episode, he had met Teddy for drinks, but this was before he was aware that Teddy had essentially made Cristina choose him or her.  Prior to this, I’m sure that Owen was still holding out hope that the three of them could get along, that Teddy would get the idea that Owen was with Cristina now and move on.  In Owen’s mind, Teddy dragged Cristina deeper into this mess.  A mess that Owen inadvertently created through his good intentions.  A mess that Owen was trying desperately to keep Cristina from getting pulled further into.  Make no mistake, Owen is insanely protective of Cristina.  Savior complex, remember?  So, it’s no wonder that he’s angry at Teddy and trying to distance himself from her as well.

The look of surprise on Teddy’s face after Owen brushes her off is twofold.  First, she still thinks that they’re friends since he did meet her for drinks after all (and probably got her a cab home).  Second, she believes that she still may have a chance with Owen in a romantic sense especially after she revealed to Owen that Cristina had given him up.  But not only does Owen address her curtly, he walks away from her and stands next right behind Cristina.  Teddy is still operating under the assumption that Cristina and Owen’s relationship is new and not serious.  In the podcast, Krista and Stacy discuss Teddy’s views on this relationship, suggesting that Teddy doesn’t consider these two as serious as Beth and Owen were.  This is why she thought it appropriate to take a shot and see if things could work out between her and Owen.  Teddy probably considers Cristina a rebound girl.  And it’s somewhat understandable why she would think that way.  She didn’t see these two together throughout Owen’s battle with PTSD.  She doesn’t even know that Owen has PTSD.  All she sees is the physical aspect of the relationship, not the emotional.  Of course, Cristina and Owen tend to keep the emotional side of their relationship extremely private.  I doubt any of the other characters would have known just how deeply these two were invested in each other had they not witnessed Cristina and Owen trying to get through his PTSD together.

See Cristina and Owen in the background? How cute. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

In the little snippets we catch of Cristina and Owen throughout Derek’s speech, you can definitely tell that these two are a couple, which could not be said for most of season five.  Before, Cristina and Owen’s interactions among their colleagues were fairly professional.  There was a rare occasion where there was a hint that they were together.  The most obvious public display was in “Now or Never” when Owen and Cristina kissed on the bridge, where anyone could see them.  But throughout season six, we’ve seen more and more touches that allude to them being a “real” couple – as defined by Owen in “Goodbye.”  This scene demonstrates this.  When Owen stands behind Cristina, you can see that his hand comes to touch her at the small of her back.  Plus, he stands right behind her, well within her personal space – a sign of familiarity.  For example, Cristina would never let Jackson get that close to her if she had a choice.  There’s also the moment when the camera is focused on Mark as he watches Lexie join the crowd that you can see in the background that Owen’s hands are on Cristina’s shoulders.  Definitely not a touch of an attending and a resident.  Add in the constant glances that Owen gives Cristina during the speech (first of amusement when Cristina makes fun of Derek, then of discomfort or concern when Richard Webber appears) with the final, most obvious of intimate display (Owen whispering something – a possible “meet me in the vent later” – into Cristina’s ear so that it almost looks like they’re kissing followed by a guiding hand on her shoulder as they walk away together smiling) and you’ve got one jealous and hurt Teddy.

Le sigh. How sweet and obviously intimate is this look? Teddy definitely notices. (Credit for screencap used goes to freaky_x.)

Teddy, who now knows that Cristina didn’t give up Owen (and vice versa), replaces Cristina with Jackson because the last thing she needs is to be reminded constantly that Owen didn’t choose her.  As she tells Cristina later, “I can’t today, Cristina, okay?  I just… I can’t.”  Not the most professional of moves, yes.  And I’m sure it didn’t help many fans like her any better.  But I don’t blame her for doing it.  She is caught between genuinely liking and respecting Cristina and hating her for being the woman Owen loves.  For all intents and purposes, Cristina and Teddy would make a great cardio goddess team if it weren’t for the fact that they loved the same man.  It also doesn’t help that Teddy doesn’t really see why Owen loves Cristina, considering the fact that Cristina was willing to give Owen up for Teddy.  Judging from Teddy’s drunken confession, she doesn’t think that Cristina deserves Owen.  Sure, she values Cristina professionally; but she doesn’t think Cristina is really worthy of Owen’s love.  Just as she didn’t think that Beth was worthy of Owen either.  But it’s less of Teddy thinking that she’s a better woman than Cristina and thus more deserving.  In my opinion, I believe that Teddy thinks that she loves Owen more than Cristina does.

And now onto the vent scene.  You can sense how antsy Owen is from the constant pacing and glances at the door.  And it’s not the excited kind, either.  No smile, just this look of intensity.  Owen means business.  He’s going to show Cristina just how right she was to choose him.  He’s going to make Cristina forget all about Teddy.  So, when Cristina comes in talking about how Teddy is blackballing her, he kisses her senseless to make her stop talking about Teddy.  You can hear Cristina’s first muffled sound of surprise, followed by the customary, faint moans of pleasure.  Yep, these two sure are noisy kissers.  Gotta love it.

You ready for round 2? (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

And how hot was it when Owen stops the kiss to whisper in this gruff, almost Batman-like voice (the newer incarnations with Christian Bale), “I don’t want to talk about Teddy.  Do you want to talk about Teddy?”  Followed by Cristina’s soft “no.”  Hot, hot, hot.  And the soft whispers turn into this rough and ready, slam against the wall sex that just oozes of urgency.  No wonder Cristina was so caught up with passion that she ends up getting a lovely vent burn on her butt.  She probably didn’t even realize it until afterwards.  Once again, it’s left to our imaginations what happened next, but you can bet it was insanely hot.  So hot that it couldn’t be aired on ABC.

Seriously, someone needs to put the extended version of this on the DVD. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

We see Owen briefly with Mark as he overhears the shouting match between Derek and Richard and then with Teddy when he gives her the same brush off he once gave Cristina in “Wish You Were Here.”  I wonder if it would have made Teddy feel better had she known that he’s treated Cristina in the same way.  Granted, Owen sought Cristina out later and he wasn’t being intentionally rude.  Just professional.  In this case, he’s purposely being blunt.  As I said, he’s severing his ties with Teddy because he is afraid of doing any damage to his relationship with Cristina.

“Hot cross buns.”  How hilarious is this scene?  I have to admit that when I first saw Cristina limping into the ER, I thought she was suffering from something other than a burn.  More along the lines of a different sex injury that results from too much sex.  You catch my drift?  But in reality, Cristina is suffering from “hot cross buns,” as coined by Alex.  Not only do we get a hint of what went on in the vent room, but we see some lighthearted interaction between the residents, most importantly, the “twisted sisters.”  What a great friend Meredith is for dressing Cristina’s wounds.  (Side note: it seems Meredith knows about the vent since she didn’t react in any way when Cristina mentions that it’s a vent mark, not a grate burn.)  And how typical of Alex to ignore Cristina’s desire for privacy by pulling aside the curtain to check out Cristina’s ass.  (Love the collective “Alex!” that Cristina and Meredith give while Alex grins, casually eating his apple.)  This scene was such a classic, funny Grey’s moment.  Lately, it’s been rare that we got such a lighthearted moment for Cristina – or the characters in general.

