Everything Changes in a “Blink” of an Eye

Cristina and Owen in "Blink" (Credit for screencaps used goes to freaky_x.)

Cristina had a big day in this episode.  As she put it, it marked the day that she became a “real cardiothoracic surgeon” — all thanks to Teddy.  So, you can understand why she so desperately needs Teddy as a mentor.  Even though Teddy is causing problems in her personal life, she certainly is not doing so in her professional one.  Just the opposite.  Cristina’s career as a cardio goddess is certainly on the up and up.  Because Cristina has finally been given a mentor who truly believes in her and knows how to teach her.  But like all things that are almost too good to be true, there’s a catch.  Teddy is in love with Owen, and though Owen told her point blank that he’s in love with Cristina, she still wants him.
But let’s first talk about our couple.  The first scene of them “together” is at Cristina’s apartment.  Obviously, we’re implying that he spent the night since he’s in the shower when Lexie stops by in search of a free bathroom.  A side note must be inserted to remark on how gorgeous Cristina looks with her loose curls and off-the-shoulder top as she’s reading an article and eating breakfast.  That Owen is a lucky guy.  And though we were cheated out of seeing Owen in the shower, it was nice to know that he was in there.  (Though, in the future, I’d trade a shot of Cristina looking gorgeous for a shot of the two of them in the shower together — as Callie and Arizona were.)

The nonchalant manner in which Cristina gives that piece of information to Lexie — and Lexie’s lack of surprise as well — just go and show how often Owen stays over.  We got an inkling of that before, but I hope that we get to see more of this in the upcoming episodes — as Shonda had promised in the podcast released before the hiatus.  Cristina and Owen have grown as a couple in that they are a far cry from where they were in season five — when no one outside of them truly knew the extent of their connection.  Now, they’re a pair — there’s no shock, no doubts.  Cristina and Owen — a “real” couple doing domestic things such as eating breakfast together or waking up together.  How sweet is that?  Super sweet.

I know that some may think that when Owen asks Cristina if she’s ready that he’s questioning her abilities.  I see it as concern.  He knows she’s a brilliant surgeon — he was one of the first to point it out.  But that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to make sure that she’s prepared, that she can handle it.  As we’ve seen, the last thing Owen wants is for Cristina to fail.  He always wants what is best for her — even when his good intentions don’t pan out the way he wants them to (i.e. Teddy).  Plus, he’s right there smiling with her and getting excited for her.  He knows how big of deal this is.  But he also wants to be realistic.  And that means he wants to make sure that Teddy isn’t doing this to be some sort of subversive means of payback for Owen not picking her.

My girlfriend is hotter than yours. And she's a cardio rock star. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

And the case that Teddy gives Cristina is not an easy one.  Not only is it a difficult and complicated procedure, the patient is not the most decisive of people.  Mechanical to pig to cow … then back to pig.  Lots of prep work for Cristina, but you know that she thrives on it.  And in her own way, the fact that Teddy gives Cristina such a case is in Cristina’s favor — something I think Teddy knows.  Because Ruthie is so indecisive, Cristina has to learn three different procedures.  And you know that regardless of what Ruthie would have picked in the end, Cristina would have rocked it.  And Teddy knew that.  Teddy understands Cristina as a surgeon.  She’s a “racehorse” and Teddy is just the one to take her to her full potential.  Sure, she’s not winning bonus points from us fans by letting Cristina sweat it out in the OR by refusing to help her out while Cristina is panicking, but it’s ultimately for Cristina’s own benefit.  We’re like Owen.  We don’t trust her.  And had we been in the same position as Owen, we probably also would have stormed into the OR demanding to know if Teddy had ulterior motives for not helping Cristina out.  (Anyone else thing that Owen sure got there in record time?  It seemed like only seconds had lapsed between his arrival to the gallery and his entrance into the OR.  Guess Cristina’s not the only one who can run like the wind — as she did in “No Good At Saying Sorry (One More Chance)” to retrieve the magical powder from Owen’s truck.)

Ruthie (the hilarious Cynthia Stevenson) showing her appreciation. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

In his interview, KMK talked about how Owen puts the welfare of the patient above all else.  And that’s true.  But you know that it’s not simply for the patient’s benefit that he’s barging into ORs.  What he whispers to Teddy about sitting on her hands because she’s angry with him has everything to do with Cristina.  He wants Cristina to walk into the OR as a resident and leave as a legend — just as Ellis did.  And if that means he’s going to question a (former) friend in order to make sure that happens, then so be it.  Cristina is his priority.  Let me repeat, he wants what is best for her, even if it means he has to be the one to tell her the bad news of Teddy leaving.

In the scene with Cristina and Owen post-surgery and after the talk between Owen and Teddy about exactly what was going on in that OR, I believe Cristina mistakes the look on Owen’s face as a sign that he was going to say something about her yelling at him to get out of her OR.  (By the way, the fact that that bit of yelling turned out to be nothing should once again reaffirm how unnecessary it is to get anxious over promos or sneak peeks.  See?  It turned out to be nothing.  Cristina was not even mad at him.)  Owen doesn’t want to be the one to burst her happy little bubble.  He doesn’t want to be the one to tell her that the person who gave her a moment of “feeling alive” is leaving.  I mean, Cristina is pretty darn happy.  She calls him “Owen” to his face.  That’s a first.  And Owen is also happy for her.  It’s obvious that he is, but he knows that Teddy is leaving and that weighs on him.  And if she’s going to find out from anyone, it might as well be from a person who loves her and cares so much about her.

