“Give Peace A Chance” (And Give Cristina And Owen A Chance, Too)

Cristina and Owen in "Give Peace a Chance." (Credit for screencaps used goes to freaky_x)

(So, I lost my original post on this episode — or I just never wrote one — so I will do a brief analysis of this episode as to not have missing episodes.)

I was pleasantly surprised to see so much Cristina and Owen in this episode that was promoted as a Derek-centric episode.  Which brings me to Derek, who used to resent Cristina’s relationship with Meredith but now is showing some semblance of friendship.  The first scene he has with Cristina is of him asking her to be on his service because Meredith had asked him to keep an eye on her.  Isn’t that sweet of Meredith?  This “happy and married” version of Meredith is truly making me like her — this version is a far cry from her original characterization.  She’s more mature.  And what’s more, she’s truly become “bright and shiny.”  I like “bright and shiny” Meredith, especially when we see it manifest in her being a good friend.

So, Cristina finally gets to scrub in on an interesting surgery — an inoperable tumor.  Well, so she thinks.  Cristina’s cockiness during the contest was totally a setup for her to not get in on the surgery.  And I remember a few of the Cristina/Owen fans getting disappointed that once again Cristina’s desire for surgery was getting thwarted.  Meanwhile, I offered as some form of comfort that this presented an opportunity for Owen to step up and comfort her.  (Guess I was a psychic that day.)

And in line with the change in tactics that Owen had been showing since “I Saw What I Saw” — lowering the divide between the personal and professional realms and being more of a boyfriend at work — Owen seeks Cristina out because he knows that she would take the loss of a surgery hard.  He does see her.  He does understand her.  I know that in “Invest In Love” he said, “See what?”  But I still continue to believe that it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t see her.  He addressed it later in “New History” when he mentioned how she may think he doesn’t understand her, but he does — which is why he brought her a cardio goddess.  So, Owen does see Cristina, but he doesn’t know everything about her.  And he learns more about her every episode and continues to love her (if not more so).  In this episode, he learned of her intensity when it came to surgery.  Last season, Owen didn’t ever get to know the surgeon side of Cristina all that well.  But this season, that is being remedied.  He got to know the woman first — and he fell in love.  Now, he’s getting to know the surgeon — and he’s still in love, even when they disagree professionally.

Owen checking up on Cristina as a good boyfriend should. (Credit for screencap goes to In_The_After)

Now, the diaper.  That is such a gross image, but it speaks to how dedicated Cristina is to her craft.  And the fact that Owen doesn’t run off screaming in the opposite direction but is more amused by it is a greatly positive sign.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think it’d be easy to still find your partner all that attractive knowing that they want to be in a situation where they have to wear an adult diaper.  And as we later see, Owen still has the hots for Cristina — diaper and all.

The scene in the gallery also beckons back to the theme that was introduced in season 5 of Owen happening to know where Cristina is and what is going on with her.  He doesn’t initiate gossip, but when it comes to Cristina, he certainly does pay attention.  Which is probably how he found Cristina in the cardio wing back in Season 5 when Dr. Dixon came for a visit (“All By Myself”) and how he found her in the gallery now.  He knows her.  And he cares about her.  So, if she’s feeling down, he wants to fix it.  He may not always succeed at it, but I give him points for trying.  I think that’s important in any relationship: the day that a person stops trying in their relationship is the day that relationship is doomed for failure.

So, Owen tries.  And he finds her a 12 to 15 hour long surgery.  It’s total favoritism — something that Owen had previously professed not to do — but in this case, he’s happy to bend his own rules.  For her.  She is probably the only person that he is willing to bend or break any of his rules for — because in my opinion, her happiness outweighs any principle.  As I mentioned in the post for “Invest in Love,” being right doesn’t keep you warm at night.  Both Cristina and Owen do place their relationship with each other as a high — if not top — priority.  And I truly do appreciate that.  That doesn’t mean they won’t have fights based on their principles, but it means that at the end of the day, they’ll set aside their anger because they want to be together.

And once again, Cristina is thwarted.  Loved the image of Cristina and Lexie walking down the hall in their matching diapers as they head towards the OR.  And poor Cristina as Owen tells her that he had to give his OR time to Derek.  I also loved the look on Owen’s face as Cristina said, “And I put on a diaper” before walking away.  Yeah, he totally looks at her butt.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  Baby got extra back.