An embarrassing sex injury. Bet it was worth it, though. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

But underneath the humor, more is revealed about Cristina and Owen’s relationship.  Thanks to her sessions with Dr. Wyatt, it seems Cristina has learned to see through Owen’s physical acts.  In this case, she sees beyond the “caveman-like” behavior that’s “vaguely disturbing” but “mostly hot” (similar to the “slightly stalker-y” but “romantic” comment) to the truth that Owen is probably still a tad upset about her offering him to Teddy.  Look at that, our Cristina is growing up emotionally.

After the brief brush off mentioned before, we get a hilarious bromance scene.  Owen shows what a good friend he is when we learn that he got Derek a miniature basketball set while Mark, Derek’s longtime friend, got him nothing.  It just goes to show how different Mark and Owen are, and why Owen is becoming a better friend for Derek.  It’s interesting that this time around, the twisted sisters are with men that actually consider each other friends.  Burke and Derek weren’t ever really friends.  They tolerated each other because of their partners, but they were competitors first.  With Derek and Owen, there’s a real camaraderie, especially since Derek was there to offer help when he saw that Owen was going through a difficult situation.  Also, we see Derek turning to Owen when he was going through the dilemma in regards to the Chief rather than Mark, who tends to be more self-absorbed (as he shows in this scene).

The three men together are comedic gold.  Mark behaves as his usual self, not even listening to the fact that Derek is struggling on his first day.  No, all he wants to talk about is his own situation and gossip.  Oh, and how if he had bought Derek a present, it would have been better.  (Reminds me a bit of men comparing a certain appendage in the locker room.)  On the other hand, Owen proves consistent in not listening to gossip when he just learns that Mark slept with Derek’s ex-wife.  I don’t think he’s realized that the redheaded woman that came in was Derek’s ex-wife since the two have yet to meet.  (Sorry, Riss, I know you want that to happen.)  Derek shows maturity in telling Mark that certain things aren’t his story to tell.  It’s great to see him all grown up.  I have to admit, I’m really liking Meredith and Derek more and more as time goes by.  Their earlier characterizations were too immature for me – the constant on and off, indecision, and petty fights.  Married Meredith and Derek are much, much better.  I like them.

Anyways, the hilarity continues when Owen tries to pass off his hickey has a “birthmark.”  Nice try, Owen.  He’s a terrible liar, which is not a bad thing.  He’s shown to be a very honest person, so it’s no wonder that the couple times he’s tried to lie, he failed miserably.  The first that comes to mind, other than this one, is when he lied to the Chief about Derek using the OR to operate on Isaac.  Didn’t work then and didn’t work now.  Birthmark, indeed.

That is so not a birthmark. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

And then, Owen, always being the consummate gentleman who doesn’t kiss and tell, merely says that he and Cristina are “getting along.”  More like getting it on.  For a guy who’s about keeping his personal life private, he doesn’t hide his hickey all that well.  (Guess he’s too manly to borrow some concealer from Cristina and cover it up.)  Of course, he didn’t do anything to hide the scratches on his neck in “Elevator Love Letter” either.  Perhaps he thinks that people would just not notice or ask him about it.  But it’s Mark and Derek.  They’re his new guy friends.  Of course they’re going to point it out and make fun of him for it.  Or in Mark’s case, be a bit jealous of how well things are going for Owen and Cristina.  But unlike Mark, Owen doesn’t reveal much about his personal life.  While Mark openly discusses the fact that Lexie slept with Alex, Owen deflects.

Now, it is a bit of a puzzle as to why Owen’s hickey appears here and didn’t appear in the other two scenes between the vent room frolicking and this one.  Although one can chalk this up to shoddy continuity-keeping, I would rather pretend that Cristina and Owen had a little something-something that we didn’t see where Cristina paid Owen back for the mark on her butt with a little “branding” of her own.  Turnabout is fair play, after all.

Caught in a lie. Guess Cristina felt like marking her territory. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

It’s interesting that the writers had Mark say that Owen and Cristina are better than him and Lexie.  Not to offend the Mark and Lexie fans, but Mark and Lexie are the only couple who are not in love.  The few times that either of them spoke about love for the other, it was in jest or with uncertainty.  So, in a way, Owen and Cristina are better than Mark and Lexie.  Cristina and Owen are in love, they are committed, and there is no doubt that they are meant to be together in either of their minds.  Yes, they have their problems (as we see), but they are willing to work through it.

What’s more interesting is the fact that the writers had Derek and Mark say that Cristina and Owen are better and more suitable together than Burke and Cristina were.  Now, I will admit that I love Cristina with Owen infinitely more than I liked Cristina with Burke, so I am biased.  But I do appreciate the Burke and Cristina relationship for what it did for Cristina in the sense of growth.  And those two were the reason why I first tuned into this show in the first place.  I didn’t get hooked until Owen appeared, but Burke and Cristina definitely got me to tune in.

The funniest put-down I’ve ever heard comes when Derek calls Burke and Yang too “monosyllabic.”  It has no meaning, but it is perfect.  They weren’t boring – far from it.  But Cristina and Burke just ended up in a place where it just didn’t seem like they belonged together anymore.  With any healthy relationship, there has to be a balance.  And as reaffirmed later, from Cristina’s perspective, the Burke and Cristina relationship was too one-sided.  It always seemed like Cristina had to be the one to change in order to accommodate Burke.  But it’s no surprise that Derek and Mark prefer Owen over Burke.  Owen is their friend – something that Burke never became.  So, in their book, Owen is way better in general.  In all honesty, it’s not even about Cristina since neither of them really gets Cristina.  Sure, Derek is married to the other twisted sister, but he and Cristina aren’t really buddies.  Cristina is a mystery to them, just further showing how private of a person Cristina is – a rare trait that both Owen and Cristina share.

Speaking of women being mysteries.  Taking a step back from the actual episode and into the general scope of these three men’s relationships, one must note the different stages that these men are at.  In Derek’s case, he knows Meredith.  He’s had six seasons to get to know her – through the drowning, the dirty mistress phase, the dysfunctional family, and so on.  And now, these two are finally married and solid.  Next is Owen who doesn’t really know Cristina as well as he’d like to (which comes out later in that epic scene at the end of the episode) but desperately wants to.  He is trying to understand Cristina – and he knows some, but he’s missing a lot of her past.  But the main thing is that Owen is making an effort.  Unlike Mark, who isn’t even trying to understand Lexie or why she would sleep with Alex.  He’s just angry.  He can’t see beyond his own pain and troubles.  In other words, Mark still has some growing up to do.

And Mark also has to learn some discretion.  It is to no surprise of anyone that Mark spills the beans about Cristina having been engaged to Burke.  I’m so glad that the writers decided to have Owen not realize the extent of Burke and Cristina’s relationship until now.  We deserved to see the Burke talk, and it was better than I imagined.  More on that later because…

These on-call rooms haven't seen action like this before. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

…we have to discuss just how hot round three was.  Holy shit.  You know, I’m pretty surprised that we got this on ABC.  Here I thought that we wouldn’t get something as graphic as the “Elevator Love Letter” love scene again since it’s rare that we get the full-on love scenes.  Can you blame me?  It took our couple nineteen episodes before they first consummated their relationship.  Guess they’re seriously making up for lost time.  I believe Cristina and Owen set the record for most sex (that we’ve seen) in one episode.  Seriously.  This was almost pornographic.  And trust me, I’m not complaining at all.  (Does that make me disturbed or a pervert?)

