Original Post for “New History”

The first smiles we got from Cristina in a while. (Credit for screencaps used goes to In_The_After)

I love that Owen is making an effort in “understanding” Cristina.  As KMK said in the Q&A, his “see what?” had everything to do with the professional aspect and little to do with Cristina herself.  And so, to cater to her professional side, Owen recruits Teddy, who turns out to be the kind of cardio mentor Cristina needs.  Thank you, Shonda.

Jackson is still getting the huge “DENIED” from Cristina, which is hilarious and reassuring.  The “unresolved” tension that Jesse Williams spoke about in his interview have not surfaced, which just leads me to think that he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about in these interviews.  Sorry, Jesse.  It’s interesting that we were all set on disliking Teddy and liking Jackson.  And now, the opposite is true.  And Kim Raver is a huge part of that.  She is a Cristina/Owen fan herself, and it comes through in her interviews.

Nice try, Jackson. But it's "never gonna happen." (Credit for screencap goes to In_The_After)

Anyways, I love how excited Cristina gets when Owen shows her Teddy.  His tone if very much,  “Look what I got for you!  I’m so excited!”  He’s like a schoolboy bringing home a finished drawing to his mother.  Except this is for his girlfriend, and he’s going to get something much better than a mere picture on the fridge in return (if you catch my drift).  And how funny was he in telling Jackson to wait because this was not for him.  This present was all for Cristina.  Boyfriend to girlfriend.  Not attending to resident.

Of course, we expected Cristina to be snobby.  She’s had some very well-known and prestigious cardio mentors prior to this.  And yet, what Teddy may lack in prestige she more than makes up for in teaching.  She is strong but not set in her ways.  She’s willing to learn, and she is more than willing to let her students learn firsthand.  How awesome is that?

In the ambulance bay scene with Cristina drilling Teddy with questions, Owen gives the first of his (what I call) “Dude, chill” faces.  As Cristina’s making all these snarky comments on the side to Jackson and pointing out just how unknown Teddy is, Owen shoots her a look to behave.  Which, of course, Cristina disregards.  He knows that Cristina has high standards and doesn’t always give people the chance to prove themselves before passing judgment.  Which is why he cautions her that although Teddy may not seem like a “cardio goddess,” she would surprise Cristina.  And later, she does.

And finally, Jackson catches the hint that Cristina is indeed involved.  With Owen Hunt no less.  Definitely not a man to mess with.  And Jackson backs off because he knows what’s good for him.  Not like he ever really had a chance with Cristina anyways.  As Reed told him, Cristina is  “way out of his league.”

Cristina wanting Owen to return her "gift." (Credit for screencap goes to In_The_After)

Cristina tattling to the Chief was another expected move.  And Bailey’s comments about Cristina having driven the previous cardio mentors away is unfair but served to be humorous.  (Mark also makes the same accusation, and Owen defends Cristina — and I would expect nothing less from him.)  But it’s true.  As Bailey found problems with all the attendings (per the scene where Bailey barges into the room where the Chief is hiding out and having some “alone time” in season 5), Cristina has the same issue with attendings as well.  They both have high standards.  It’s not a bad thing.  But sometimes, you just need to give people a chance.

The cafeteria scene was hilarious.  But then again, most cafeteria scenes are, which is why I love them.  Mark is being his gossipy self, which ED does so well.  And Arizona elicits the second “Dude, chill” look from Owen when she brings up Cristina on purpose.  But Teddy surprises everyone, and us, when she says how much she likes Cristina.  Even Owen is surprised because he often feels like he’s the only attending that does like Cristina.  (I mean, Cristina did get kicked off of almost everyone else’s service at one point.)  But Teddy genuinely likes her.  And Owen has a bit of a proud boyfriend moment, which he can’t really show because Teddy doesn’t know yet…until Mark starts blabbering.

