Exposed Heart

Ahhh yes. Now that’s more like it. I loved this episode. I definitely liked it the most since “I Saw What I Saw” this season, and “Elevator Love Letter” before that. It was one of those episodes where all the storylines pulled me in at least a little bit. Chronologically, let’s get naked!

While watching Bailey performing a special procedure involving hot chemo, Teddy takes Callie’s seat next to Cristina and awkwardness ensues. Oh yeah, remember how I offered you my boyfriend and then we just sorta ended in a silent staring contest? So Teddy says that the Chief asked her to fill out the rest of her contract and Cristina feels the need to make it clear that she didn’t mean what she said when she offered Owen to Teddy. Being her typical self, Teddy comes off as quite condescending when she chastised Cristina to begin with, but ultimately asks if they can just forget about it (as if they could!) after Cristina says she realizes that it was “thoughtless”. Yeah, awwwwkward.

Soooo this is awkward but...about the other day... (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Next is a classic Cristina / Meredith scene—oh how I love these two! Cristina spills the whole story about the Teddy drama and I must say that Meredith’s reactions to this are hilarious. Like when Cristina says “Teddy. Turns out she loves Owen”, Meredith’s head juts back in a very “oh hell no” kind of way. And when Cristina goes on and on about surgery, Meredith rolls her eyes. And when Cristina wonders if maybe she meant it a little bit, Meredith has bug eyes. The thing about ugly babies was funny and her advice to “not talk about it” to Owen, well we’ll see how that goes…

Meredith just doesn't want to go she's giving Cristina the crazy face! (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

But a brief pause in the Cristina/Owen drama to talk about how funny Callie was in this episode. Sara Ramirez did a great job of portraying how someone going mad from itchiness would be. The “gauze paws” were great (as were the air quotes she used when referring to Lexie’s “pain”) and the anger she had at Lexie comparing her emotional pain to Callie’s chicken pox—spot on.

"Why this!?" (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Cue our favorite residents (yes…I’m including Jackson, because he’s hot, sorry) discussing what they would choose between surgery and love. Also note, as my roommate noted with disgust, they are eating next to open dead bodies. Cristina wants the others to admit that they would choose surgery if they had to, no matter how much they love their significant other. Izzie shows up (more awkward!) which makes it much more uncomfortable when Alex says he’d choose surgery because love comes and goes. Cristina, Meredith, and Alex choose surgery; Izzie chooses love—anyone surprised? Then again, let’s keep in mind that this discussion is all theoretical…

Theory is just fine...but wait until you have that hot hunk of man in front of you, Cristina. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

As Cristina and Alex are back with their opera singing patient, who says that he doesn’t want to live if he can’t sing. He doesn’t want to live and his partner wouldn’t want him that way. In true Grey’s fashion, Cristina ponders how this relates to her life…

Enter bromance! Seriously, I’m a whore for bromance. So this whole development with Owen and Derek is fantastic to me. Owen is hoarding sterile supplies and Derek calls him out. Owen mentions not wanting to be “caught with [his] pants down” (excuse me while that distracts me…) because the hospital is a shitshow now. Derek understands and just as Owen is about to leave, he tells Owen that he has trouble doing what he thinks is the right thing. Derek says Meredith is what is stopping him and Owen laughs, “the other half of the twisted sisters”. Oh, how I love that little nickname he has for them (and so does Derek! “well, that fits!”). Owen goes on to give Derek advice with a little military perspective (cue swoon).

So if Cristina and Meredith are the Twisted Sisters...what are Derek and Owen going to be? 🙂 (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Mark and Callie. Sexy scratching. Oh how I missed their very sexy, sexy friendship. As much as I love Arizona, I do which that these two would go back to being sexy friends.

With Derek and Meredith, I was a fan of the chess game between them. Derek tempting Richard, thus screwing Meredith out of the Whipple, then saying he will hire Izzie back when he is Chief was really cold. And I kind of wonder if Tacoma really did pass on Izzie. Or maybe if Derek helped in that decision. I don’t think he did, but it definitely crossed my mind. And just to wrap up their storyline for the episode, I’m glad the Chief was reported to the board. It was about time and while they both chose ambition, I think Derek was right. He was being ambitious, but also doing the right thing while Meredith was a bit blind to the danger by her ambition.