The breathing, the kissing, the touching all over – all good.  The skin.  Holy shit.  (Yeah, I’m going to be saying that a few times.)  I’m not going to go into too much detail since that would seriously start getting towards the rated mature side, so let’s leave it at it was mind-blowing hot.  And I love that Owen keeps kissing whatever part of Cristina he can get his lips on while she’s trying to reach for her pager.  He just can’t get enough of her.  And that’s the way it should be.  Not to mention how sexy it was when he kissed her shoulder then her lips.  Pretty close to the back of the neck, wouldn’t you say?  And we know that Owen loves the back of Cristina’s neck.

Cristina and Owen do "hot." (Credit for screencap used goes to freaky_x.)

Okay, focus back here.  Let’s get down to the underlying meaning of all this.  When Teddy first interrupted Cristina and Owen’s on-call room romp in “Holidaze,” many of us were anticipating a time when Cristina would ignore Teddy’s page in favor of Owen.  And in this episode, we got that.  Although Owen was asking Cristina to stay more for insecurity’s sake than horniness, the important thing is that Cristina stays.  She’s choosing Owen over Teddy as some sort of compensation for having made the opposite choice before.  And Owen’s not making it easy to say no.  He’s asking so prettily, so seductively.  As the writer’s blog mentions, he’s desperate to keep her and love her.  He’s not intentionally manipulating her.  And also, it’s not like he’s not ordering her to stay.  He’s giving her a choice, saying “please” and trying to tempt her to stay by caressing her skin and giving her a pleading look.  Granted, he’s making it extremely hard to not stay, but it’s still a choice.  He’s hurting, and Cristina knows it.  She knows that if she chooses Teddy, it will hurt him again.

And I don’t think that Owen would have asked Cristina to stay if she had been on Teddy’s service.  He knows that Jackson is on Teddy’s service, so it’s not like Teddy is lacking help.  In this moment, both Teddy and Owen want Cristina.  It isn’t a matter of need, it’s a matter of wanting.  There’s a difference.  Owen would never put his own personal issues before a patient’s safety.  He’s not that type of person.  He trusts Jackson to be capable to help Teddy, and he’s right – Jackson does fine.  So, it’s not like Owen is asking Cristina to make the irresponsible choice.  Teddy doesn’t need Cristina to have a successful surgery.  No, Owen’s asking Cristina to choose him.  (But not in so many words as when Meredith asked Derek to choose her, pick her, love her.)

On a lighter note, I found it amusing that Cristina just drops the pager as the lovemaking commences.  That’s right, Cristina, screw the pager and get back to the, well, screwing.

When Cristina and Owen finally emerge from the third round of insanely hot sex, we get the confrontation between the couple and Teddy.  This marks the first time that the three have interacted since all the cards have been put on the table.  It is ironic that Teddy is getting angry at Cristina for being unprofessional when Teddy herself has been behaving unprofessionally.  It’s a tad hypocritical.  Though not completely because Teddy did page Cristina after all regardless of her personal issues with her.

Cristina and Owen getting back from a "trauma thing" to deal with Teddy. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

And once again, Owen’s good intentions go awry.  Owen tries to shoulder the blame for Cristina not answering the page by giving some lie (he really does stink at lying) about how he had a “trauma thing” (more like a “trauma” in his pants) because he won’t have Cristina being berated for something that isn’t her fault.  Note that he says, “This wasn’t Cristina’s fault” not “Dr. Yang.”  There is no longer any pretense that they’re merely colleagues, and Owen inadvertently makes it obvious that he’s defending Cristina as her boyfriend, not as her attending.  Anyways, Owen ends up further enflaming the situation because Teddy sees right through him.  She knows what they were doing, and it makes things worse –between all three of them.

All the sex and tension finally culminates in the epic scene at the end of the episode where Cristina and Owen finally face the issue head-on and talk about what is really going on.  From a logistical standpoint, the viewer instantly gets the sense that something important is about to happen because there is no longer any music.  No music is needed to add to the drama and power of this scene.  Sandra Oh performs superbly, and Kevin McKidd definitely is part of why this scene is epic.  These two actors just blow me away time and time again.

Back to the world of the show, we finally get the Burke talk.  We got hints of it coming before, but I couldn’t quite believe that it came true.  “I’m trying to understand you.”  Owen expresses a similar frustration that Burke had.  Cristina is hard to read most of the time, and she doesn’t give a lot of herself away easily.  But while Burke tried to make Cristina into something that she wasn’t, Owen is asking Cristina to let him in and get to know her more.  I wouldn’t go as far to say that he doesn’t know her, as he claims during their argument – he does.  And it’s also not entirely true that Cristina doesn’t give him anything.  She gives him her present and her future, but she doesn’t give him her past.  When Owen replies to Cristina’s comment about how Burke is irrelevant with, “Oh, yeah, like I’ll be in three years’ time,” Cristina pauses what she’s doing.  It’s a low blow, and he knows it.  She expects him to know better than to think that.  She loves him – and it’s the forty years (and more) kind.

Owen so desperately wants to know her.  He says it himself: “I’ll try anything.”  But while Cristina knows of the skeletons in Owen’s closet, Owen really doesn’t have an idea of hers – the major one being Burke.  And Owen believes that if she tells him, they can move forward.  He doesn’t want their relationship to reach a dead end.  He’s really in it to the end – the end being a long, long time from now.  But that can’t happen if he doesn’t feel like Cristina trusts him enough to open herself up to him about her past.  And having been engaged and nearly wed is a major thing that had to have had consequences.

I honestly like that they’re arguing.  It wouldn’t do if Cristina felt unable to yell back or call Owen out.  The thing about Owen is that he is not too proud to admit when he’s wrong.  He admits that maybe he was trying to screw her into submission, but it was all so that he could maintain their connection.  He’s being more vocal about his feelings, and it’s admirable.  Both he and Cristina, as we know, aren’t the talkative type.  So, it has to be pretty damn important if they’re forcing themselves to open up and discuss what they’re feeling.

“I’m trying to love you.  Why won’t you let me?”  As Riss kindly reminded me, this is the same line that Burke once said to Cristina.  And perhaps this is why Cristina finally talks about what she went through with Burke.  Now, I’m no expert on the Burke and Cristina relationship since I have not re-watched the earlier seasons in a while, but I don’t think it’s as important as to how accurate Cristina describes the history as how Cristina feels about what happened.  And what Cristina feels is that Burke took pieces of her and molded her into the type of woman Burke wanted her to be – a woman that was no longer Cristina Yang.

What we'd been waiting for -- the Burke talk. And boy was it epic. (Credit for screencap goes to In_The_After.)