And because Mark can’t keep his mouth shut, Owen ends up letting it slip.  It’s interesting that with the simple usage of Cristina’s first name, Teddy catches on.  I think this just goes to show how much of an endearment Owen’s usage of “Cristina” is because he doesn’t usually call people by their first names.  It’s only the people whom he is close to that he does so.  And amidst his defense of a girlfriend (per my usual pointing out of personal crossing into professional), he calls her “Cristina” and not “Yang.”  It’s certainly not the way an attending would defend a favored resident.  And in regards to names, it’s almost important to point out that Cristina is purposely not letting Jackson call her “Cristina.”  It’s personal, it’s intimate.  Very few people ever call her Cristina.  Even Alex sometimes references to Cristina as “Yang” and they’re friends — most of the time.

It was hilarious to see Owen squirm and get all uncomfortable in the hot seat.  And seeing him finally cop to Teddy that yes, he did bring her in as a present to his girlfriend.  HI-larious.  Meanwhile, at the residents’ table, Cristina is not so happy with her gift.  And I know that she makes some comment about breaking up with Owen if this is what he thinks of her talent, but honestly, one shouldn’t read too much into it.  She has this dark sense of humor.  I mean, she cracks jokes about being choked.  And mentions it as if it were not a loaded statement.  What she doesn’t realize at this point in the episode is just how highly Owen thinks of her talent.  About how much Owen does understand her.  He understands her so well that he found essentially found her the perfect teacher: one who’s smart but willing to learn, who’s confident but has humility, who’s skilled but allows her students to try, who’s able to stand her ground but is softspoken, and so on.  Her teaching style works for Cristina.  So much so that Cristina rushes to the locker room later with one of the happiest looks we’ve seen on her in a long time.  And the happiest look related to a professional accomplishment in an even longer time.

In the last scene, where Owen is waiting for Cristina and Teddy turns up first, I understood where Teddy was coming from in regards to figuring out where things stood between them.  We were expecting Teddy to have feelings for Owen.  Just as we were expecting Jackson to have feelings for Cristina.  Both Owen and Cristina are rather attractive people.  I mean, we certainly are attracted to them, so we can’t blame the other characters for having a similar crush.  From a writer or network’s perspective, this scene was necessary.  What drama can be had if she’s simply a friend?  And how better to get people pulled in by leaving this till the end of the episode and giving viewers a reason to tune in next week?

I don’t mind that Teddy told Owen.  She’s a honorable person.  And she’s preparing to be working side by side with Owen for a while so it’s a legitimate question.  Where do we stand?  Make no mistake, Owen would have never invited Teddy to come had he known that Teddy had these feelings.  There was complete surprise on his face when he realized what was going on.  I know some people on other boards are proposing that there was a past romantic relationship, but Owen’s response negates these possibilities.  Had there ever been a fling in the past, there would be no way that Owen would be so surprised.  He was gobsmacked by this information.  And for a few moments, he has no idea what she’s talking about until she makes it more obvious.  Yes, Owen’s clueless in regards to women at times (as we’ve seen) but he’s not that clueless.  And having had a past romantic relationship always gives the possibility of lingering feelings even if prior agreements are made to have it just be temporary or just be sexual.  But here, we saw that there was total shock.  Nothing happened.  And as for Teddy telling Owen about this?  I don’t think it was selfish simply because Teddy has not shown to be a selfish person.  Even though she knows that Cristina is Owen’s ladylove, she does not react vindictively.  No, she respects and likes Cristina based on her own merits — just as Owen had hoped to have happened without his biases.

And last, but definitely not least, Cristina skipping towards Owen and kissing him with a resounding smack.  Le sigh.  We got a kiss.  It’s been a while.  I’m not sure if this was the “hot kissing” that Shonda promised since I felt it was more “sweet” than “hot.”  I associate “hot Cristina/Owen kissing” with kisses like the wall kiss outside of Joe’s.  Anyways, Cristina is so happy and adorable that you can’t help but smile.  In fact, Owen has a huge smile on his face after they kiss.  And she has her arm around his neck, his arm comes up to wrap around her waist.  I’m telling you.  He can’t keep his hands off of her.  And he definitely won’t be later on that night.  He did good, and Cristina is certainly going to repay her man — in the bedroom.