She's cute when she's excited. Don't tell her I said that. (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

The desperation in the last scene is pretty significant.  Why?  Because it does explain why Teddy admits that she wants Owen and why Cristina thoughtlessly responds, “Then take him.”  Emotions are running high.  I said that prior to having watched the episode and after only having seen the CTV promo, but it still stands.  Emotions are running high, and when that happens, people say things that they don’t necessarily mean.  In these situations, words are spoken before they are processed mentally.  Which is why I believe at the end, Cristina herself looks shocked upon saying it.  It’s instinctive for her to give Teddy whatever Teddy wants in order to keep her.  She was on cloud nine a few moments ago, and the chance to feel like that constantly with a mentor that understands her is slipping away.  Cristina is desperate.  She’s been desperate for such a teacher for a long, long time.  I honestly believe that Teddy could have said anything and Cristina would have agreed: her firstborn child, her motorcycle, the moon — anything.  Cristina is that desperate for a cardio mentor.

Did I just say that? (Credit for screencap goes to freaky_x.)

But in this case, it just happened to be Owen.  And because Cristina pauses at the end with this look of disbelief and confusion over what she’d just said, it implies that she doesn’t really mean it.  By giving pause and feeling a need to reflect, that shows remorse over what has been said.  I know the writer’s blog said something to the effect that Cristina would be the type of person to give up a guy for a career.  And in that moment — the specific moment — she was.  Because, like I said, emotions were running high, she wasn’t thinking, and she was desperate.  After giving it some thought, I very much doubt that will be the case.  And as many have said before, Cristina has the ability to have both love and career.  It’s not fair of Teddy to place her in such a position where she essentially has to choose.  Teddy is not saying it point blank that she has to choose, but the implications are there.  Teddy wants Owen, and if Owen is with Cristina, then Teddy can’t handle being at Seattle Grace.  So, in the end, Cristina is put in this awkward position of having to figure out what is more important: professional or personal happiness.  In all honesty, Cristina deserves both — and hopefully, things will sort themselves out so that Cristina will have both.  But it seems that the writers want Cristina in this quandary for a bit, so if Cristina is going to pick one, I’m going to put my money on love.  Love is love.  And in forty years, Owen’s still going to be around when she’s no longer able to cut.  She learned that lesson from Dr. Campbell (Dino), and I hope she hasn’t forgotten it.


10 responses to “Everything Changes in a “Blink” of an Eye

  1. owenandcristinafan

    Hy Sherrie your back, yeey, I thought cristina looked gorgous in the breakfast scene,

    Elizabeth xx

  2. Nice analysis!! I totally agree with Cristina’s need for a cardio mentor. She has a brilliant mind, why waste it?
    And the way owen looks at cristina….wow!!! owen is so in love with cristina!!! I love this pair!

    Sandra’s acting always amazes me!! She totally rocked this episode!! GA is worth watching because of Sandra!!!

    • Thanks luchie!

      And yes, Sandra’s acting is amazing. And this episode definitely showcased her talents. Aren’t we lucky that her acting partner is Kevin McKidd? You’re right. Owen is so in love with Cristina. And KMK does a great job in portraying that as well. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. I Love your analysis =)

  4. Shli,

    Excellent review as always 🙂

    Thanks for posting. I love your work!


  5. Hey Sherrie, like always I loved your review. And I totally agree with want you said.
    I was more surprised of what Teddy said, than Cristina. She is supossed to be the more mature one, between the 2 of them. She is elder and she was in Iraq. I wasn’t expeting she would react this way. Probably because the intensity of emotions she reacted in the way she did.
    I am sure they will get through and they will become a stronger couple beacuse of this.
    Thank you again for your review!

    • Hi Trinity!

      Thank you so much. I’m so glad you enjoyed this one. And I, too, was surprised that Teddy would blurt that out. Especially with Kim Raver’s interviews saying that Teddy wouldn’t go after Owen, it surprised me that she would say that. Totally puts Cristina in an awkward position. High inappropriate. But I guess we couldn’t get a perfect cardio mentor for Cristina that didn’t have some strings attached. That just wouldn’t be the Grey’s Anatomy way, would it? 😉 And I’m also right there with you in this obstacle allowing Cristina and Owen to be a much stronger couple in the end.

      Thanks again for commenting! 🙂

  6. lol.. My girlfriend’s hotter than yours! And cute when she’s excited! hehe! Love it, Sherrie!- Queen of the screencap titles!! Excellent review as always too! Ooo, and yes we finally got an “Owen” out of her. With my selective stalking, I haven’t ventured to the YHT or the writers blog, but I think the author of this episode is a bit of a newbie? Her assignment- drama as written on page! What she didn’t factor in was how Sandra played it. Sandra knows Cristina better than the writers do. This was just the culmination of what the writers have put us through since 6.03.. paranoia, desperation, despair, breakdown..as much as I was amused by the superb acting of Sandra as Cristina whoring herself out for surgeries/Shadow Shephard… the grand plan was always to build up to this outburst. I agree, Cristina’s pause and stunned, almost contemplative expression, tells us the thoughtless remark, was really just that, in the heat of the accumulated 6.03 til 6.11 moment, she said something, that she needs to examine. So, unlike some people who believe its an unbelievable regression of the character, its a necessary step back in order to demonstrate true character growth, and ultimately true relationship growth. We just thank our lucky stars that Sandra and Kevin are sooo great, and in their capable hands, I will always believe in CO forever! Yes love is love when it comes to these two!!!!.. Of course the same can’t be said for all the other couples on Greys! lol!…I can’t believe people are saying they’d chose surgery/career, it is possible to have both, and more importantly learn to value them both, equally… oops, sorry Sherrie, I was only supposed to be here briefly in my stalking! ;-D 20 min. of KMK galking and CO loving allowed in my new years sel-therapy resolution! You’re a bad influence! lol!;-Px

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