“Me, Cristina Yang.”  She’s used this phrase before.  Back in “Now or Never,” Cristina told Owen, “I love you… Me, Cristina Yang.”  Pretty significant, don’t you think?  That she admitted at the time that she, the real Cristina Yang, loved Owen.  She wasn’t some version of herself that Owen made her to be.  She was just her, Cristina Yang – and she loved him.  And still loves him, “more than [she] loved Burke.”  Now, I know that his line probably angered the Burke and Cristina fans out there, but I don’t think it was necessarily a dig at Burke.  Personally, I think that with the growth that happened post-Burke, she became more capable of love in the same way that Meredith did.  Do I think she could have gotten to the point where she could love Owen more than she loved Burke if it hadn’t been for Burke in the first place?  Honestly, no.  Burke was a crucial part of Cristina’s development into a loving partner for Owen, where she has become so entwined with Owen that it “scares the crap out of [her].”

And neither does Cristina downplay her love for Burke.  It was real.  She even admits that she would’ve have married him – even then, even when she felt like she was having to be someone she was not.  And that speaks volumes.  Make no mistake, Cristina loved Burke.  It’s an indisputable fact.  She would not have done the things she did if she didn’t love him.  But her love for Burke is not the same as the love she feels for Owen.  (And one also has to be thinking that if she was willing to marry Burke – a man who took all these pieces from her, doesn’t that make her more likely to marry Owen – a man who is trying to love her for her?  Just saying.  It’s a nice thought.)

The matter-of-fact way she says that she loves Owen is a far cry from the first time she awkwardly uttered those three little words to him.  She’s so candid about her love for Owen, which is a huge step for her.  It’s not even a big deal – it’s just a fact.  She loves Owen.  It’s as simple as that.  But it’s something that Owen needs to hear because when Cristina chose Teddy, she stirred up doubts within him.

What’s even more amazing about this scene is that even though Cristina is making herself vulnerable and opening herself up, she’s taking such a strong stance.  “You took a piece of me, and I let you…  And that will never happen again.”  She is telling him that she loves him, but he isn’t allowed to chip away at her identity.  She won’t go down that path again, especially since the way back was excruciatingly painful.  (Although, I do want to point out that I believe Owen had a major role in helping her return to her “former glory” – to borrow a couple words from Derek’s speech.)  He never asks her to be anyone other than herself.  I’ve said repeatedly how Owen adores all her quirks.  Sure, they sometimes make him cringe and he doesn’t always agree with her, but he doesn’t ever make her feel like she has to be anyone other than who she is.  That doesn’t mean that she hasn’t changed as a person.  Cristina has, as all people do.  But it wasn’t in a manner where she felt she was going against the grain of who she is.  Not only that, but Owen himself has changed since being with Cristina.  In both cases, the change stems from wanting to be a better partner or person, originating from their own desire to do so.

I love that Owen takes Cristina’s hand.  After a day of sexual contact, this is a step back from the physical and a sign of the emotional.  He’s trying to comfort her.  It’s perfect that he doesn’t try to kiss her or hold her.  Just a small touch that shows that he understands now.  That he won’t take a piece of her or make her feel that way again.  I don’t think that was ever Owen’s intention.  The last thing in the world he wants to do is to hurt her.  I’m sure it pained him to know that he did.  Every time he’s inadvertently hurt her, Owen feels complete wretched and tries to remedy the situation.  From the “hot and cold” incident to “Wish You Were Here” to the ER incident with Teddy in “Holidaze.”  He’s a creature of habit.  He can’t stand knowing that he’s hurt her in some way.  And this is the biggest one of them all: making her feel the same hurt that Burke inflicted.  You just know that he’s going to be extra careful with her feelings because of this.

Owen finally "knows" Cristina -- and loves her all the more. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Now that Owen finally “knows” Cristina in the way that he wants, it can only mean that they will be a stronger couple.  She let him into her innermost layer of being, and Owen is not the one to take that for granted.  If anything, I think it would make him love her even more, if that is possible.  The more he learns about Cristina, the more Owen falls for her.  She’s such an amazing woman – how couldn’t he fall in love with her?  At this moment, Owen knows Cristina on the same level – if not beyond – as Meredith does.  If there was ever a doubt that Owen would continue to stick with her, I think that this scene eradicates it.  Like Shonda says, we should stop worrying about Cristina and Owen.  They’re solid.  Sure, they’ll have their obstacles and whatnot (this is still Grey’s Anatomy after all), but nothing that these two can’t face together.


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  1. Lol. As Robin would say to Batman.. Holy! Holy Hotness! Holy breathing! Holy touching!Holy kissing!…HOLY HOLY (INSERT whatever vaguely disturbing, and somewhat permissable perverted THOUGHTS.. words, of the KMK-Mr.sex-on-legs-MAN that come to mind;-D)!!! lol. Shli. Don’t think I’ve ever read one of your POP’s that has had so many Holy S’sss!Great to see you speaking French!
    Great analysis as always. Totally agree! I actually wrote a humungous comment an hour ago, but was on another computer which hadn’t automatically saved my required details, so all my babble was lost. Lucky you! It’s 1.48am in the morning and I have to go to work in a couple of hours, so will have to come bac and bore you with my questions on almost porn or not porn-ABC-ponderings! until then *SQUEE* and Yabba-dabba-Hubba-Dooo dear Shli! Just as we believed,OUR COUPLE oF the century is stronger than ever! And we pravtically got our CO-all day in bed episode wish! Now to the final one… you have so got to become the continuity person with extra privilages!!! hehe. ;-D

    • Hi Ginger!

      Yeah, this episode got me saying lots of “holy” everything. So damn hot. And yes, I even brought out the French. It was just that hot.

      Oh no! I would’ve loved to see the humongous comment! You know I find them fabulously entertaining and awesome. Wow, go to bed. And you would never bore me. Never. Promise.

      And yes we did almost get our wish for Cristina and Owen to spend all day in bed. Woohoo! We also got more “I love you” declarations, the Burke talk, vent sex, and horny Owen. I think we’ve almost run out of things on our wishlist.

      And I so do have to become the continuity person with extra privileges. Where can I fill out the job application? I’ve got great experience. 🙂

      Thanks again for commenting! You rock my socks! Hehe.

  2. Shlii – I always enjoy your episode analysis, but this time you have surpassed yourself. This is terrific. When, as I was reading, I thought of something you might have missed, whatever I was thinking of turned out to be in the next paragraph. Picking up Derek’s comment about the relationship with Burke; noting how “matter of fact” Cristina’s “I love you” was in the last scene – – you got every point that no one else did as well as seeing what the rest of us have noted but still adding more insight. Just great. It helps of course that you had such great material to work with – – this was a TRULY epic episode for us – – but you brought so much to it yourself. Thank you for this – – I’m sure I’ll reread it many times as I will rewatch the episode many MANY times! TCN!

    • Why, thank you ever so kindly, HopeW. I spent extra time on this one re-watching the episode over and over again. You know, just taking one for the team. 😉 And I can’t take all the credit for noticing these things, since I do have help from all of you. I only write in-depth analyses upon discussing it with fellow coconuts first, who help me catch things that I miss. Team work! Yay!

      And boy was this great material. Epic material. I want more. I’m greedy. Thank you for commenting! I really do appreciate you taking the time to do so.

      Oh, and I always advocate re-watching Cristina and Owen scenes, especially when they’re as good as the ones we got in here. Holy shit. I still can’t believe we got this episode. Are we all dreaming? I think not! Yippee!