Thank you for our present, writers. (Credit for screencap goes to In_The_After)

Then, the moment that made me squee: them walking home together with their arms wrapped around each other’s waists and her head on his shoulder.  That was definitely on my wishlist earlier this season, and I’m so happy to have gotten it.  It’s so sweet.  This type of couple-y behavior is what has been missing from many of the season 6 episodes.  And I hope we continue to see more throughout the rest of the season.

Now, the last look on Owen’s face.  It’s guilt — pure and simple.  He’s not conflicted in regards to his feelings towards Cristina.  His feelings towards Cristina are undeniable and unwavering.  He loves her.  In fact, sometimes he loves her in spite of everything (i.e. PTSD) and can’t stay away from her.  No, this look has nothing to do with Cristina and everything to do with the bombshell that Teddy dropped on him.  Owen’s prone to feeling guilty — we’ve seen this before.  So, imagine how he’s feeling that he’s hurt the feelings of a friend.  Earlier this season, Shonda made a comment that Cristina would get a mentor at the expense of something else — this something else is Teddy’s feelings for Owen.  She is the collateral damage, which is unfortunate because she’s a likeable character (which is what the writers intended).  I hope that her broken heart will be mended, but not by Owen.  And I don’t think it would ever be by Owen for reasons I’ve stated in previous posts.

Owen would never do anything to intentionally jeopardize his relationship with Cristina.  They’ were put through the wringer last season and survived.  He’s not going to do anything and lose her.  He lost her temporarily at one point, and boy, was it rock bottom for him.  He spent the rest of the season clawing his way back so that he could be worthy of her and be a part of her life.  Owen’s keeping his promise of 40 years.  And he didn’t make that promise lightly.

As for Cristina, we haven’t seen her threatened on a personal level before.  She had no competition with Burke, and it’s going to be interesting to see how she responds to being in a position to be a jealous girlfriend.  I hope that most of this gets resolved in the next episode, considering it’s spanning a little over a month.  And I, for one, am not worried.  But that should be no surprise, since I’m always seeing the silver lining.  Just keep this in mind: Cristina and Owen are meant to be together.  Both actors are so invested in this relationship.  And this season is about couples facing problems as couples.  What’s good for us is that our couple is mature and willing to put in the work.  What’s more, they have been through so much worse and ended up still together and intact that superficial things like love triangles and rectangles should barely faze them.

I hope that the next episode will provide us with something so heartwarming that it will keep us content for the December hiatus.  Fingers crossed.


6 responses to “Original Post for “New History”

  1. I love the screencaps, Shli. It’s nice to see both Cristina and Owen smiling. Hopefully there will be a lot more of this the rest of the season. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, teena! Yes, it is. And I’m right there hoping with you. 🙂

  3. kevin's biggest fan

    I loved Owen in this episode. Cristina told him that he doesn’t understand her and what does he do? He gives her the perfect present: a cardio god. He was so sweet xD
    In the end when Teddy told Owen that she has feelings for him I just thought that this would not be a happy season for Owen and Cristina. But I always knew that Owen would never leave Cristina (like most people thought) because he loves her so much. And that was what we saw in the season finale xD

    • Owen was great in this episode. (In fact, I would argue that he was great in nearly every episode he’s been in, excepting the ones where he suddenly exhibited some sort of feelings for Teddy. Haha.)

      I agree, there was no way Owen was ever going to leave Cristina. He does love her so much. And that is what we saw in the season finale. I totally agree. Now, my hope for season seven is that we see more of Owen loving Cristina (and Cristina loving Owen). Happy thoughts!

      Thanks again for commenting! 🙂

      • kevin's biggest fan

        I hope that too. SR said that the love triangle was over so i think that in season 7 we will see a lot more Owen and Cristina happy moments (and hot sex moments too please xD)

      • Yes, please! 😉

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