Introducing…The Second Half of Season 6 and A New Author!


As you know, Grey’s Anatomy has returned.  And that means that you have survived a 8-week hiatus.  Congratulations!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break.  To start off the latter part of season six, I’ve added an author to the blog.  She should be a familiar face to those of you from the Yang-Hunt Thread on the main ABC boards: hopecrowe.  But here, we’ll call her Riss.  From here on out, we’ll both be writing our thoughts on the episodes.  Riss knows the Grey’s Anatomy music and past episodes down pat.  (I, on the other hand, have not watched much of the show pre-season 5 in a long, long time.  And I get the song names used from Riss.)  So, welcome to Riss!


2 responses to “Introducing…The Second Half of Season 6 and A New Author!

  1. Happy second half season 6 to you too Buttercup Shli/Sherrie and Hopecrowe-Riss! Looking forward to the next rollarcoaster that is certainly our beloved, and dizzying (for me!;-D) dynamic duo! I’m sure with your help I’ll be squeeing with glee… despite the fact I’m scared of spinning heights!….though the sight of KMK’s hair all fluffy in that pic from ELL…swooon.. and I haven’t even left the ground yet…. BTW..I’m not even remotely worried after 6×11. I think our couple will come out stronger for it all, the start of some healthy real communication at last, and Owen will show us he’s strong enough to be Cris- the cardio god’s man! And she will believe it! Gotta lot of catching up, I had a complete hiatus from all things greys and CO! Only selectively stalking now! ;-D

    • Hi Ginger! It’s great to hear from you again! I’m so glad we’ll have a squeeing partner. 🙂 More squees, I say! Haha, I had a minor break from Cristina and Owen. It was rather forced on me since I had limited internet access. Hurry up with the catching up. We need you back on board! Yay for selectively stalking. Hehe.

      Till next time,

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