  3. Shli,

    Great episode review and analysis as always. I plan to comment more later but first wanted to say that the picture above the caption “Owen and Cristina do hot”-is awesome . WOW! All of them are terrific, in fact.


    • Thanks teena! And yeah, I thought you guys would like that picture. Drool… Sorry, back to Earth. I can’t wait to see the rest of your comments! 🙂

  4. Thanks for a beautiful summary of the episode! There’s a reason why you are our resident shrink 🙂

  5. Season sex has finally lived up to its name!

  6. Nicely done. This was a landmark episode, and you covered it well.

    • Thanks, Angela! I’m obviously waiting for the captionized version of this episode. Lots of flames! More flames! More flames! 😀 (But don’t forget to rest your hand.)

  7. Hey Shli,

    You are so amazing…. This analysis was outstanding. I thought last weeks epi was great, but this weeks was even more amazing. This epi gave you so many great scenes to write about. I do believe Cris loves Owen, but I have this sick feeling that she may break up with him. (This feeling comes from a few interview Kevin has given recently.) But, Cris will realize in the end that she has given up her love of her life and will have nothing but surgery in 40 years. I don’t think Owen will run to Teddy. Teddy may think she has a chance with Owen, only to realize that Owen loves Cris so much that she will give up her chase for him. She will also see how miserable Cris is without Owen. Maybe this is when we will start loving Teddy, when she helps to get our couple back together. I’m just speculating, and I hope I’m not right…… Time will tell……

    Thanks again for you great insght…. Your the BEST….. Can’t wait for this weeks epi. I do hate that Teddy is still bugging Owen. I don’t remember Owen telling her he loved her…. It does sound like he is trying to let her know that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her.

    • Hi Alyssa!

      Seriously, I really appreciate the compliment. And I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. This episode definitely did give me tons of scenes to write about. The more the merrier. 🙂

      I honestly don’t think you have anything to worry about in regards to Cristina and Owen breaking up — regardless of who’s doing the breaking. Now that Cristina has let him in, I doubt that she’d do a 180 and shove him out. And even if she tried, Owen wouldn’t let her — as we saw in the last episode where he told her that she can’t just toss him aside. Owen’s sticking to Cristina like glue, and that’s just the way I like it.

      I think that Kevin McKidd is apprehensive about speaking about the permanence of the Cristina and Owen relationship with certainty because he is not the one in control of the character. We know that if he were running the show, Cristina and Owen would definitely last forever. But he doesn’t. That’s Shonda’s call. But we know that Shonda adores this couple as well and that she most closely associates herself with Cristina. Not to mention the admiration she has for both these actors. I think Shonda has taken these characters away from the earlier days of flings and random break ups or make ups. She talked about how this season is about couples — and Cristina and Owen are becoming a strong couple and learning to deal with life’s obstacles as a pair. These characters — all of them — have done so much growing in the past seasons that I just don’t see them suddenly changing directions to that degree. Plus, Cristina has always been the outlier in the typical hook ups in Grey’s Anatomy. She “mates for life,” as Sadie once described her.

      I totally agree that Owen would never run to Teddy. He’s not the type to go from one woman to another. When he and Cristina first broke up, it was torture for him. And even though they were not technically together anymore, he still remained faithful and all about Cristina, going to therapy so that he could eventually become a better man for and with her.

      I would love it if Teddy did something that directly benefited Cristina and Owen. I think it would definitely keep the Cristian and Owen fans from hating her guts — as many are. But first, she needs to realize just how much in love these two are. She can’t see beyond her own feelings for Owen, and that’s a problem that needs to be resolved. And someone needs to set her straight on just on serious Cristina and Owen are about each other. Sure, they’re not engaged as Owen and Beth were. But you can bet that Cristina and Owen are more deeply connected than Beth and Owen ever were.

      Thank you for leaving a comment. I am very grateful that you took the time to do so (and read this seriously long analysis). I can’t wait for the Valentine’s Day themed episode either. I’m excited for Cristina and Owen’s double date with Meredith and Derek. I know that it doesn’t pan out the way the boys planned it, but I can just imagine the reluctance of the twisted sisters to do something so … typical on Valentine’s Day.

      I also don’t remember Owen saying that he loved Teddy either. His specific words were that he had feelings for Teddy, too. But note that it’s Teddy claiming that he said he loved her, not Owen. And Owen is definitely demonstrating to Teddy that he doesn’t have those feelings now. His main concern is Cristina. He’s so protective and sensitive of Cristina’s feelings that he really doesn’t want to do the slightest thing to accidentally jeopardize. The last thing he wants is to lose Cristina again. It was devastating enough the first time. So, it’s as though he’s overcompensating by being so blunt to Teddy, who really was a close friend of his. It’s not the best move, but Owen thinks it’s necessary. Because he feels like it’s “cheating” when he talks to Teddy in this personal manner.

      This does not imply that he has feelings for Teddy. He’s made that abundantly clear time and time again (though Teddy still doesn’t quite grasp it). It just means that he feels like he’s betraying his relationship with Cristina by having any kind of genial relationship with Teddy, who has been causing all sorts of problems for Cristina and Owen. Teddy is both Cristina’s nemesis and ally — she is fighting Cristina for Owen but she is also the one helping Cristina become a better cardio surgeon. (The whole thing’s a mess and needs to be cleaned up stat.) So, being friendly to Teddy is almost like fraternizing with the enemy — and that’s something Owen is uncomfortable doing, especially when it involves Cristina. Like I said, he’s very protective of her and doesn’t want to do anything that could endanger his relationship with Cristina. Especially now that Cristina opened up about her past with Burke and allowed Owen to truly “know” her.

      Anyways, so excited for next week’s episode. Even if it’s for the superficial reason of wanting to see them all dolled up. Hope Cristina makes Owen’s jaw drop. Lol.

  8. Shli, do you think Owen’s distance himself with the tedster because of Cristina or what the tedster did to him?
    BTW: Where did the second rebuff from owen since I got the episode online and can’t find it? Great Job this week!!!!

    • Hey pmj!

      I think that Owen is distancing himself from Teddy because of Cristina. He’s afraid of doing anything to hurt Cristina again or having Cristina think that he still has feelings for Teddy, so he does the one thing that proves, in his mind, that he’s all about Cristina and only Cristina — he alienates himself from Teddy. He knows that Cristina had some doubts in regards to the genuineness and permanence of his feelings for her now that Teddy is here (as we saw in “Holidaze”). Whether it’s founded or not, Owen believes this to be so. Personally, I think Cristina is secure enough now that she wouldn’t be all that worried about Owen and Teddy being friends. In fact, I’m pretty sure that would make her life a lot easier if they were. Because at the moment, the two of them fighting is making things very uncomfortable and difficult for Cristina. She has to pick one or the other, and that’s causing a lot of friction. Hopefully, this whole thing will be resolved soon. And it seems like it will probably be addressed in the upcoming episode in some manner.

      The second rebuff, where he tells Teddy he’s “busy” comes right before Jackson brings Teddy the binders. Hope that helps!

      And thanks!

      • Beside Cris being the reason why he is distancing himself from The teddster, do you think he is angry at her for forcing cris to choose to trade him away?