Wow, they're not spooning for once! (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Now, before I get into the two meaty scenes at the end, I have to say how much I loved the Alex/Izzie scene in the locker room. One of my favorite parts was the song (“Oh Dear” by Brandi Carlile”), it was hauntingly beautiful and tragic. It very much fit the scene it accompanied. I loved seeing Alex stand up for himself. And not in a way that was mean or angry, which made it that much more heartbreaking. He told her he loved her, that she finally made him realize that he was actually a good guy, that he was so happy that she was healthy again. But all of that made him realize that he deserved someone that would treat him better than Izzie did. Very sad, but very well done (yay, Justin Chambers!).

A sad, but fantastic scene. (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Now rewinding just a tad, we see Owen showing up late to meet with Teddy (apparently this was planned at some point?) and she’s already drunk. Owen takes a shot (okay, for a split second I was like…what did she slip in there?!) and then starts sipping on her beer as Teddy goes on to trash Beth for not having ambition and being an idiot. Oh great, what a lovely hello to all the hard-working homemakers out there, Teddy. Owen is immediately turned off by this, but when Teddy turns her attention to Cristina, he says it’s time to go. Then surprise! Teddy drops the bomb on him that Cristina was willing to trade Owen for her. The look of shock and hurt settling in on Owen’s face is just so heartbreaking. Anyone who doesn’t know Owen might have thought he would just turn to his drunk friend to hurt Cristina back—I’m sure some part of Teddy was hoping that might happen. But that’s not him and that’s why he love Owen Hunt.

Poor baby. But you have to love / respect that Owen is made of stronger stuff than most men. (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Instead, he turns up at Cristina’s door.  Cristina answers the door in a huff about where he’s been all night. A Cristina who has been worked up into a frenzy waiting for him (she left him 10 messages!). Seems like Cristina is having trouble with this theory of surgery over love now. In that way Owen does best, he swoops in and scoops her up into a kiss. When he’s emotional, words don’t come to Owen. He’s very impulsive and has trouble with communication sometimes (might have something to do with his time in the military…or maybe just because he’s a guy). Cristina pushes him off asking what the real problem is (look at Cristina—picking up on something being wrong without someone telling her!). Owen goes into a fantastic monologue about Cristina thinking surgery is all she needs but that she’s wrong, people matter. The two of them, they matter. He says that he’s not going to let her toss him aside [insert collective Coconut swoon].

I'm not sure how you caption a look like this... (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

Looks like Cristina swoons a bit too—her eyes quickly well with tears and she pulls him into a kiss. Someone else mentioned that part of her strong reaction could have been that she was steeling herself to being dumped. In my opinion, Burke would have dumped her. Or given her the silent treatment. Or not let her on his service for a week. Or told her something about having emotional shortcomings. He also did happen to leave her at the altar—so I can’t blame her for that crossing her mind. But Owen is very different and now she can see that he’s sticking even though she hurt him.

Now *that's* how a couple kisses! (credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

And that’s “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked”. A well-rounded episode that ended very well for Cristina and Owen (even though we didn’t get much screentime). Next week, “State of Love and Trust”—the episode that I titled. Okay, well that’s what I named one of my episodes of Season 5.5, so I pretend I have something to do with it. And per tweets from both Shonda and Krista, we are going to be very happy ladies this week. Hang tight! 🙂

One response to “Exposed Heart

  1. I put your thing under the cut because you write a lot more than I do. What a role reversal, lol. You ramble more than I do. Good rambling. You went way more in depth than I did. And I’m still sad that there was no naked Owen. And how come Callie and Arizona’s version of “drama” comes out to be chicken pox. That was a rather ridiculous story line. Hilarious, but still ridiculous. So is the Cristina giving Owen away story line. No one’s trading Owen…unless it’s to me. 🙂

    Great job, twin! I adore it! Woohoo!

    (Oh, and I love the song that plays when Cristina and Owen have their only scene together. Le sigh…)

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