"I like big butts..." For some reason, I don't think Sir Mix-A-Lot was talking about diaper-wearing bottoms. (Credit for screencap goes to In_The_After)

Another comedic moment for me was when Owen lies to the Chief about who’s using the OR.  This is probably the first time Owen has lied to his superior, and you can see how uncomfortable he is.  Especially when he gets caught in his lie.  Doesn’t Owen know that lying to the Chief is a requirement in Seattle Grace?  Everyone has done it at least once.  But seeing the camaraderie between Arizona, Callie, and Owen was a treat.  And seeing Arizona stand up to the Chief was hilarious — at least she kept the tears for after the  Chief left.

Later in the gallery, we see Cristina keeping Meredith up to date.  I thought it was cute.  But I honestly do find Cristina and Meredith cute together.  They truly are my second favorite relationship.  I don’t know if Owen knows the extent of their bond, and I wouldn’t say no to seeing a scene of Meredith intruding on Owen and Cristina’s time as Cristina did to Derek and Meredith.  I thought those scenes were hilarious: Cristina, the sleep-depriver and cock-blocker.  Turnabout is fair play, and I wonder how Owen would handle a situation where Meredith crawls into their bed and keeps him up with all their jabbering.

Anyways, now, we come to the final scene.  And I totally squeed my head off.  I’m not going to lie.  At first, when Cristina calls Owen’s hands “hams,” I flinched a bit.  It came off a tad harsh.  But when she continues and says, “Mine are tiny little geniuses,” I realize that it was less an insult and more of Cristina’s “dark” sense of humor.  And Owen certainly didn’t take offense, which says a lot.  He’s used to her brand of humor.  And what’s more, it certainly doesn’t keep him from helping her succeed at the task.  This scene also suggested Owen’s brilliance as a surgeon.  The fact he’s teaching her implies his own ability to do this task.  We don’t get many chances to see Owen teach Cristina how to do some surgical task.  It comes from the fact that they’re in two different areas of surgery, so I was really ecstatic to see this.

Plus, it was just plain hot.  And we hadn’t had hot in a while.  The way Owen’s hands adjust her position by touching her waist and shoulders.  The way he stands so close behind her.  (Seriously, doesn’t he realize that could be a huge distraction?)  The way his lips are hovering near her face and her ears as he gives her directions.  All smoking hot.  Don’t believe me?  Look below for a reminder.

Who knew teaching could be so sexy? (Credit for screencap goes to In_The_After)

See?  Hot.


3 responses to ““Give Peace A Chance” (And Give Cristina And Owen A Chance, Too)

  1. kevin's biggest fan

    This episode was hilarious! The whole diaper thing was so funny.
    And I loved that Owen finds a long surgery for Cristina. He is always thinking on ways to make her happy. He is so adorable.
    But my favorite part was, with no doubt, the final scene. Like you said it was plain hot and the only thing I could think of was me being in Cristina’s place. The way he touch her just gives me chills. I wouldn’t mind to have his “hams” in my body 😉

  2. That diaper storyline was all sorts of awkward and funny. You know it’s love when you still think someone is incredibly sexy — even though they’re wearing an adult diaper. Yep, Owen loves Cristina. There was never a doubt (thus, the frustrations of Cristina and Owen fans in regards to the triangle).

    The final scene was so utterly sweet and another pleasant surprise. Being a spoiler junkie, I had known that this episode would be very Derek-centric, and lo and behold, we had such a great moment between Cristina and Owen. It’s rarely the case with Cristina and Owen where Owen is teaching her something surgical — a big difference between Cristina’s relationship with Burke, who was both her partner and mentor. I like that with Owen, he’s less a mentor and more a partner, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t wonderful to see him teaching her something. Because this season, Owen’s prowess in the OR was not emphasized as much as it was in season five.

    And yeah, gotta love those “hams.” 😉

    • kevin's biggest fan

      I love when Owen is teaching Cristina because it feels like he doesn’t only want to teach her but he want to comfort her, like in the premiere of season 5, when Cristina is thinking about the guy that died and he tells her that it is with the mistakes how you learn, he tries to comfort her. He does the same here. He teaches her but he also comforts her. He is such a sweet guy 🙂

      On another subject i would like to ask you if you allow me to put the link to your blog in my profile in fanfiction.com and tvfanatic.com because i would like that more people would come here because your blog is so amazing 🙂

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