      • pmj, I’m sure on some level that Owen is unhappy with Teddy for creating this whole situation where Cristina feels like she has to choose between the two. It’s almost as though Cristina is amidst a divorce — with Owen and Teddy being the parents. You know what I’m saying? Like it’s a nearly impossible choice for a child to choose between his or her mother or father, Cristina is also faced with a nearly impossible choice between career (Teddy) and love (Owen). Ideally, Cristina should be able to have both. But she can’t because Teddy and Owen are at odds.

        But I honestly do believe that the primary reason for the walls Owen is putting up between Teddy and himself is because of Cristina. I say this because Owen isn’t afraid of letting someone know that he’s angry. He sure wasn’t shy of getting into a shouting match with Cristina when she performed some rogue cutting. Or loudly chastising Alex and Cristina when they were fighting over the surgeries like “vultures.” So, following the pattern of behavior we’ve seen him exhibit, I would expect Owen to let Teddy know if he was mad at her for something.

        Granted, I don’t think he’s necessarily angry at Teddy. I think that when Teddy drunkenly told him about Cristina offering Owen to her, he was mostly hurt. It’s why we see him drowning his sorrows in a few more shots and a couple of songs (as seen in the “On Call: Seattle Grace” webisodes). He’s not really mad. And when he finally goes home to Cristina, he’s still not angry. He says it himself. “You make me sad.”

        If there’s anyone he’s angry at, it’s probably himself. He was the one that invited Teddy to work at the hospital. And we know Owen to be the type of person to shoulder the blame even when it’s not his alone to bear. In “Holidaze,” though he was yelling at Teddy, I honestly think that he was mostly projecting his anger towards himself onto her. Sure, Teddy’s also partly to blame because she continues to have these feelings for him and won’t move on, even though she knows that he and Cristina are together now. But Owen only really cares that some of the fault lies with himself, and that’s enough. He has a role in a situation that causes Cristina pain. That’s all he’s focused on, and that’s why he is trying to remedy it. And in doing so, he’s distancing himself from Teddy.

      • I think that Teddy is asking for the impossible–His Heart since his heart is not his to give away. Even when Cris gives Owen away, he didn’t want to be given away and Teddy needs to realize that she is not living her best life but he is. Teddy was better off keep her mouth shut since Owen wouldn’t feel the need to distancde himself to make a point with her and she is not seeing that. I think that the writers is raising her hope to dash it then rebuild her like Addision. I don’t think Addision 2.0 is working since Kim can’t pull what Kate did to gain sympathy from the viewers which teddy won’t get even if she sees how much owen wants Cris to be his future. Owen is doing her a favor by removing himself from the equation for Cris’ sake but atthe same time for his sake since she is disrespecting him in a way. She still think she can still intrude and he will let her to but things have changed. He’s trying to stop the intrusion in order to protect Cris. Cris is his second chance and he does not want to blow it again.

        *Do you see Derek giving up the job in feb? I think he will be chief until season ends. Rehab is not going sped up to end in feb do you think? The writers tend to drag thing out but can’t see that they will sober webber up that quickly, do you?

      • I think you’re right. Owen’s heart lies forever with Cristina and out of reach from Teddy. Heart, soul, love — all three lies with Cristina.

        Unfortunately for Teddy, she didn’t realize this and went ahead and essentially sabotaged a possible friendship with Owen by telling him about her feelings. Obviously, she was hoping for the opposite effect — that he would respond with equal feelings. She jumped the gun a bit, and it backfired. Now, as you mentioned, she’s in a worse position than before because her relationship with Owen is tenuous at best. He can barely stand to talk to her because he finds it as some sort of betrayal towards Cristina. That alone should be proof enough that he’s serious about Cristina — serious enough to end a close friendship with a person he went through a war with because he’s afraid of jeopardizing his relationship.

        And I like your idea that Owen is “doing [Teddy] a favor” by alienating her. It’s always better to set people straight instead of stringing them along when you have no intention of reciprocating their romantic feelings. It’s not always fun to be on the receiving end of it, but it’s really the least painful option in the long run. Better to snip it in the bud before people start getting really invested, right? So, it may not be the most popular method — nor the gentlest — but Owen’s making sure that there is no way for Teddy to misconstrue his intentions.

        It’s frustrating that Teddy doesn’t seem to be getting the picture quite yet. And though I’m not a fan of this continuous, clinging behavior of hers, I do understand it. It’s hard to let go of something that has been so important to you for a long, long time — and per Teddy’s claims, she’s been pining for Owen for quite a while. She’s loved him while she was single, even while she’s been in a relationship — and now, her hopes are dashed because I think on some subconscious level, Teddy does recognize how deeply involved Cristina and Owen are (or at least their potential to be). It’s why she feels so threatened and pressured to persist in her pursuit of Owen. She’s hoping that there is the tiniest sliver of a chance that Cristina and Owen haven’t reached that stage yet. Unfortunately for her, they already have.

        I think that Derek would give back the chief of surgery position to Richard. He claims to be Richard’s friend and to have taken the job as a way to help Richard — and in effect, reserve the job position until Richard is ready to take it back.

        I can’t even begin to try and figure out how long this story line will be dragged out. The time line on Grey’s Anatomy is infamously hard to follow. Who knows? They could jump months ahead at one point or go from day to day between episodes. However, I don’t see this battle against alcoholism lasting too long. As in, I doubt it will go on past this season. In each season, the characters tend to have one major story arc that takes up one season to pan out. For example, for Owen, last season was about his healing process with PTSD. I believe that this season, for Chief Webber, it’s about his battle against his alcoholism in conjunction with maintaining his job and “returning [Seattle Grace] to its former glory” (per Derek’s speech).

        If we go with the theme of personal growth and how one should value important relationships over career, then I think Derek will truly keep to his earlier claims to Richard that he’s doing this for Richard’s benefit. He is the interim Chief after all, not the permanent one. Sure, the board wants to keep Derek there. But in the end, it wouldn’t feel right if the Chief wasn’t, well, the Chief.

  9. Also she brought this on herself. If I were her, I would wait until I know for sure where they are in the relationship to spring this on him without having to save face which she has to do now.

    • Agreed. Teddy isn’t doing herself any favors by making assumptions about Cristina and Owen’s relationship. But I guess she was feeling like it was now or never with Owen, so she felt pressured to do so. It’s a bit like “speak now or forever hold your peace.” Well, she’d been holding these feelings for Owen inside for so long that she couldn’t contain it anymore. And seeing that Owen had broken up with Beth and moved on with another woman definitely didn’t help matters. It showed that he was ready for another relationship. What she doesn’t know is just how serious Cristina and Owen are about each other. Most of their moments are in private, so it’s no wonder Teddy doesn’t see the strength of their connection. And the fact that Cristina was willing to offer Owen to Teddy also doesn’t make Cristina seem like a great partner for Owen either since Teddy would never do that. But then again, Teddy hadn’t been hurt in the same way as Cristina was by a previous relationship. And Cristina is not exactly an expert on relationships, so we can’t really blame her for having made that decision in the first place. What matters is that Cristina loves Owen. Teddy has yet to see that. She sees that Owen loves Cristina, obviously, but she hasn’t seen much of the other way around. Of course, that’s because Cristina is so guarded with her personal life, and Teddy is not exactly someone Cristina would confide in (that role is reserved for Meredith). But we know just how much Cristina loves Owen, which is why we find it ridiculous that Teddy thinks she had a shot. And while Teddy thinks that Cristina doesn’t deserve Owen, Owen is often seen feeling like he is the one that doesn’t deserve Cristina. Once again, Teddy doesn’t know of this because she is a new addition and isn’t aware of Cristina and Owen’s history together. Teddy’s only aware of her own history with Owen. Hopefully, Teddy will realize that it’s time to move on and that Cristina and Owen’s relationship is of the forever kind.

