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Original Post on “Elevator Love Letter”


One of the best episodes for Cristina and Owen. (Credit for screencaps used goes to In_The_After)


(Thank you to LovesmesomeOwen for searching through the YH Thread and finding my post! Also, I did fill in some of the blanks that I’d posted elsewhere so that no scene is missing.)

Holy freaking cow.  They have sex.  And the thing was, the writers were right.  It was like a good-bye.  Don’t get me wrong, it was the most tender lovemaking we have probably ever seen on this show.  And that was definitely the way to go, to juxtapose against what had happened previously.  But it was definitely bittersweet.  He had hurt her, and the way he kisses her neck was so heartwrenching.  Yes, we are sticking with this couple, even though Cristina broke up with him — and really, that was the right thing to do.  He needs help, and he needs to heal on his own before he can be there for her.  Healthy and whole.  And thank goodness, he is on the way to healthy and whole.  (I don’t even care what the curveball is.  These two are going to end up together.)

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Original Post on “No Good At Saying Sorry”

The turning point for Cristina and Owen. (Credit for screencaps used goes to In_The_After)

The first bump into each other (a typically romantic comedy move, right?  Bumping into some person and then falling instantly in love?).  I, too, caught that little smile she gave him before the first 3-word Dr. Wyatt approved sentence: “Take care now.”  It’s like instinct for Cristina because seeing him makes her happy — she loves him (more on that later).  Even though they can’t be together and the situation stinks, he makes her happy in ways that no one else can (which is why the fact that they aren’t together is tearing her apart and causes her to cry at the end — and Cristina is not one to cry at just anything).  And although the smile Owen gives her is more of a way to cover up the pain and grief he’s really feeling, it oddly reminds me of the smile he gives when he first asks her out on a date and in the 40 years speech scene when Cristina missed the fact that he was implying that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.  It’s a smile that hides his discomfort, and it’s endearing.  The look of confusion and “what the hell just happened” that comes across her face after he says, “Take care now” is hilarious.  Plus, I think that initially, he is happy to see her — and then he pauses, as if he wants to say something, but quickly covers it up with the 3-word sentence.  And then he walks away, as if he’s afraid to let it slip.  Wouldn’t it have been funny if he’d said, “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  I love you.”?  Not the best way to tell someone how you feel, but hey, you can’t win them all — and Owen’s infamous for saying things out of the blue.
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Original Post on “Good Mourning”/”Goodbye”

Cristina and Owen spending a lot of time in bed. (Credit for screencaps used goes to freaky_x)


When they’re gathered in the hallway, questioning Meredith if she knows for certain that it’s George, Cristina and Owen share a glance after Meredith claims that George wrote “007” on her hand.  First of all, you can tell Owen is confused as to what that means, but the scene also showed this habit of Cristina and Owen looking at each other in reference whenever they’re near each other.  As I’ve mentioned in the previous times they do this, it really emphasizes how these two have the ability to communicate without words (and this shows up multiple times in these episodes alone).

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Original Post on “Tainted Obligation”

Cristina and Owen in "Tainted Obligation." (Credit for screencaps used goes to freaky_x)

I admire Owen for his professionalism.  It’s what sets him apart from the other characters, and it fits with his military background.  I also think it’s what makes him a laudable character.  But not only did the first scene show his ability to separate his personal and professional lives, it showed how much of a kind heart he has.  Even though Izzie and Owen don’t have the best relationship (remember the pigs?), he is the one that’s willing to give her a chance.  He has a soft spot for the underdogs, it seems.  First George, and now Izzie.  Even though I would have loved to see Cristina and Owen work together, I love him more because of this side of him.  Also, I loved how Owen can point out a weakness of Cristina’s (not having a “light touch” when dealing with patients), and she’ll take it.  (I think she appreciates how honest he is with her.  Both of them are honest people — though Cristina tends to show it through dark humor.)  He tells her with a smile, which signifies to me how even though he knows her flaws, he still loves her anyways.
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Original Post on “Invasion”

Cristina and Owen in "Invasion." (Credit for screencaps used goes to freaky_x)

I think the most important realization of the episode in regards to Cristina and Owen — or rather, Cristina — is that she is defeated.  In the season 6 premiere, they went through the five stages of grief.  Well, when faced with distressing news such as a job merger, you have similar stages of emotions you go through.  With Cristina, we have seen paranoia, bargaining, aggression/anger, depression, and (somewhat) acceptance.  It’s very similar to the classic stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.  Because in a way, she is grieving.  She’s grieving over having job security.  But beyond that, she’s being forced to recognize her place within the hospital, and it’s not good — since Burke left, she has not had a cardiothoracic surgeon capable of teaching her in the way that she needs to be taught.  And the culmination of feeling like she doesn’t belong anymore, since the revolving door for the Head of Cardio position began, has caught up to her.

Where having general surgeries with the very rare heart surgery was enough, this job merger made her finally realize that it really is not.  She needs more.  But she didn’t see all this because she had been dealing with personal issues: Izzie’s cancer and her relationship with Owen allowed her to push those feelings aside.  But now that Izzie’s better and her relationship with Owen has become more stable, she’s left with this major hybrid of a professional and personal struggle and can finally deal with it head on.

So, Owen is not to blame for being clueless about this because she has not let it be seen until now.  She herself did not know she truly felt this way until now.  And in the episode, Owen gets the first hint that this is not about the merger or the surgeries, it’s more.  I hope to see it explored further in the following episodes.  But before I get ahead of myself, let me go about this as I’ve always done — by scenes.
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Original Post on “I Saw What I Saw”

Cristina and Owen in "I Saw What I Saw." (Credit for screencaps used goes to freaky_x)

Once again, there was little Cristina/Owen screen time, but what we had definitely spoke volumes, however brief they were.  Overall, I really loved this episode.  Probably one of the few episodes where I was glued to the screen every second.  And I didn’t figure out what had gone wrong until we got closer to the end.  I totally thought it was something else that April had done.  But enough about her, let’s get back to what’s important: Cristina and Owen.
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