  10. Loved your analysis as much as I love the show. I have watched the show from the very beginning. I have to admit that I have never experienced so many OMG moments since Kevin was added to the cast. Everything about his character was intense and well acted. To match someone like that with an actress like SO has taken Grey’s Anatomy to a different level. When he kisses her, it’s always with such passion. So much passion that it makes you want to look at it again and again. I can honestly say, I have never felt the need to rewind any of the other male characters kissing scenes. It is something about these two that is simply addicting.

    • Wow, Debbie. What a great compliment! You flatter me. Thank you so much!

      And I’m right there with you. I haven’t had so many OMG moments since Kevin McKidd and Owen came into the world of Grey’s Anatomy. Kevin McKidd is really a great acting counterpart to Sandra Oh, who is a powerhouse on her own. So, you can definitely imagine the fireworks when these two act against each other. It’s breathtaking. They can do it all: lighthearted fun, passionate intensity, heartwrenching emotions — it’s amazing.

      And the kissing. Oh my. I think the thing that sets apart the Cristina and Owen kisses from the other couples’ is that it’s “real.” They’re really kissing. It’s not some Hollywood kiss where you are pulled out of the fictional world because it looks like these two actors with their own personal lives are kissing because it’s their job. No, this is purely in the moment, within the realm of the show, and it’s Cristina and Owen kissing. When I see it, I don’t see Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh kissing, it’s their characters. You know what I’m saying? And that’s what sets their love scenes apart from the others — among television show couples in general. It’s a couple that’s kissing. It’s probably why some people are uncomfortable with it. I mean, if we saw someone going at it like that in the real world, we’d be caught off guard and cry PDA. I certainly would feel awkward seeing someone kissing like these two do in public. But when it’s on my television set? I’m all for it. And for repeat viewings. And you’re right. They are addicting.

      Thanks again for commenting!

  11. OH. MY GOD. ! That is all I could say about the episode at least a half an hour after I’ve watched it. Breathtaking… And your analysis is getting better and better. You know this is addictive too.
    I myself never liked Cristina and Burke’s realtionship. I always thought there was a huge lack of communication. They weren’t speaking to each other at all. There was a scene in season 2 where he gets mad because she had fallen asleep during sex (I don’t know if you remember it). I remember he got very mad at her, he wouldn’t even talk to her and Cristina, who we know it’s not a talkative person, had to try to make him speak. That’s why I think Derek was so right when he said they were monosyllabic. There was no communication.
    I loved the end of the “Burke talk” scene. The way he takes her hand and looks at her. Heartbreaking. Like he is falling for her all over gain.
    And I had the same thought as you did when I saw Cristina walking like that in ER, after the vent sex.
    Wow, I wrote too much. Sorry.
    Thank you and keep it coming, you are doing an excellent job.

    • Thanks, Trinity! It helps that the scenes from Cristina and Owen are getting better and better (fingers crossed we continue on this upward spiral).

      I do remember that time. Yeah, the Burke and Cristina relationship had serious flaws. And communication was definitely one of them. In Cristina and Owen’s relationship, there is still some issues of communicating (since they both are not the talkative type), but they’re definitely trying to — and that’s what counts.

      What I love about Cristina and Owen is that when they fight, they never resort to petty silent treatments. They talk about it (more like yell about it) like grown ups and work through it because they value the relationship.

      And good point about this serious deficit in communication between Burke and Cristina as why Derek labeled them “monosyllabic.” I didn’t think of it that way. (See, I miss things!)

      Haha, we all have dirty minds. But hey, what else are we supposed to think when a woman is walking like that and we know what she’s been doing?

      And no, you haven’t written enough! The longer the better. (And plus, until you write more than I do, I think you’re safe. Lol.)

      Thanks again for commenting, Trinity. You are super awesome. 😀

  12. Hey Shli,

    Thanks for making me feel better. I see your point. Shondra would have a World War 3 on her hands if she did break these two up, especially for very long. Thank again for you unput. Your the BEST…… I love reading your analysis’. I still think they could find a job for you at Grey’s Anatomy……

    • You’re more than welcome, Alyssa. And yeah, I’d be leading the war, lol.

      Oh, if only they would give me a job… One can continue to hope, right? I’d definitely fix this pesky little Teddy problem in a heartbeat and give her another guy to pine over. Hehe.

  13. Oh my gosh, I loved your recap. As usual, your insight into the scenes makes me enjoy them so much more. I personally couldn’t believe how much screen time our couple got this week. I would have been just happy with that little 10 sec snippet in the beginning (which certainly caused my jaw to drop and made me wonder, “Wow, who did they have to bribe at the FCC to get this on the air?”)

    One part of the episode that I enjoyed immensely -apart from all of the O/C scenes- was the bromance between Derek, Owen and Mark. I laughed throughout that whole scene – especially at Owen’s lame attempt to cover up his hickey. It was almost like the chief’s office has been transformed into their new ‘man cave’ -complete with basketball hoop.

    The last scene was nothing short of epic and sooo well written. Somehow, I see all of this is heading toward some sort of engagement or wedding at the season finale. The reason I’m thinking this way is that Shonda seems to love having her season premiere and finale tie into each other and come full circle. I remember when I first watched the premiere, I felt that the final bed scene where Owen says that “this makes them real…” was written more like vows. I mean, if 2 months of couples therapy and visiting his mom doesn’t ‘make them real’- I don’t know what does. The dialogue seems to have been written so it could tie in and come full circle in the season finale rather than just for that scene. Also in the second scene with Dr. Wyatt, she tells them that they’ve “made a start” with Owen beginning to talk about his trauma. I think that by the end of this season Owen will tell Cristina the whole story about his trauma in Iraq so that by the finale both of them will have completed the dialogue that they started in the premiere. This will allow them to truly go to the next level as a couple. Plus, I’ve always hoped that Cristina gets a ‘redo’ of her wedding on her own terms – at the courthouse with just Mer. So there is my little bit of speculation 🙂

    Once again, thanks for taking the time to write this recap. I always look forward to reading it after each episode! Ok, off to make icons for all of these scenes- it’s going take me awhile 🙂

    • Hi Kelly! And oh my gosh, I love your fan art more. 🙂

      And it was me who bribed the censors. Lol. Ah, if only. (Though, if I had my way, we’d have seen more skin and the extended version of these scenes. Fingers crossed for them to appear on the DVD.)

      I sure do love the bromance that’s going on. The Chief’s office is now complete with the basketball hoop that Owen got Derek. Now, it’s both work and fun. Yippee! I’m definitely loving the Derek and Owen bond that’s going on. It’s only fitting, since they’re the male counterparts of the “twisted sisters.” It’s perfect.

      I’m definitely with you on Cristina and Owen taking the next step. Shonda really does love her full circles and foreshadowing. Although I am not certain that it’ll necessarily be an engagement or wedding, I would definitely put money down on some huge step forward in the form of some kind of major commitment. I say that because Grey’s Anatomy is known to be quirky (i.e. “Post-It” wedding), so it may not be the traditional steps that normal relationships take. However, in addition to the scenes that you pointed out, there was the young couple in “Holidaze” who paralleled Owen and Cristina — and they ended up engaged to be married after only knowing each other for a short time. And as the guy stayed with the girl without a heart throughout her healing process, Cristina stayed with Owen throughout his. The similarities are uncanny. Not only that but in this episode, “State of Love and Trust,” we have Cristina talking about how she was willing to marry Burke. Now, if she loves Owen more than she loved Burke, that is pretty suggestive that marriage to Owen is in the cards as well.

      Of course, time will tell. But it certainly is a nice thought.

      And thank you for taking the time to write this comment. And for all the wonderful fan art you make. Keep them coming. You know I love them! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you have in store from this episode. Bet they’re hot. And sweet. And fantastic.

  14. Goodness, shli!!! what an amazing analysis!!!! You’re views even made me love this couple more!!!!!
    my! my!!! My CO obsession is way, way over the top!!!!

    • Yay, Luchie! I’m all for helping people love Cristina and Owen more. And yes, be obsessed! LOL. I sure am. Come on over to the completely obsessed with Cristina and Owen club. It’s fun over here. 🙂

  15. Hey There Now!

    Just had to tell you that I *heart* you. 😉 Loved this.

    Your thoughts are always so insightful and I really feel like you “outdid” yourself for this episode. So much good material to comment on and you certainly rose to the occasion. I particularly enjoyed your ideas about Owen asking Cristina to stay and her ignoring Teddy’s page. ITA that it was a lovely echo back to “Holidaze” and that Cristina felt like she had to stay (lots of guilt over the trading fiasco and she didn’t want to hurt him again) and that he needed her to choose *him* in that moment. You also voiced something I’ve been thinking which is that Owen wouldn’t *not* have asked her to stay if she’d been officially on Teddy’s service. He knew that while Cristina might be Teddy’s preference (loved Teddy realizing that, btw) that Jackson could handle anything that came up. Having said that, IMO Owen still should not have asked that of Cristina. It was wrong for him to put her in that position. She is still a resident and when an attending pages you (whether or not you are technically on their service) you should at least respond. It *is* the professional thing to do. But our Hot Mess was just being really human in that moment …so much so that I’ve already forgiven him, because that request came from such a place of raw need for Cristina (and needing to come first, for once) that I can totally understand it. And Owen learns from his mistakes. So we don’t have to worry about it happening again. And — final thought, really— ITA with you that it will *kill* Owen that he also “took a piece” of Cristina and he will really have a heightened sense of awareness now of where Cristina is emotionally in terms of both love and trust…and that’s a direct outcome of the Burke talk (YAY!) and finally having some honest communicaiton with each other. I’m just gonna trust that they’re going to be ok and hypothesize that we’re going to be learning more about Owen’s past in Iraq quite soon and hope that Teddy will get to see first-hand sooner-rather-than-later how much Cristina truly loves Owen. Knowing that Cristina *is* worthy of Owen’s love and also realizes that Owen is a person and not just some fantasy she’s concocted will both be key in getting Teddy to move forward.

    • Hey there now, LMSO! I heart you, too! 🙂

      Oh yeah, there was tons of stuff to write about in the episode, wasn’t there? Of course, you have the more difficult job of recapping everyone’s actions. I get to focus on Cristina and Owen. 🙂 And that’s not work at all.

      I also agree that it was inappropriate for Owen to ask Cristina to stay in that moment. Don’t get me wrong, I think that given the situation, Cristina made the right choice for her relationship with Owen. But Owen shouldn’t have made her choose (and thus “[taking] a piece of [her]”). Yet, as you said, he was vulnerable and insecure due to the events that happened before, so we can see why he would do so. And it really stems out of him not wanting to lose Cristina — and how can we not forgive him of that, right? It’s like you said, he’s “human” — we make make mistakes. And he’s going to learn from it because he has learned that it caused Cristina great pain to make the “unprofessional” choice.

      Yes, trust that they’re going to be okay. We should also be in a state of love and trust where we love Cristina and Owen together and trust that they will go on and become stronger than ever. And also that believe that Teddy will soon move on and realize just how futile her attempts to win Owen’s affections are.

  16. I was seriously surprised in the “We Matter” episode that Cristina choose her career over Owen. I couldn’t figure out why she felt a need to choose at all. If you look at everything that has happened between them, it seemed very heartless to walk away and say “here Teddy, you can have him.”

    At the same time, I felt like how could Owen forgive Cristina or trust that her feelings were as real and sincere as his? I truly enjoyed the way the writers of Grey’s played this out in the last show. I could truly understand Owen being scared, needy and unsure of how Cristina really feels about him. I would have felt the same way. When Cristina opened up about her relationship with Burke and how she changed who she was in order to be what he wanted her to be, her decision to “toss Owen aside” made more sense to me. I think the writer’s were trying to say that Cristina loves Owen so much that her past made her feel like she simply could not have both. She could not be herself and keep Owen at the same time. This made sense to me because I believe that we all experience a point in a relationship in which we question what we are doing and if we are doing it to make our significant other happy or if we are doing it because we want to do it.

    I really enjoy how much this show allows me to relate to my real life and my relationship with my husband who is just as loving and adorable as Owen.

    • I was surprised as well. I thought there was no way that Cristina would choose her career over Owen. Especially since this whole season has been about progress. But when we got the Burke talk in this past episode, I was reminded of exactly why Cristina would have chosen her career first instinctively. Her career and her identity as a surgeon has been consistent while her personal life caused her some devastation pretty recently. She can count on herself and her gift — it allows her to be in control. But what she is learning to do is to count on Owen to be there for her as well, and that’s hard for her since it does mean that she has to relinquish some of her control over her life to someone else. When we become part of a couple, our two lives are joined. And what one does can greatly affect the other.

      I like your idea that her choice stemmed from her not realizing that she could be both herself and part of a couple. She’s never really been able to do that before. Of course, it didn’t help that she dated two highly prestigious cardio surgeons who would always overshadow her professionally — she would have forever been known as the partner/spouse of Marlow or Burke — not Cristina Yang. With Owen, she can be herself and not be some sort of afterthought. It’s not that Owen is not a brilliant surgeon is his own right — he is — but because he isn’t a cardio god himself, she won’t be known as Owen Hunt’s girlfriend. They aren’t in direct competition, which is a tension that occurred between Cristina and Burke at times.

      And you’re right. Even with its soap opera tendencies, there are moments when this show allows you to relate it to your own life. And I think with Owen and Cristina’s story line, especially, we can compare it to the true love stories we’ve experienced or witnessed — in your case, experienced. How lucky you are to have your own Owen (and how lucky he is to have you)!

  17. Ahhhh I loved your take on this episode!honestly it brought tears to my eyes!specificaly when you talKed about Owen n #3 oncall room sex! Perfect!! Just like this episode!! ❤ thank you!

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